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Published on 4 years ago

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cortez jenkins cortez jenkins . 3 days ago
i love this song the best singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍
Jenn Nunnery Jenn Nunnery . 1 week ago
We seen you at fort Bragg fourth of July celebration July 4 2022 you were amazing sir absolutely amazing come see us next time at our church on CUMBERLAND ROAD 💙 Faymont Babtist
Lindsey Bobcean Lindsey Bobcean . 1 week ago
All of your songs are amazing
Lindsey Bobcean Lindsey Bobcean . 1 week ago
Walker Hayes you have abs
Jason Jason . 1 week ago
Doesn't it make a difference to hear a talented artist having fun making music? Keep it up. Such a refreshing change from these singers belting out a few lines with a nice beat repeating x 20.
Kevin Beaupre Kevin Beaupre . 2 weeks ago
This is awful... wow
Alexandria Tolley Alexandria Tolley . 2 weeks ago
I absolutely love this song, I also think this song is really catchy and hilarious.
Donald Gray Donald Gray . 3 weeks ago
Born in 1970, and I've heard all types of country. Walker Hayes ain't to shabby.
Allagí Allagí . 3 weeks ago
This "Country" artist and his music are a literal affront to 90's country music. This isn't country, this is garbage pop. It isn't well written, and he's not a good "singer" if you could call this singing at all. It's more like amateur rapping. Who the hell listens to this and thinks "Yeah this is the same genre of Alan Jackson". I mean honestly people---is this what passes today as "country"? What are we doing here?
Penny Gooch Penny Gooch . 4 weeks ago
Wow Walker you are awesome. You are a outstanding performer.
Ashley Pfrenger Ashley Pfrenger . 4 weeks ago
This is my new favorite song in the world
Drew Jackson Drew Jackson . 4 weeks ago
Wow, I'm impressed by the Ken mellons reference
Maureen Pienaar Maureen Pienaar . 1 month ago
❤I love this song.❤Walker is a amazing singer
where the wildflowers grow where the wildflowers grow . 1 month ago
I'm sorry but this is pure shit it's not even country it's pop like I can't even what has the world come to if this is considered county music
TheDuckMeister TheDuckMeister . 1 month ago
This is awful
Lavenderpuppy #TYSMFOR100SUBS! Lavenderpuppy #TYSMFOR100SUBS! . 2 months ago
I was born in 2012 and my mom showed me 90’s music and now I can’t stop listening to it. ❤️
Jessica H Jessica H . 2 months ago
I’m a 90 country fan the songs walker make are a doreable
Kelly Creger Kelly Creger . 2 months ago
We need a tour!!!!!!!!! I would do anything to watch you in concert!
Maureen Pienaar Maureen Pienaar . 2 months ago
Rob Johnson Rob Johnson . 2 months ago
So you sing a song about great 90s country in some pop garbage crap??? Lmaoo epic fail
Kim Rodgers Kim Rodgers . 2 months ago
I just love it
Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan . 2 months ago
I’m a fan
Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan . 2 months ago
Are you still interested in meeting me
Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan . 2 months ago
What a great song text me
Jayden Crabtree Jayden Crabtree . 3 months ago
90s country- actual country music
This song + 90% of all other modern country- not country music
Dahlia & Sofia Dahlia & Sofia . 3 months ago
love it !!!!!!!!!!!
Cruzinthrough LV Cruzinthrough LV . 3 months ago
Alan Jackson Fishin on the boat ay begining and end?
BRS Media BRS Media . 3 months ago
This shit ain’t country
Glich Youtube Glich Youtube . 3 months ago
I love Walker hayes's songs
LIam Gaming2 LIam Gaming2 . 3 months ago
you are so good
spicy.chick23 spicy.chick23 . 4 months ago
I just turned 30 talk about a core memory unlocked. I remember alot of these songs. Absolutely love this
Jenny Richardson Jenny Richardson . 4 months ago
I would like to see if you could take this girl 👧 away 🙈
Samantha B Samantha B . 4 months ago
So nostalgic. I love catching all the references then thinking of all those songs 💕
Arbys We have the meats is #1 Arbys We have the meats is #1 . 4 months ago
The Void The Void . 4 months ago
This is literally the worst song I've ever heard. It isn't even country it sounds like my cat throwing up.
Travis Moore Travis Moore . 5 months ago
are all of those boats yours
Greta Zunda Greta Zunda . 5 months ago
This is so cool!
Alissa Swofford Alissa Swofford . 5 months ago
? Where were you when I was looking for better music back when?! I was busy working & raising children so maybe I missed it- idk
Charlie O'Bryan Charlie O'Bryan . 6 months ago
Shane McAnally 's daughter makes a cameo at 2:28?
Doug3 Doug3 . 6 months ago
This is on my list of "Top 25 worst country songs ever made," list.
Million dollar name Million dollar name . 6 months ago
Damn right!!
Travis Moore Travis Moore . 6 months ago
was that alan jackson fishing
Holly Davies Holly Davies . 6 months ago
Still dope!
April Kicinski April Kicinski . 6 months ago
Dylon Wray Dylon Wray . 6 months ago
Is this supposed to country?
KBA KBA . 6 months ago
"Just like you"- ahhh!!🤣🤣
The Good Ole Boy Channel The Good Ole Boy Channel . 6 months ago
What the heck happened to country music!!!
Russell Grabau Russell Grabau . 6 months ago
This makes me smile. It isn't so country but it relives SO MANY country classic phrases.
Jeannie McEwen Jeannie McEwen . 6 months ago
Whoop ❤whoop❤
Such a fool video Loved It ! 😍
You're wipeout....Epic 🥰
Stay Country 🤟 Stay Strong 💪 💙
Happy Home Happy Home . 6 months ago
Love how you copied Alan Jackson's Chattahoochee music video for it too. The best!

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