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Published on 2 weeks ago

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GrunG GrunG . 2 minutes ago
I cant stand high schoolers
Marvolo Marvolo . 9 minutes ago
Wtf was that?
Angel Infante Angel Infante . 12 minutes ago
This Nigga speed
David Hansen David Hansen . 13 minutes ago
These kids these days are lame af.
Nick Patterson Nick Patterson . 21 minutes ago
What just happened?
Gunther Mcleon Gunther Mcleon . 21 minutes ago
What the fuck was that??
Tanjiro Tanjiro . 22 minutes ago
Look at the shirtless dude he is ready to film the fight
13allesteros 13allesteros . 45 minutes ago
white schools cringe
ahmad sawaid ahmad sawaid . 53 minutes ago
Azarah Wagner Azarah Wagner . 1 hour ago
Lamest beta performance
ocx ocx . 1 hour ago
Man wtf
T_MONEY T_MONEY . 1 hour ago
Got kicked out for being gay
Himi Himi . 2 hours ago
It's not gay.. its just bros being bros
Serenity Rosson Serenity Rosson . 2 hours ago
Yassss you go thorndale!!!!
Arafat Khan Jonaid Arafat Khan Jonaid . 2 hours ago
That is just gay
Oindrilla Ganguly Oindrilla Ganguly . 2 hours ago
Enemies to lovers fr
Van Gil Van Gil . 3 hours ago
that kid can be a kid... OUTSIIIIDE haaa got'eeeem
HarperHere HarperHere . 3 hours ago
Very little testosterone in this video
Vu Tan Vu Tan . 3 hours ago
Dr. Iswar Chand Bidyasagar Dr. Iswar Chand Bidyasagar . 3 hours ago
Wtf did I just watch
Alan Lee Alan Lee . 3 hours ago
Kalvin Kalvin . 4 hours ago
When I went to school we werent allowed to have our shirts off at a game . ALot has changed
Lorand _09 Lorand _09 . 4 hours ago
What is this shit
Javis Hernandez Javis Hernandez . 4 hours ago
La generaci籀n de cristal
moon moon . 5 hours ago
Vincent Live Vincent Live . 5 hours ago
This is why America Is becoming worse
Terry Needham Terry Needham . 5 hours ago
U wont see blacks doing that
spanhbob spanhbob . 5 hours ago
Tyler Durden Tyler Durden . 5 hours ago
This generation is so pathetic
Orale Holmes Orale Holmes . 6 hours ago
przsper przsper . 6 hours ago
Back in my day, this would be considered borderline S tier sus shit. Now its a whole new era
Testimony Vlog Testimony Vlog . 6 hours ago
Im scared to make a kid WTF IS WORST THEN 21 Jump street
Cringe af
Slayer Dragneel Slayer Dragneel . 7 hours ago
不 yeah you don't have to prove that our generation is acting kind of sus gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
亢亢 king of gross
huh? huh? . 7 hours ago
I cant LMFAK
Dillon Dillon . 8 hours ago
This shit is gettin outta control.
MR BRUT3 MR BRUT3 . 8 hours ago
He finally made him come out of the closet ...
O....0 O....0 . 8 hours ago
This is gayer than my gay uncle
Unknownadxpt Unknownadxpt . 8 hours ago
Why they pushing each other I wouldve been throwing hands
Molon Labe Molon Labe . 8 hours ago
That was really gay
trulyundeniable trulyundeniable . 8 hours ago
I'm not sure how to judge this bc they celebrated

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