Play / Download when you realize how shady the trucking industry can be.. what would you have done?😳 #shorts
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Alex Nino

Alex Nino

Published on 4 weeks ago

Hunter Hunter . 35 minutes ago
Been trucking for years. Most truckers are full of shit or talk out of their ass. Trucking is shady though so you never know
Mad Mikey Mc Mad Mikey Mc . 6 hours ago
Stick with the car washin fukka Ud never make it as a snitch Oh ya windows are abysmal
ueda aaron ueda aaron . 7 hours ago
That's what happens when you do cash work.
Christopher, just Christopher Christopher, just Christopher . 10 hours ago
Hold the truck/loads as collateral until I get paid. Part out the truck/sell the loads if I don't get paid. Either way, I get paid.
alien sphyncter alien sphyncter . 10 hours ago
Strawberries haaa dude was transfering illegals I bet
Zachary Johnson Zachary Johnson . 11 hours ago
I can confirm that either the truck driver is a moron, or this is a complete lie
Danny Becker Danny Becker . 11 hours ago
I'm sure the story was interesting, but I didn't retain anything because my soul was leaving my body looking at that window cleaning attempt
Rick R Rick R . 11 hours ago
LOL...thats any other industry too. Don't feel special...😂
Dan Ratley Dan Ratley . 11 hours ago
I wanna know how "all of a sudden he doesn't get a text" works...
The Trucking Report (with Dread Pirate Trucker) The Trucking Report (with Dread Pirate Trucker) . 12 hours ago
Yep it's plagued with criminals and con men
cjr cjr . 12 hours ago
I want my time back
Chris W Chris W . 13 hours ago
“In the 23 years of him truck driving”
Your writing/English is terrible. Proofread and let someone else read it too.
Hot Feva Hot Feva . 13 hours ago
You suck at window's bruh 🤣 omg
Martin L Martin L . 13 hours ago
What was the point in this video
Joe Bly Joe Bly . 14 hours ago
That’s life not just trucking
Doyle Doyle . 15 hours ago
What u doing in Madera California
TDC TDC . 15 hours ago
Vipboyrocky Williams Vipboyrocky Williams . 17 hours ago
The trucker pistol whipped his ass everytime he talk he slap em with the steel🤷🏿‍♂️
PaperRouteFrank PaperRouteFrank . 18 hours ago
That story went way too fast for me to understand
Stephen Robertson Stephen Robertson . 18 hours ago
What moron driver runs loads on credit?! Not one that’s been driving for 23 years that’s for sure.
jennifer d jennifer d . 19 hours ago
What did I just watch? I have no clue lol Done about what?
Garrett Spivey Garrett Spivey . 19 hours ago
He didn't tell you because he didn't get his money lol
edwin rodriguez edwin rodriguez . 20 hours ago
Only a idiot will clean his headlights like this
SwiftlySwiftin SwiftlySwiftin . 21 hours ago
I wish I could get a good CDL job like you working for big uncle…
Rekcuf690 Rekcuf690 . 24 hours ago
The most anticlimactic trucker story ever...
kamasha kamasha . 24 hours ago
U still sleeping with your shoes on 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤠
Big Mike Mckay Big Mike Mckay . 1 day ago
Don't get it
Alf Gar Alf Gar . 1 day ago
Whats the point of this story without an end?🙄
Gabriel S Gabriel S . 1 day ago
You can also put a lean on his business with a lawyer
Ignacio Muniz Ignacio Muniz . 1 day ago
8 loads!?!? How do u make money?
Arnold Arnold . 1 day ago
The trucking industry has been taken over by the Punjabi from India.
5lums88 5lums88 . 1 day ago
Ok trucking is dangerous but iq any to be a trucker so bad
Eric Huggins Eric Huggins . 1 day ago
That window cleaning job 🤣🤣
Zack Hall Zack Hall . 1 day ago
This video makes 0 fucking sense.
Dawn break Dawn break . 1 day ago
How tf did he get his money?
not from earth not from earth . 2 days ago
Make no sense
nestor machado nestor machado . 2 days ago
Stupid video
J J J J . 2 days ago
Driver wouldn't be owed 8k he'd be fired 🤦🏾‍♀️
M A M A . 2 days ago
I would think if you intentionally contract a trucking company (driver) with the intentions of not paying him (clearly after 8 loads of not paying) that would qualify as theft of services and warrant criminal charges.
Flovey Mcdaniels Flovey Mcdaniels . 2 days ago
Maybe it’s the two beers I just drank, or I’m not as smart as I thought, but shit you lost me on this story. If you can’t speak it that fast don’t cut it the way you did. Slow it down for us old 48 year old folks! 🤣
Don Majer Don Majer . 2 days ago
Sounds like a typical day in the life of a trucker.
Shady dispatchers and collecting issues are common.
Ram2112 Ram2112 . 2 days ago
Juan Shaft Patel Juan Shaft Patel . 2 days ago
replace you clowns with robots
The Disgruntled Dyslexic The Disgruntled Dyslexic . 2 days ago
They don't f*** around in Union City New Jersey shout out to Joey Coco Diaz
ybmad86 ybmad86 . 2 days ago
How does this 15 year old know about the trucking industry?
Cameron 💸 Cameron 💸 . 2 days ago
Atleast he got his money
Frank’s Garage Frank’s Garage . 2 days ago
Was there a story? Was distracted by the horrible attempt of using a squeegee..
Ivan Govorko Ivan Govorko . 2 days ago
Oh believe me I would have got my money

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