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Published on 2 weeks ago


In this episode Shane and the boys take a time machine back to 1999! They dive deep into the embarrassing trends that took over their childhoods and the sometimes risky games they played as TWEENagers! Throw in some some stories of Jerid’s time in jail and the return of “Mandela Effects” and you have yourself a RAD time on the couch! 90’s style!

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Timecodes 00:00
Fashion Update! 01:28
Our BIG Drama!? 03:03
Jerid’s 1st Apology 03:50
Teachable Moments with Jerid 05:08
THE END OF Chrishane?? 08:04
Our Favorite 90’s Memories! 08:53
Most EMBARRASSING Middle School Moments! 11:58
Jerid’s Most EMBARRASSING Middle School Moment! 15:32
GUY TALK: Wet Dreamz 16:44
German Facts with Chris! 19:39
TOUCHY TALK: Our Thoughts on Religion 20:37
Corporate Manipulation and Mind Control?! 32:58
Jerid’s Experience and Warning 36:58
Jerid’s Jail Experience 42:47
Jerid’s Post Jail Experience 45:54
Mandela Effects! 48:59
The ULTIMATE Mandela Effect Theory 59:31
Ryland’s Recap! 01:04:31
The Wrap Up 01:08:55

Shane2 Shane2 . 2 weeks ago
I'm so happy to be back!!! I missed posting this podcast so much! Hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it! :) It definitely gets a little deeper than usual so hopefully thats okay! Also, if you want us to keep going lets us know in the comments and in the likes. We really want to put more energy and time into this so let us know if thats something you want!! Also.... is it KIT KAT or KIT-KAT? Im curious which side you're on haha
celine celine . 6 minutes ago
I need this to be a weekly thing
Kay Parra Kay Parra . 1 hour ago
Games I played as a kid would be the salt and ice challenge where you’d pour salt on your skin and place a piece of ice on it & basically it would start to burnnn and whoever could do it the longest wins but obviously leave a scar 😂😂😂. We also did the eraser that Chris was talking about. I have a scar from that one. Also the cinnamon challenge was a big thing 😂 ugh great memories
Quintina Sonnie Quintina Sonnie . 1 hour ago
I spent 6 weeks in jail and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Terrible.
bluerosegurl bluerosegurl . 2 hours ago
Fruit of the loom recently did an april fools prank cause humor.

Mickey Mouse's head has never looked like that though.

The calendar ended because they just didn't go farther.

Splitting atoms doesn't mess with time.
Desy XD Desy XD . 3 hours ago
Breathilizer car devices don’t really do much, when people have their kids blow into it for them, though.
missTaytay1105 missTaytay1105 . 5 hours ago
The original videos no longer put there arms across their chest after holding out their palms. I remember this dance so well. Just watch the video and it is NOT THE SAME ANYMORE!!!!!!
Lauma Lauma . 12 hours ago
‼️‼️ there's a new mandela effect you should check it out , its where the guy in scary movie 2 said "take my strong hand" and in movie he actually didn't say that , but i remember him saying that , also theres memes with him saying "take my strong hand" and i have never been so triggered with mandela effect like thid before, im curious what you guys think, you could include this in your next video. ‼️‼️
T bills T bills . 12 hours ago
(“whatever the hell this is”) pronounced wet-ee
Madelynn Smith Madelynn Smith . 13 hours ago
Hi Shane big fan we should be friends because I think your a very sweet person 🙂
KatalilyMoon79 KatalilyMoon79 . 13 hours ago
If the guy really wanted to prove it's real...then play the VHS... It will be in the opening credits... Help us out here! Berenstein Bears... (it's even trying to correct it to Berenstain...)
Brandi Simpson Brandi Simpson . 14 hours ago
Ok but I’m obsessed with Shane’s jacket!! Where’s it from.?
BossLady_ MissRoss BossLady_ MissRoss . 15 hours ago
Jared “yeahhhhh….I’m feeling weird…KEEP GOING!!!” 😂😂😂🤚 stahhhp! Samesies tho 😂👏💜
Zoe Cranston Zoe Cranston . 16 hours ago
Sexyraccooncoon Sexyraccooncoon . 16 hours ago
Me: did I already watch this one.?
Seeing chris walk in with a new shirt on , nope I didn’t
Maia Maia . 18 hours ago
Honestly love these guys. I’ve been watching Shane since I was like 12 (26now) and I have always enjoyed his channels. He’s a fantastic entertainer and so talented. The others just add more fabulous energy into the mix !
Courtney Reed Courtney Reed . 19 hours ago
Love the real and authenticness of y'all. The way show your vulnerable sides to the world. ❤️ and I always end up lmfao as well 🤣 keep it up!
Wren Michele Wren Michele . 20 hours ago
My best friend is a CSM at a nationwide grocery store (one of the biggest in the US) and they said they take meat that is going bad and rub it in blood from other cut meats to make it look new. So it’s very very true and most chain grocery stores do this.
Megan Barron Megan Barron . 20 hours ago
Chris you probably won’t see this but as someone who was raised as an Adventist I get it. Unfortunately church tends to be filled with judgmental hypocrites. One of the reasons I no longer attend. I still struggle with guilt over not being perfect. Just know no matter what God loves you. (Ew that sounded super preachy 😂) hopefully you got my point!! ❤️
Monica Aviles Monica Aviles . 20 hours ago
Honestly Jared talking about his DUI makes me feel at peace with myself because for me my first one and only one… omg was it an eye opening experience and I honestly felt the same way as him. Like it was a god sent life lesson or higher power whatever people believe in. It’s just crazy. Love you guys for being so personable♥️
Rojoe Casey Rojoe Casey . 22 hours ago
I fucking love y'all
skyzdalimit24 skyzdalimit24 . 23 hours ago
What's crazy is I dont remember anything that happened in 2012. The only thing that I remember is the world was suppose to end. I dont remember nothing else.

