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Published on 2 weeks ago

Theshanaofficial Theshanaofficial . 2 weeks ago
Don’t forget to follow me on Insta: @theshanaofficial 💗😊
imagirlasubloddyknow imagirlasubloddyknow . 12 hours ago
☆Layna Loo☆ ☆Layna Loo☆ . 18 hours ago
She's an amazing singer, and then you run into this...😬
Jude Jude 1707 Jude Jude 1707 . 23 hours ago
Ur voice is sooo bad no offense
Bloxburg Vikings Bloxburg Vikings . 1 day ago
I know victorIAHHS
Lexi Mitchell Lexi Mitchell . 1 day ago
At first glance I didn't know what I didn't know what we're doing until like then I saw the me you
lucie lucie . 1 day ago
lucie lucie . 1 day ago
Umm you need focal cords
Peg Rice Peg Rice . 1 day ago
U think ur so good
☆• 𝒢𝐿𝒪𝒳𝒳𝒴 •☆ #goalto1k ☆• 𝒢𝐿𝒪𝒳𝒳𝒴 •☆ #goalto1k . 1 day ago
“I know Victori-AAaH secRET “
Alyssa Fuentes Alyssa Fuentes . 2 days ago
Can you do steal my girl by one direction
lover CHARMED lover CHARMED . 2 days ago
you soooooo bad
Ella Isaac Ella Isaac . 2 days ago
Andreas Sobisch Andreas Sobisch . 3 days ago
Ich heiße victoria😱
Becky Le'Marquand Becky Le'Marquand . 3 days ago
kl kl . 3 days ago
sofia portelli sofia portelli . 3 days ago
Sorry my mum and teachers always told me to tell the truth and our opinion. I dont think your a good singer and dont keep reading the comments to look for me to say i think ur an amzing singer cause im not writting that i think ur not good. My opening
Ella Isaac Ella Isaac . 3 days ago
Ewww I hate it 😒 she has such a bad singing voice and just a bad voice in general
Savannah 541 Savannah 541 . 3 days ago
Olivia Williams Olivia Williams . 3 days ago
Alr wanna be lol
Mya Ashenden Mya Ashenden . 3 days ago
This a girl or a goose?
cookie monster shorts cookie monster shorts . 3 days ago
I have some advice start with a lower note and a easier song
Lillyana Lillyana . 3 days ago
she can NOT sing
winston samuels winston samuels . 3 days ago
U can't sing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🎶my ears hert now😢😩😭😭😭😭
Tracy Chin Tracy Chin . 3 days ago
You think your so good at singing
Devyn Kline Devyn Kline . 3 days ago
Why are you calling me fat
DanielRobloxLOLHP DanielRobloxLOLHP . 4 days ago
"Selling skin and bones with big *****"
🤍Swaggy.Baylie🤍 🤍Swaggy.Baylie🤍 . 4 days ago
“I know victoriaYAHHSS secret”💀💀(no hate it’s just funny)
Sherrie Wilsford Sherrie Wilsford . 4 days ago
I sang all the red ur such a good singer
Deejay Sarchet Deejay Sarchet . 4 days ago
I love your singing
Eddie Munson’s wig Eddie Munson’s wig . 4 days ago
This is why I don’t listen to covers because of “I know Victoriaa secret”
Maia Vlad Maia Vlad . 4 days ago
I dont no
{•Jelly_Simp•} {•Jelly_Simp•} . 4 days ago
I’m sorry I couldn’t I’m near my grandma
Meghan Cooper Meghan Cooper . 5 days ago
I’m 13 and u r a REALLY bad singer…I can sing WAY better
Aruna Natarajan Aruna Natarajan . 5 days ago
Can u plz do wrecking ball by Miley cyrus
Sammer 1d Sammer 1d . 5 days ago
bro i wanna know who on Gods green earth actually sings along with these vids like not just hers anyones
RatRobloxin RatRobloxin . 5 days ago
Funny cos the singing isn't even good
Callum ⭐_⭐ Callum ⭐_⭐ . 5 days ago
Stop putting peoples songs In your vids nobody likes copy cats
Bella Crainie Bella Crainie . 5 days ago
Your bad at singing
🌼roblox_besti🌼 🌼roblox_besti🌼 . 6 days ago
My name is Victoria
Sofie mae the purple panda Sofie mae the purple panda . 6 days ago
I did ut
Janelle Giroux Janelle Giroux . 6 days ago
Janelle Giroux Janelle Giroux . 6 days ago
BenDFTlol BenDFTlol . 6 days ago
Ahhh u nearly busted my eardrums
awhlo♡ #loosingsubs awhlo♡ #loosingsubs . 6 days ago
She changes her voice every day
una the aesthetic una the aesthetic . 6 days ago
the girl: I know Victoria’s Secret
me: wow maybe we should buy something cool like perfume’s or what
FoxyBanners89 FoxyBanners89 . 6 days ago
I’m sorry no hate but VictorAHHH
Esilwethu Kiva Esilwethu Kiva . 6 days ago
That is not how you say Victoria's there is NO AND! Not being rude
June June . 6 days ago
~* *Always remember to love yourself❤️* *~
Alya Alali Alya Alali . 7 days ago
Why are you singing her song your giving us bad words

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