“The Fight Is Over, You Gained Your Wings”

Odom understands the battle DMX was in.

Lamar Odom is a champion. At his highest moments, he was a world-class athlete that played alongside the late Kobe Bryant. But at his lowest moments, he struggled with addiction. Odom almost died of an overdose in 2015, and he was infamously found clinging to life in a brothel in Nevada. Odom’s struggles with have been exposed to the public, but he has preserved through. Such being the case, Odom understands the battle that DMX was in. 

Odom took to to share a tribute to the late DMX, who passed away last week at age 50. The post features a picture of DMX in the studio, doing his infamous arm-cross X symbol. “My brother, the fight is over you gained your wings,” wrote Lamar as the caption.  “You changed the rap game, one of the greatest to ever do it 👊🏾🔥.” The picture is touching; it finds a way to capture the happiness in X, while in his element. 

“Your death will bring life to so many of us celebrities who are ridiculed publicly but suffer silently with the struggle of addiction,” continued Odom. “Mental Health Awareness is a must in our communities and maybe now after losing another G.O.A. T we can create real platforms with real solutions to address this, we can’t lose another DMX 💪🏾.”



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