Twitter Has A Field Day Reacting To Bobby Shmurda’s Rumored Girlfriend

Fans have a lot to say about Bobby Shmurda’s rumored girlfriend.

Since Bobby Shmurda’s release from prison earlier this year, all eyes have been on the newly freed rapper. While some people, namely Wendy Williams, have been waiting for the “Hot N*gga” artist to slip up and to prison, several fans and artists have wholly embraced Bobby as he works to regain his footing in the  industry. Following his release, Bobby has yet to release a traditional “First Day Out” song due to alleged label issues, but according to the Brooklyn artist, new music is finally coming this month.

As he gears up to drop new music, it appears that Bobby Smurda has also had some time for some romance, as newly surfaced and pictures have led fans to believe that he is a mysterious woman named Lilly. Under the TikTok handle @badgirllilly, the woman has shared several accounts of being right by Bobby’s side for practically all of his most notable moments since his release.

Of course, as with any news of a potential superstar coupling, fans are reacting to Bobby’s rumored romance with Lilly in real-time, with many taking to to voice their opinions about the rapper’s choice in women. Per usual, there are fans who are supportive of the new development in the rapper’s love life, fans who are dragging him, and fans who are taking the moment to get their jokes off. Check out the Twitter reactions below. 

Do you feel any time of way about Bobby Shmurda’s rumored girlfriend or is it ultimately none of our business?

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