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Published on 2 weeks ago

If you've ever watched, or heard of Dream SMP, then I guess this video is for you.

All proceeds made from this video are donated directly to the Sarcoma Foundation.

Thank you to Schlatt, for inspiring me. And spending hours, and hours reviewing the script of this video. This really is the dream lmao.

Thanks to the editing gang. Larry, Animagician and Only Antics, for getting this video made in such a short space of time. You guys are the best.

Thank you to all my friends who've been there along the way.

Thank you, you lot. You mean loads to me.

Thanks to the Dream SMP, for being the best thing, I could ever ask to be a part of.

music used:
C418 - Dog
Outselt Island - Zelda: Wind Waker
Monster Hunter 4 Main Theme
7 PM - Animal Crossing Gamecube
Town Hall - Animal Crossing New Leaf
6 AM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Able Sisters - Animal Crossing Gamecube
Able Sisters - Animal Crossing City Folk
Undertale - Oh! Dungeon
1 PM - Animal Crossing Gamecube
C418 - Cat
Undertale - Rude Buster
Nooks Cranny - Animal Crossing City Folk
Departure - Zelda: Wind Waker
Airship Theme - Mario
Ruined Dragon Battle - Super Mario Odyssey
C418 - Blocks
C418 - Alpha
Left To Bloom - Minecraft Caves & Cliffs
Infinite Amethyst - Minecraft Caves & Cliffs
Minecraft Mice On Venus (youtube edit by EMBRR)

