XXXTentacion’s Half-Brother Allegedly Locked Out Of His Mausoleum

XXXTentacion’s half-brother claims he was locked out of the rapper’s mausoleum by his family.

Rapper XXXTentacion and his half-brother seemingly had a pretty good relationship, spending much of their childhood lives side-by-side. Even when XXX was building his status as a world-famous recording artist, he allegedly still took time out of his schedule to chat with Corey every single day. Despite how close the two apparently were, Corey says that he was locked out of XXX’s mausoleum last year after filing a lawsuit against the rapper’s mother for $11 million.

As we reported last year, was named in a lawsuit against Cleopatra Bernard, XXX’s mom, claiming that he was owed 25% of the rapper’s estate. The lawsuit states that instead of the money going to him, Cleo cut a deal with Jenesis Sanchez, the mother of XXX’s son. On the two-year anniversary of X’s passing, Corey attempted to enter the rapper’s mausoleum in Florida, which he called a “sanctuary”, but he quickly found out that the locks had been changed and his key no longer worked. He says he held off on sharing the allegations for a year.

“I was contemplating for almost a year now on posting this video. i never bring any of my problems to others nor others online. but ive learned wen u don’t tell others how ya feelin or watchu goin through u only hurt urself,” wrote XXX’s half-brother on Instagram, sharing a video of himself trying his key on the mausoleum door, which didn’t work. “It jus gets me f*ked up and enraged wen they luv to use my brothers name n say they do sh*t for em. but stop his lil brother, my best friend, someone that i look up to since we was in diapers, someone i talked to everyday and was wit 24/7 from goin inside HIS mausoleum n seein bruh. 

i was there almost every day fa 2 years. wen i felt like life got tooo krazy or overwhelming id go thea n jus sit wit bruh. it was sum where i felt like it was my sanctuary where id kould let my emotions out n the only one that saw dem all was bruh. this was prolly the most low down grimey sh*t that ive ever encountered. but in the midst of all da bullsh*t n f*ckery that’s gone on fa almost 3 years ik bruh watching in ways that i kould never see wit my own two eyes.”

XXXTentacion’s fanbase has been vocal in their complaints about how his family has handled his posthumous releases. The fans have also spoken out about the inner turmoil that seemingly exists within the Onfroy camp. What do you think about XXX’s half-brother allegedly getting locked out of his mausoleum?

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