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Published on 1 week ago

Fox News host Jesse Watters and attorney Brian Claypool react to Paul Pelosi's hearing following his DUI charges on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.' #FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

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Debbie Kunzman Debbie Kunzman . 8 hours ago
So where was Nancy Pelosi when all this was happening
Debbie Kunzman Debbie Kunzman . 8 hours ago
It's probably Nancy haha
Chip Wedge Chip Wedge . 8 hours ago
Listen to her voice cracking……..
Chip Wedge Chip Wedge . 8 hours ago
His Paul’s actions constitutes bribery of a law enforcement officer. And also intimidation of a witness, the victim.
Chang Schul Chang Schul . 9 hours ago
If it would me,,
I won't call the police for all the Pelosi if I see them on the road.
jerry gentry jerry gentry . 9 hours ago
This stinks like a pile of dog feces that was left at the livingroom door. Corruption to the very core.
Dean Mindock Dean Mindock . 11 hours ago
Whew. Stinkeroo.
wyona sheppard wyona sheppard . 15 hours ago
chuck rutkowski chuck rutkowski . 17 hours ago
Maybe he's going to use the "I was traveling, not driving" defense?
Confusious Confusious . 17 hours ago
Confusious Confusious . 17 hours ago
lisahall1989 lisahall1989 . 17 hours ago
Love it! Pauly P is married to the wolf of Washington. 😁
hockemeyer1 hockemeyer1 . 19 hours ago
California courts are corrupt.
Mickey Marchwick Mickey Marchwick . 21 hours ago
The witness was his call girl escort
Fuznut Fuznut . 1 day ago
The drug is omicron
Fuznut Fuznut . 1 day ago
If you believe that I have swamp land in Saudi Arabia to sell to you Paul being treated just like any other case
Melinda Descamp Melinda Descamp . 2 days ago
Amen Jesse
Melinda Descamp Melinda Descamp . 2 days ago
I smell smoke Nancy’s pants are on fire 🔥
Hal Halladay Hal Halladay . 2 days ago
He should be charged with trying to brib the police , at least that is what it looks like to me .
Trumpet-01 Rocket Trumpet-01 Rocket . 2 days ago
The reason why Fox News and the GOP never get to the bottom of anything and their investigation are always amateurish, incomplete, never concluding and the call on their go-to statement, “We will not stop until we get to the Bottom of this” because they are on the Bottom
Adventure Horse Riding in NYS Adventure Horse Riding in NYS . 2 days ago
They get away with everything
Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 2 days ago
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Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 2 days ago
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Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 2 days ago
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Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 2 days ago
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Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 2 days ago
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Geri Ann Geri Ann . 2 days ago
He had a passenger in his car at the time of his accident. Who was she???
Julie Barnett Julie Barnett . 2 days ago
These people are monsters and need to be strung up for their corruption.
Julie Barnett Julie Barnett . 2 days ago
"I can't release the footage [until we've f*cked the people.]"
Cari Cari . 2 days ago
Hey Ally! hahahahahahaha I LOVE JESSE ! ! ! ! !
Chuck Lucas Chuck Lucas . 2 days ago
Where are the car photos
Chuck Lucas Chuck Lucas . 2 days ago
White privilege does exists an that's what the democrats are
武哥 武哥 . 2 days ago
It’s a joke
violet houseworth violet houseworth . 2 days ago
She started out lying, she will finish lying
violet houseworth violet houseworth . 2 days ago
A TREASONOUS CHARGE ON NANCY will bring in more time
SteelCom SteelCom . 2 days ago
If Trump is innocent then why is Fox and the GOP worried?
jeffrey conyers jeffrey conyers . 2 days ago
Strong white women with power are always a threat to white males for whatever reason?
Lee Gray Lee Gray . 2 days ago
It's California , what would anyone expect but this type of crap ! One set of rules for us and one for them !
Kelli Horton Kelli Horton . 2 days ago
And Pauli Jr went w mommy. Paulie Sr is home alone! Lol! Where was Paulie Sr coming from? Who was in the vehicle w the old lush? Whoever “they” are, they should be VERY concerned about Nancy! Yikes
Johnny Johnny . 2 days ago
The government should get lying man Donald Trump's a one ticket to Russia.
Jose Carvajal Jose Carvajal . 2 days ago
I did it
Jose Carvajal Jose Carvajal . 2 days ago
News corruption education bull shitting or squirting. Jose Antonio carbajal Montero. Un employment fitting fit beneficiary national view problematic occupacians. Sargent position test me salems inforcement is car up ting the internet
Mary Nelson Mary Nelson . 2 days ago
Wow!! If that was me I would be in jail for years
Hugh Matthew Hugh Matthew . 3 days ago
Efking corrupted Democrats gangsters!
Lawrence Johnson Lawrence Johnson . 3 days ago
Jesse your programme is so full of bull do you pay Murdock to keep you
Annette Louise Walker Annette Louise Walker . 3 days ago
A Annette Louise Walker ⚫ 9s ago I would just love to see the day when politicians and news reporters stand up when they are being bold-faced lie to the face... And respond LIERS! if several at the same time shouted back LIES... NOSE ON FIRE!! Why can't they call a spade a spade,. A duck a duck... If it walks and talks and acts like one.
Fonoti Afo Fonoti Afo . 3 days ago
Put his azz in jailed , he's not above the law.he's same as anyone. Cut this pullcrabs .
Geo J Geo J . 3 days ago
I’d the picture being shown of Pelosi really his mug shot? I understand the actual mug shot was quite frightening.
Youtube Account Youtube Account . 3 days ago
Enjoy yourself congratulations,!
Youtube Account Youtube Account . 3 days ago
Lack of an investigation is a crime that happened to us in my residence only because the neighbor is a policeman or on law enforcement they believed them nonetheless that courts know better my son was incarcerated for a crime hey what did not commit he's out now but still my son did not commit what they said he committed and that was starting the neighbor he's having difficulties yes but did not threaten anyone!

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