Edit: I remember things that's happened before and after 2012 but never in 2012
angela angela . 23 hours ago
Kirstin Morabito Kirstin Morabito . 1 day ago
Okay I love the religious talk!!!
Jess Chambers Jess Chambers . 1 day ago
LOVE the podcast!! I always look forward to to watching the next one🙂 you guys make me cry laughing with some of the conversations you have and it’s just what I need to get through the week!😄 can’t wait to see more!
Maria Neighbor Maria Neighbor . 1 day ago
Im dying at the jizz talk lmfaoooo
Maria Neighbor Maria Neighbor . 1 day ago
No but in MY school kids would give each other and themselves “smileys”. You would leave a lighter flame on for a few minutes until the metal top got hot and then burn yourself with it, sometimes the scar would come out like a shitty “smiley face”…
Subauwu Subauwu . 1 day ago
Ryland omg 😭 would you rub you in like lotion 😂😂😂
Fiona fifi Fiona fifi . 1 day ago
I did the eraser on hand one in like 6th grade? Haha cant remember.. It started to burn so i stopped but little did i know i would still have that scar today on top of my right hand.
René René . 1 day ago
They use wax to make fruit look fresh and tasty 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️
Tashia Perez Tashia Perez . 1 day ago
Does anyone remember the pass out game or quarters?
Ess Vee Ess Vee . 1 day ago
The Old Testament says you’ll go to hell for being gay, but with the New Testament Jesus Christ came to save us from our sins. He’s our lawyer and He loves us. God is a just God so He sent himself in flesh to pay. I am grateful for Jesus Christ so I try no to sin just for the love and gratefulness of my God
Neon Dynamite Neon Dynamite . 1 day ago
Goku solos god
Chiik_Lovely Chiik_Lovely . 1 day ago
I believe it 🥺 after 2012 life epically changed!
kittyjunior chan kittyjunior chan . 1 day ago
as a woman who is bisexual and grew up as a catholic and then going to a baptise church and the preacher saying '' if your bisexual or gay or lesbian or trans your going to hell'' i felt so upset because i love god i pray everyday but after that i stopped going to church and i barely pray now because of that experience and i think if your atheist that's cool but now i believe in noric religion my boyfriends dad and mom family believes in it and they except me as a bi person and i feel like i can be myself in the culture of it
Zakistanian Zakistanian . 1 day ago
I look forward to these podcasts so much.
Audrey Gilbert Audrey Gilbert . 1 day ago
It’s like super refreshing to like see you guys on a human level….you’ve always been humans but your people who are YouTube famous to me who I lowkey was like OMG ITS THEM ya know but seeing You and ryland Over the years just made me realize no matter how famous or whatever they are just human with feelings with insecurities and honestly it makes me feel better know people I look up to are really basically just the same as me. Love you guys ❤️
jojo jojo . 1 day ago
Samantha Jones Samantha Jones . 1 day ago
We played the ABC game but it was called the chicken scratch and you'd do it to yourself and see who could go the longest
Kailey White Kailey White . 2 days ago
I read the creepiest thing on Reddit today about this guy “Mandela Affecting” his family. You guys should read/react to some of the stories on there.
angel marie angel marie . 2 days ago
u did talk about the bears before shane
Everlasting Message Everlasting Message . 2 days ago
Shane i love you
Avery Meier Avery Meier . 2 days ago
I’m bummed. I was excited for all the places comments
R R . 2 days ago
I agree, after 2012 stuff felt SUPER WEIRD!!!!!
Yavi Laboy Yavi Laboy . 2 days ago
Shane: “why can’t you have your own relationship with God” PERIOD
Kaffy Taffy Kaffy Taffy . 2 days ago
I love you ALL! You make an amazing team! Highlight of my day! Can I also just say how hilarious it is that people are calling YOU a bully 🤔 keep doing what you do all of you! ✌🏻 ♥️
allisonmn allisonmn . 2 days ago
Me watching this on Thursday night for the fourth time to try and hold myself over until next Monday 😭😭😭😭
Karlye Jeffries Karlye Jeffries . 2 days ago
I agree with Ryland on the religious front. I’m not much of a church person because of the people that are at church; but it’s so funny to watch this episode because I’m also reading Shane’s second book, and I just finished the chapter about the white bus and then to hear him talk about it on here, I was like “oh oh oh I just read that!”
Its Bre Its Bre . 2 days ago
never stop making these
opzz xsin opzz xsin . 2 days ago
us feel not alone. These are things that not everybody talks about enough today, so thank you for binging up the conversation in every episode!

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