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Law&Crime Network

Law&Crime Network

Published on 2 weeks ago

InfoWars host Alex Jones was found liable for defamation in relation to the statements he made claiming the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. Now, a Texas jury must decide how much Jones must pay to a victim's parents after publicly stating said falsehoods.

NOTE: This livestream feed is delayed.

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Nathalie Nathalie . 14 hours ago
Am I missing something or why does defense council have any right to view impeachment evidence? It doesn’t have to be disclosed if it is used for the purposes of impeachment.
Frankie Lee Frankie Lee . 1 day ago
"Sandy Hook shooting sprees nobody died", or if Alex Jone reports it as such, no one shall be hurt or in delusions, because it was Never true. How one gets hurt over a Nonsensical Report, is rather Unbelievable. But the parents of THOSE Kids who died, CAN feel hurt by Alex's false reports, where they USUALLY rely on Big Media reports? Strange?Not strange. They want to be as nasty and wicked as those Killers who killed their kids, so they did a wicked deed at ALEX Jones. Those parents did a wicked thing, trying to harm Alec Jones, over their kids' death as an advantage to do more evils against humanity.
It’s interesting you can’t find this case in the civil case index in Texas….like it’s not real? I’m thinking actors…what a con if Alex pulled that off…not as good as the 2020 continuing psyop…
King Brian King Brian . 2 days ago
To the Sandy Hook plaintiffs:

1. There are far worse things, done by politicians that Alex did not do, like telling their followers to get "in their faces" and "make them feel uncomfortable" and "take action" against them, that led to things like the shooting of Republicans at a golf course, and no lawsuit was ever filed or worked against them..we can't have double standards in the justice system. Alex Jones never gave any orders or said anything directly or indirectly for people to take action against you. His actions were merely speaking openly using his first Amendment right, expressing his opinion calling into question the authenticity of the event, since after all, I trust everyone has learned by now that false flag events are a very real thing conducted by government agencies and for a man in his line of work discovering so many lies and deceit, it is no wonder he assumed this of this event like any other human would have naturally done in his position and with his level of knowledge. Compare that to politicians with great outreach, calling for attacks, harassment and violence against others, and such actions ACTUALLY leading to violent events that involved physical harm.

2. This is a defamation lawsuit, and in the US it only works if you can prove monetary damages, emotional distress does not count because feelings and emotions are very subjective in expression and control and everyone behaves differently on that. You would need to prove that Mr. Jones, directly caused you monetary damages, by his own actions or orders, that directly attacked your business or place of work and directly caused the loss of sale of your products or firing by your company boss or manager as a DIRECT result of him calling out for such outcomes. He never said that, and thus your entire case falls flat.

3. Mr. Jones is not in control of the actions or thoughts of individuals who happen to listen to him, the actions that they took, allegedly threats to your safety, were never under his control but that of these individuals would be criminals. Individuals whom we have yet to know the identity of and who aren't the ones receiving a lawsuit for such threats, the ACTUAL perpetrators. nor is he the only one to have spread in the past his suspicious about the incident, where is the lawsuit for everyone else on the internet, why him specifically? Because he has a bigger audience? Then what about the large social media platform where such suspicions were spread? Those are even bigger audiences, and regardless like I said, he is not in control of their actions, he doesn't even KNOW WHO THEY ARE...we live in worlds apart oblivious of who they are. You cannot fault him for the actions of others, that is dishonest at best.

4. Why did you wait 9 years to do this, if the threats to your family are indeed true, after the first 2 months..heck I'll give you a year, after the first YEAR, you could have filed this lawsuit. If these threats exist as you claim, and we need to know the evidence of such threats are legitimate and indeed true, then why wait 9 your concern the threats you have received or the money you can get from a lawsuit the longer you waited before unleashing it? This makes your claim very untrustworthy and brings into question its authenticity and urgency, and makes it look like you're in it for the money.

5. The threats you have received need to be credible, not only in the capacity of these people to carry them out, but in their will to do so, at least a verifiable recorded attempt, and again, identification of these people to know it is not a self-inflicted scheme like we have had prior in other court cases.

