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Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson

Published on 2 weeks ago

Do you guys feel a draft in here? ✈️

(source vid is by IG/@miacarouba )

blitzkrieger1945 blitzkrieger1945 . 18 minutes ago
She's above the clouds so her hair would be blowing towards the window and everything would be flying out plus the breathing masks would drop down so it's probably editing
Sergiu Alexandru Pasniciuc Sergiu Alexandru Pasniciuc . 1 hour ago
The first layer of a window on the inside of a plane is made of acrilic plastic so it doesnt really matter if it breaks its just there to protect the other window
Ilva Elezi Ilva Elezi . 7 hours ago
Its hell arlines
Grey sock Grey sock . 9 hours ago
Air pressure go brr
Glass Water Glass Water . 11 hours ago
Thats the thinnest plane's window i have ever seen
Mindy Warner Mindy Warner . 13 hours ago
I don't get it I don't get it . 13 hours ago
Jacobb Richardson Jacobb Richardson . 13 hours ago
They must not go to high
★totsiris !!☻︎ ★totsiris !!☻︎ . 14 hours ago
the next thing you know a bird poops on you
Iasson Gionis Iasson Gionis . 15 hours ago
The LTWYL quote killed me 💀
Tadeusz Strzelecki Tadeusz Strzelecki . 17 hours ago
It is a photomontage
Virz A Virz A . 18 hours ago
I think she did that for clout
toms vilnis toms vilnis . 20 hours ago
"This gotta be spirit airlines"
Kaeden Davis Kaeden Davis . 21 hours ago
Yup. As a person to regularly uses spirit airlines when I’m low on budget this is what you get
LegendaryEtio98 LegendaryEtio98 . 21 hours ago
Kar I. Kar I. . 21 hours ago
It’s called air rage
Aiden Buencamino Aiden Buencamino . 22 hours ago
I guess that’s why not to fly southwest
Wissem Aljazairi Wissem Aljazairi . 1 day ago
Spirit airlines... Such a fresh breeze of air
kennan tsang kennan tsang . 1 day ago
what The hell
JoJo Kutaro JoJo Kutaro . 2 days ago
Taking "i needed new air" to another level.
Cowboy_Egg Cowboy_Egg . 2 days ago
Ryanair be like
Rachael LeAnn Rachael LeAnn . 2 days ago
Just another reason why I'd never fly. F that lol
Samora Machooka Samora Machooka . 2 days ago
Why does everything involve spirit Spirit Airlines
·the one weirdo· ·the one weirdo· . 2 days ago
Me: how did she manage🗡️
Joshua Rojas Joshua Rojas . 2 days ago
My question is how didn’t the pressure not destroy the whole plane
PiggedPig PiggedPig . 2 days ago
Bro defied gravity and didnt get sucked out
Alex Grabiec Alex Grabiec . 2 days ago
How do they only realise at like 15k ft high
My balls in yo jaw My balls in yo jaw . 2 days ago
Ngl I thought she gonna be pulled by the air pressure from the window
♡AVENGIES♡ ♡AVENGIES♡ . 2 days ago
Not me watching this when I have a flight soon
David Holbrook David Holbrook . 2 days ago
That's isn't the window... It's a shade sheet. Blows the brightness of the sun...
Cupplize Cupplize . 2 days ago
They are always double paned. So you're not looking outside. What we're seeing is the external plane pane.
▪︎Glitch_Alex▪︎ ▪︎Glitch_Alex▪︎ . 2 days ago
Why not close it
🌊 aizen !! 🌊 aizen !! . 2 days ago
Man, i may sound crazy but this really makes me want to watch yfm..
Arminas Riauka Arminas Riauka . 2 days ago
well how did they survive
Sunita Bisht Sunita Bisht . 2 days ago
Pressure be like: hold on wait a min...
Stephanie Burns Stephanie Burns . 2 days ago
They made the plane on a Friday

Edit:I think
AA Turret AA Turret . 2 days ago
women ☕️
Bryson McDaniel Bryson McDaniel . 2 days ago
The bar is purple
Bubble Bubble . 2 days ago
Ryanair moment 💀
Michael McSilver Michael McSilver . 2 days ago
It's the inner Pane of glass with has nothing to do with structural integrity or pressurized cabin. It's as a protective layer for the actual window
Kali-and-or-Fern Kali-and-or-Fern . 2 days ago
Was that Kermit playing baseball
Jacki boi Jacki boi . 2 days ago
look at how thin it is, and the lack of wind.
The real airplane glass is as thick as your knuckle.
Julia F. Julia F. . 2 days ago
Demo God Demo God . 2 days ago
this is why those windows are double layered
Gun astley Gun astley . 2 days ago
The spirit in spirit airlines is getting a little too real
DarthRakdos DarthRakdos . 2 days ago
That's clearly not real
SUB ZERO SUB ZERO . 2 days ago
How did the plane not depressurize
that kid London 🥰😘 that kid London 🥰😘 . 2 days ago
Like the air on the airplane in the air outside are so different so that air outside of that airplane comes in you're totally going to die I mean the airplanes going to feel all that then boom you're just going to die 🤣😂🤣

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