Trina Talks About Doing A Verzuz With Lil Kim & Thriving Female MC Scene On “BagFuel”

Female rap mogul, Trina, recently celebrated the 21-year anniversary of groundbreaking album, Da Baddest B*tch. The Diamond Princess started rap career when she was just a teenager, and since then, she’s accumulated an impressive discography of six albums, eleven mixtapes, and four EPs with her signature raunchy lyrics and provocative energy in her music– a style which has influenced some of the biggest female rap stars today. On the latest episode of BagFuel, Trina, discussed this new generation of female rappers, whom she’s clearly influenced, with Hynaken and E$$O.

However right off the bat, Hynaken commented on the longevity of Trina’s career. As far as success goes, Trina credited “minding her damn business” as the major element to a prosperous career, noting she prioritizes her own physical and mental well-being over anything else. 

“Every day we evolve, we gotta grow,” the Miami native said. “You constantly see something that may make you elevate but for me, I just try to stay as focused as I can.”


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Recently, social media was sent into a frenzy when the rapper said she wanted to see Lil Kim against herself in a Verzuz battle. E$$O asked the “B R Right rapper” how the idea came about.

“For me, I said Kim or Eve. I love both,” Trina replied. “Kim was more provocative and has the same level of music as me. I grew up listening to Kim. I love Kim. I just felt like she has many albums– I mean it’s just the same kind of vibe.”

While Trina showed some love to one of biggest influences, she also applauded the work all the new women in rap have been doing.

“There has never been this many women,” she said of the hip-hop scene. “Right now whether you’re signed and have a deal, independent, or just on the internet, the fire that women are putting into the game is necessary and it’s needed.”

In this discussion, Hynaken asked if she felt it was important for women to write or not, to which Trina does not mince words.

“Who gives a shit?,” she replied. “Some of the best songs that have been created is coming from other people that are helping out. That’s called creating music. I don’t know why people make a big deal about it.”

Watch the full episode of BagFuel below.

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