These five points, or issues are against you, the burden of proof on you, and these five points are in the favor of Mr. Jones.
MayerHomeVideos MayerHomeVideos . 3 days ago
What about all the things Alex Jones has gotten right over the years! Like the satanic human sacrifice ceremonies the government was having in the redwoods of Northern California. Oh but I guess we are supposed to pretend that never happened now? Hah yea nice try.
rpsportstraining program rpsportstraining program . 3 days ago
Lock him up
Chris Leclerc Chris Leclerc . 3 days ago
I'm not an internet addict, though I do love Youtube, since it's conception. But as far as following fringe media, I have to much to do outdoors, no interest. I just want to say, this Jones dude is the weridest human I've come across, like ever! He is a snake in the grass. Sorry the plaintiffs in this case had to deal with this nut job.
R D R D . 3 days ago
I can't believe how freaking brainwashed some of the public is by bullsh!t. The truth is so easy to find, but some people are too lazy to bother looking for it. Entitled idiots want everything handed to them... and the msm steps in and does that, while the idiots lap it up as gospel. The idiot's favorite shows are Dog and Pony and Kangaroo Court. Welcome to the Banana Republic that the idiots are supporting.
Miranda Pillsbury Miranda Pillsbury . 3 days ago
Lolol I love the plaintiffs lawyers lol so sassy and I'm here for it
Angela Reade Angela Reade . 4 days ago
Such an angry man!
Barby Watson Barby Watson . 4 days ago
How is it im watching this judge allow the attorneys to literally argue during closing statements with Alex Jones. Normally a judge would not allow that. Some of the things I've seen when I've watched this trial. It should be thrown out & a un biased judge. She's allowing things to happen because she doesn't like Alex Jones. Idk totally disgusted with this trial on how the attorneys & judge have acted. What she allows sometimes im like wow.
Yo77Yo11 Yo77Yo11 . 4 days ago
I like the judge. Good job.
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn . 5 days ago
That judge is not on his side.
Muhammad N. Jassim Muhammad N. Jassim . 5 days ago
📌 Day Seven Part 1 time stamps:
11:54 Continuation of Defendant Alex Jones testimony
1:33:59 Continuation of Defendant Alex Jones testimony
1:56:44 Break
2:02:13 Continuation of Defendant Alex Jones testimony
3:21:45 Defendant Alex Jones answers Jury questions
3:49:57 Jury instructions finalized + Motion to direct to verdict
Michelle Woods Michelle Woods . 5 days ago
Alex, after what u put the parents thru what makes u think they want to be on your show???
Adam Heard Adam Heard . 6 days ago
This case should be in law schools on how not to be a good lawyer 😆
Do One Thing Do One Thing . 6 days ago
Break ends and hearing starts @ 11:53
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 7 days ago
No Alex just yes or no. Y because we can't have the jury know the truuuth... I mean serial killers have more 2st amendment rights than Alex. This is so dangerous for all of us. I really hope all of. Understand this!!
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 7 days ago
All of this will just make Alex, Owen and Infowars even stronger, I pray...
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 7 days ago
Y is the judge sucha dictator? And the questions show how poor the jury's knowledge on Infowars really is, this is so bogus even for the amount in the end.
Annaihk Annaihk Annaihk Annaihk . 7 days ago
2:07:50 Oooooo… Sassy! 💅🏽 “No, YOU say so.”
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 1 week ago
Since wen do lawyers have to right to tawny the defendant like these snakes r? Remember people innocent until proven guilty ooooh wait he's already guilty by the judge's edict? No trial no due process,? I mean somebody help me make sense of this.
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 1 week ago
Wow these prosecution lawyer's r some truth bending lieing snakes right down to their cherry picking fake statistics.
ε-δ ε-δ . 1 week ago
2:19:55 Texts/purgery part
Zaltec Freezer Zaltec Freezer . 1 week ago
If Alex jones isn't allowed on YouTube why is his trial on it?
Carol Kieny Carol Kieny . 1 week ago
The grandiosity of this guy knows no bounds. He is literally digging his own grave.
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 1 week ago
As a listener I think Alex should b more descriptive on all things and b very brief on this trial cause these crybaby lawyers t literally watching and in real time dissecting everything on his show and the judge is totally on board with everything they cry over.
Shawn Karter Shawn Karter . 1 week ago
wtf is with the editing issues during Alex's answers about provocateur?
Silvia Henriss Silvia Henriss . 1 week ago
Julia K. Brown exposed Epstein.
Jestiny Jestiny . 1 week ago
I call her judge Karen
Kat Kat . 1 week ago
2:19:55 Conspiracy Headline: "Jones Throws His Own Attorney Under The Bus To Provoke Mistrial". After what I have seen (& I have watched every minute) this theory is Not that far fetched.
Robert McKay Robert McKay . 1 week ago
Thankfully the Defendant’s lawyers did not have to speak, because the prosecuting attorney buried himself with foolish questions and dishonest assumptions. 4m to expose the corruption of this trial act? So worth! The American people will Lock this judge up for a very long time.... Verily, God is with Alex Jones. Keep the Good way! Amen!
Peter YO Kahuii Peter YO Kahuii . 1 week ago
bro if you look at the patterns its the same thing same patterns all over the world
jen-jen jen-jen . 1 week ago
Obnoxious attorney messes up and leaks even more obnoxious client's text messages to opposing counsel. PRICELESS.
jen-jen jen-jen . 1 week ago
Maybe "bankrupt" Jones can use the settlement from the malpractice suit against his attorney to pay the $45M+ to the Sandy Hook parents.
M K M K . 1 week ago
The sheer and obvious irony of poor, voiceless, little man Alex Jones complaining about everyone saying false, misleading and defamatory opinions about him, while sitting in a trial about him saying false, misleading and defamatory statements about the plaintiffs is breathtaking
marigold marigold . 1 week ago
Sherri Tucker Sherri Tucker . 1 week ago
I love this judge. She treats him like the petulant child that he is.
Social Shortcuts Social Shortcuts . 1 week ago
Half of these comments at least are bots. 🤖
Social Shortcuts Social Shortcuts . 1 week ago
The mainstream media constantly lies to all of us & never is held accountable or apologises. Also anyone with half a brain can see there is some kind of peadophile ring in the elites of our civilization & Alex Jones points this out. The mainstream media hides peadophiles therefore supporting them. Plus pushes us to go to war killing millions. Alex Jones has faults but is 1000x better both ethically and as a source of news than MSM.

