Stephen A. Smith Gives Jake Paul His Props

Stephen A. Smith had a lot to say about last night’s big fight.

Jake Paul’s big win against Ben Askren elicited a whole lot of reactions last night. Most people came out and said that they felt like the was rigged, while others were truly impressed with Paul’s boxing skill. It’s become clear that Jake has devoted a lot of time to the craft and that he could certainly hold his own against a boxer who is trying to make their way up the ranks.

Stephen A. Smith was among those watching the last night and immediately after the win, Smith took to Twitter where he urged Paul to find himself a real opponent. Smith made sure to say that he is impressed with Paul, however, he would rather see him fight someone who has actually done something in the boxing world.

“See, this has to stop. @jakepaul is not some scrub. He’s a pro now. Askren, even though he’s a @ufc fighter, is a grappler. Not a boxer. why was he even in the damn ring? From now on, Paul needs to an actual boxer. He’s gonna hurt any non-boxer,” Smith said.

Floyd Mayweather is set to Jake’s brother, Logan, and if Floyd wins, perhaps a grudge match against Jake could be in order. 

Jake Paul

Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

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