Play / Download OFFICIAL BAD KID PROM 2022!!😱🎉 (Big Tory Proposed To His Date)💍
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Published on 2 weeks ago


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FunnyMike FunnyMike . 2 weeks ago
nyaisa blaker nyaisa blaker . 4 hours ago
Veronica mzbigfine No Cap Wilson Veronica mzbigfine No Cap Wilson . 5 hours ago
Where paris
doughboy-_-kio doughboy-_-kio . 7 hours ago
25:37 3 2 1 go?🤨 fake videos?
DopeBoyDreamz DopeBoyDreamz . 7 hours ago
25:39 fake video😬😬
YFNSPINN YFNSPINN . 13 hours ago
Stop humiliating dat man tory dey dnt want him fr
Albertino Oliver Albertino Oliver . 15 hours ago
I feel bad for Tory bro like why she gotta be mean
Miyah Tyson Miyah Tyson . 17 hours ago
She did he bad
Tokyo Tae Tokyo Tae . 18 hours ago
All the girls look gorgeous af but….. KAM fkn ATE!!! Just beautiful!!!
kay kay . 20 hours ago
I wanna be a badkid
NYC Glockz NYC Glockz . 22 hours ago
Kinigra I’m a huge fan
Mezz Tv Mezz Tv . 1 day ago
The Opps🤣 Tory funny ash
Demond Hopkins Demond Hopkins . 1 day ago
1:18:12 Imma have to get me one of those 🥶🥶
jamaiya danielle jamaiya danielle . 1 day ago
mirah shouldve got prom queen for bad kids she popped out
Duke dennis Duke dennis . 1 day ago
Robert Walton Robert Walton . 1 day ago
Are you and jsllutty brothers
Jermaine Spirlark Jermaine Spirlark . 1 day ago
Y’all be doing my boy Tory bad man🤦🏾‍♂️
alayysia alayysia . 1 day ago
someone needa make a walk-through of everybodyssss outfitsss
Kendall& Syria Kendall& Syria . 2 days ago
Why do you can’t say I’m proud
Kendall& Syria Kendall& Syria . 2 days ago
Why did you prank it was a bad prank did you do with them you did the wrong getting real old
Tina A Tina A . 2 days ago
Next Time take a shot first Mac
Tina A Tina A . 2 days ago
Mac was real shady or whatever , Runik Look good asf in that white & Black 🤩that girl with that newborn baby looked niceee, Jaliyah also looked flawess MAC demeanor fcked the video up tho ✊🏾
Meredith K Meredith K . 2 days ago
They was twerking
Cavpn Cavpn . 2 days ago
Tune me in the next oneee🥺
Zahvi World Zahvi World . 2 days ago
Jojo and Paris looks better than klay and JD i’m so klay I know you my dog but I have to go with juju
Amornai V3 Amornai V3 . 2 days ago
'atp im tired of these men 15 second ads that we can't skip .
ImJay3x ImJay3x . 2 days ago
Why they do my guy Tory like that 😭
John James John James . 2 days ago
We're is jigga
Kaesha Wilson Kaesha Wilson . 2 days ago
FunnyMike always litt wish me and my family were invited to this event hopefully my family channel will be up and taking off soon so we can attend next years badkid prom i know he going do something even more litt 2023 only going UP from here!
QueenManii QueenManii . 2 days ago
Why she do him like that 🤦🏽‍♀️🫤🙄😒
sherrystrawberry1995 sherrystrawberry1995 . 2 days ago
I love what he does for the kids .
Frank Low Frank Low . 2 days ago
Magic @ to ?
@ya1favmagic ??
haili zion haili zion . 2 days ago
Love seeing black people get dressed up!
Purplsity Purplsity . 2 days ago
Official.kaylaa Official.kaylaa . 2 days ago
This was so lit 🔥. Js got done finishing dis😭🫶🏾
tara talbert tara talbert . 2 days ago
Can I stay there
victory gideon victory gideon . 2 days ago
She can give me some iPhone 3 okay and you can give me some money I hope that a hundred money hundred hundred money I like money you know why because I don't know but give me some minutes please
victory gideon victory gideon . 2 days ago
Man give me some money now give me some money you have money please and and you or Alexa what time you get me some money please
victory gideon victory gideon . 2 days ago
No support no evidence no real people they don't know how to to Pirate a baby you are a baby dumb thank you you come by me and iPhone please and give me some money
victory gideon victory gideon . 2 days ago
victory gideon victory gideon . 2 days ago
550 million package that probably worth you are a dog loser
Dric Dric . 2 days ago
am i the only one who thinks kennedy and tory related?
Khostシ Khostシ . 2 days ago
Already pass 100k
Khostシ Khostシ . 2 days ago
Wings was getting a dancw
Lisa Tompkins Lisa Tompkins . 2 days ago
Bro chill out stop the beef
Let me join badkids mac please
sammie spiller sammie spiller . 2 days ago
Kee Lafayette Kee Lafayette . 3 days ago
Mike you do so wee with these kids, we need more young men like you.
Anaya Wilcox Anaya Wilcox . 3 days ago
Now why she did him like that ☹️
sammie spiller sammie spiller . 3 days ago

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