carl harrison carl harrison . 5 minutes ago
Technoblade never dies and someone out there will find a way to make sure he returns
Kumar Amritanshu Kumar Amritanshu . 33 minutes ago
I swear im 🥹
Leomantel Leomantel . 34 minutes ago
Great Video I almost cried
Bl33ding.h3arts Bl33ding.h3arts . 2 hours ago
“We’re all getting older..I mean look at Phil…”
This man can make things funny even in the most sad videos.
Daniel Velazquez Daniel Velazquez . 2 hours ago
I never wanted to cry so bad before 🥺
AspePlayz AspePlayz . 3 hours ago
its my underrated channel
ArsonImp ArsonImp . 3 hours ago
What was the song playing when he was talking about techno (rest in peace :((
Rdi Khiangte Rdi Khiangte . 3 hours ago
Dream is not evil Tommy is evil I think she edit it
Coda Coda . 4 hours ago
even if i gradually stopped watching dsmp, itll always hold a special place in my heart.
Lime_ Lime_ . 4 hours ago
Just remember that even joining a stream is already a blessing for the person streaming
Kangarookid90 Kangarookid90 . 5 hours ago
Tommy 8 would like you to start another smp for me to play on
cc. cc. . 5 hours ago
Danii Dan Danii Dan . 6 hours ago
SandstormWasTaken SandstormWasTaken . 6 hours ago
funnerisbetter funnerisbetter . 6 hours ago
why u have to make me cry
The Screaming Goat The Screaming Goat . 6 hours ago
I almost cried but i didnt thus keeping my streak of never crying at media
But this this of all things got me so close
It was a hell of a ride
And I salute to all who was on this ride with us
♡ 𝘔𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝘋𝘱𝘴 . ♡ 𝘔𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝘋𝘱𝘴 . . 6 hours ago
on the floor. crying rn
Blossom Blossom . 7 hours ago
This almost made me cry I'm so proud of them all there so amazing they honestly deserve it all and more there awesome even though I don't know them personally they definitely touched my heart more than any content creator I have ever seen and I love it so much it's so crazy how something so small could turn into something so big it's so stupid but I love it and I love them and honestly I don't know what I would be doing right now if it wasn't for this stupid little server that's a fact.
Huck TnT Huck TnT . 7 hours ago
Not only did everyone grow but they're camera quality got better too!
nora h nora h . 7 hours ago
rip teconblade+
Noctorin Noctorin . 7 hours ago
Rip techno
BAZZY BAZZY . 8 hours ago
tommy, thank you for making this video. i’m so proud of you and everyone that was on the server. And technoblade was a crucial part of the Dream SMP and he will always be there no matter what happens. This server completely changed my life. Thank you all for everything.
lyn lyn . 8 hours ago
DONT watch this at 3am because you will cry
Poopabelle Poopabelle . 9 hours ago
Why am I crying. 💀
Gabrielle Faith C. RIOVALDEZ Gabrielle Faith C. RIOVALDEZ . 9 hours ago
I think it looks like some of the other members like ranboo and some fans like me are like really proud!! we also miss Techo!! Tommy is truly, pog!
sophie sophie . 10 hours ago
who would've known tommyinnit would make me cry
MarsIsRad MarsIsRad . 10 hours ago
honestly i started watching the dream smp back in september 2020. me and my friends would constantly talk about all the new streams and the lore. i loved the dream smp so much and it’s really cool hearing it all for your point of view because as a viewer just watching the streams felt like a whole other experience and you could tell the amount of effort that went into the streams just to entertain us. i stopped watching dsmp and mcyts about a year ago so this is one of the first videos i’m watching of yours from that time and i can honestly say the amount of emotion this made me feel, tommy we are all so proud of you and how far you’ve come. you are actually the reason that i want to become a streamer and one day i hope to become just like you
Sh!nobi Sh!nobi . 10 hours ago
i rlly cried
Jenna Nunez Jenna Nunez . 11 hours ago
This made me tear up
Mystix Cluas Mystix Cluas . 11 hours ago
dream SMP made my life 1000% better
iima iima . 12 hours ago
AM CRYING TOMMY 😭 ur videos but mostly this video is So SWEET
LUKIO LUKIO . 12 hours ago
PlushBoiYT PlushBoiYT . 12 hours ago
Tommy, you are an inspiration to the world. I wish you much luck on your future endeavors, and I hope you will always be yourself. Continue to be the funny person in every conversation, the world needs it.
FlameRandomlyDisappeared FlameRandomlyDisappeared . 13 hours ago
Anyone else notice the Channelnutpig when he was mentioning his house building skills?
ThatRandomGuy ThatRandomGuy . 13 hours ago
Banger video also I find it quite funny that in 1:31 section you left out 2019 and the existance of a certain gamemode.
Bluegray Bluegray . 14 hours ago
Rip techno he was a fucking legend 🐷👑
Arrowhead 🏹 Arrowhead 🏹 . 14 hours ago
Technoblade inspired me in so many ways. I always liked sword fighting but I never tried it. After seeing technoblades videos and seeing the chaos and "blood for the blood god", I tried it and loved it. He made me laugh on shitty days and helped me get through some stuff with his jokes and personality. He death hit me harder then I thought it would. I cried. I didnt think i would cry over someone i never met but he was different. He was one of a kind. I miss him, but I know he's in a better place now 🕊👑
Jack Stranaghan Jack Stranaghan . 14 hours ago
Hi just want to say you have Inspired me since the first time I watched one of your videos you are the best youtuber ever and I am drying to get into YouTube to in 11 lol but hope to be like you oneday
Couch potato🥔 Couch potato🥔 . 14 hours ago
As soon as Tommy said i let it all out... I broke down seeing him like that
Family Guys Family Guys . 14 hours ago
the saddest video, i literally cried tears when you mentioned techno and i cried less when my own dog died
Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker . 15 hours ago
Jesus loves y’all
Oisin playz Oisin playz . 15 hours ago
RIP techno aka the the blood god You will be missed :(
D3viousD3vil_ D3viousD3vil_ . 15 hours ago
Listening to your story gave me a spark of hope. I idolize you and your journey. I've always wanted to enentertain and do stuff like you, but ive never had the right stuff or i feel causios about my humor or how i act. Thank you for posting this and sharing your journey.
Al ain fc siuu Al ain fc siuu . 16 hours ago
I cried
Fliqpy _best Fliqpy _best . 17 hours ago
Oke let me get this straight the guy that changed ur life you put in prison on his OWN server for 2 FUCKING MUSIC DISC
Fliqpy _best Fliqpy _best . 17 hours ago
The fact that dream changed ur life and you do this is kinda sad
BluWolf098 BluWolf098 . 17 hours ago
This is unironically the best video you have made, genuinely made me cry. Even though your stream persona can be annoying at times, they were the good times. Thank you for so much!
Έλενα Καρκατσελιου Έλενα Καρκατσελιου . 17 hours ago
I'll f*cking make a museum for the Dream SMP...
You'll inspire me forever, dude, you'll be my hero, Tommy...
Sleep is for the weak Sleep is for the weak . 18 hours ago
this made me cry

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