Usher Didn’t Tip Strippers With Fake Money, Accuser Backtracks

The singer reportedly spent thousands at the club & one of his friends left behind the money that was created to promote his Vegas residency.

His name has been a trending topic for the better part of the day (April 12) after a woman accused Usher of making it rain in the strip club with fake money. The irate woman shared photos of the large bills that looked quite real aside from Usher’s face being plastered in the center. “Working hard to get nothing in return! This is a joke!!” a person wrote of the incident. “Their job is to entertain, take your cheap ass back home!!!!!”

Soon, people accused the singer of swindling strippers, but TMZ now reports that the “Usher bucks” were used for promotion, not as real money. The outlet claims that they have been told that the incident occurred in Las Vegas at the Sapphire club, and while there, Usher and his crew spent stacks of real money on the staff. It’s reported that they tipped “quite generously” and spent “thousands on the dancers.”

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Additionally, the group also dropped a few bills on bottle service—real money, once again—but someone in the singer’s entourage allegedly thought it would be funny to also leave behind Usher-faced cash as a joke. Sapphire reportedly doesn’t have any issues with Usher and would love to have him and his friends back any time.

It’s said that the money is also a part of the promotion for his upcoming residency in Las Vegas. After this information came to light, the reported dancer who launched the controversy has backtracked and is now saying she never suggested that the fake money was the only cash the singer used. Check it out below.


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