Im surprised so many “people” in the comments are just going “Alex Jones Bad” but I suspect lots of them are bots tbh
Caterina Williams Caterina Williams . 1 week ago
The phone mess up is the best :-)
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 1 week ago
No matter how much they try to strike Alex's word's from the record, we r seeing his truth and to all of u outsider's who r quick to judge take it from a long time fsn, they have fooled all of u in to doubt. Alex has just now told his truth and he's said it before. Megan Kelly had to leave Fox news for a reason...
Skeptic Skeptic . 1 week ago
The look on Jones‘s face when he realised he got caught lying about the text messages and got told that his lawyer gave them a full copy of his phone was priceless. 😂
JA K JA K . 1 week ago
I like Alex Jones barometer for craziness…that they used used space based weapons to knock down the towers on 9/11 …when cameras literally caught the planes ramming into them geez.
Alex Jones is a mentally I’ll man. Period.
Joey Chicago Joey Chicago . 1 week ago
Wow Alex can't refer to his freak notes so he can answer properly? How is this allowed?
Lilredrobyn TDOT Lilredrobyn TDOT . 1 week ago
Complete trash. Only slow people would listen to this.
Blabbette Vroom Blabbette Vroom . 1 week ago
Serious question for actual legal people: (2:21) Given that states have differing laws and the vicissitudes of evidence law, SHOULD Defense council have recognized immediately what was set before him (which he allowed without objection) and COULD he have stopped this from being admitted, either in whole or in part? In other words, should he have recognized the nose under the tent belonged to a camel and smacked it? Will the next 3 trials be able to use this information as well?
Margaret Milne Margaret Milne . 1 week ago
Stopped drinking…….for a while.
Margaret Milne Margaret Milne . 1 week ago
“They won’t let me take it back. Something happened with my son the other day.”
How is it possible for someone, who clearly does have the ability to love, as he mentioned his son, (even if it was another example of how he truly is a complete narcissist). To then know you are putting other parents through something so horrific, how can you not just stop. Apologies and move on.

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