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Published on 12 years ago

Official music video for the single "Running Up That Hill" written and produced by British singer Kate Bush.

The song was the first single from Kate's 1985 album Hounds of Love and released in the UK on 5 August 1985.

"Running Up That Hill" entered the UK chart at number 9 and eventually peaked at number 3. The single also reached the top 30 in the United States.

"Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 REMIX" - is out now. Full story here:

Gennierose Angeles Gennierose Angeles . 7 minutes ago
I'm watching st4 rn😭
ari :3 ari :3 . 18 minutes ago
this song is so good, i love how it’s from the 80s instead of being a present song, it adds value to the overall quality of the song❤️
Taranpreet Kaur Taranpreet Kaur . 19 minutes ago
Who's here from Stranger Things Season 4 ?
Akash Yadav Akash Yadav . 23 minutes ago
Feel the beats
R A T S R A T S . 23 minutes ago
Thd power of the 80s-90s
Trey Ferreira Trey Ferreira . 25 minutes ago
RIP to a another great song once again being killed by TikTok lol.
chae chae . 32 minutes ago
does anyone else feel something like nostalgia or memories at the intro of the song? idk why, but i just feel it. just me? okay 😭
En En . 33 minutes ago
Probably woke wondering why she's suddenly richer
Krista Mae Solamo Krista Mae Solamo . 41 minutes ago
I love that song( i know it's from stranger things i know)
Jady Valeria Jady Valeria . 51 minutes ago
músic favourite max. strangr thins
TrickyPants TrickyPants . 52 minutes ago
Weirder Stuff!!!
July Jimenez July Jimenez . 1 hour ago
On my moms youtube account. But the 80s songs have a special place in my heart.
Batman Batman . 1 hour ago
Ruslan Ruslan . 1 hour ago
Раньше не слышал эту песню, и думал что это новинка на Радио)😁
Zaineb Medhioub Zaineb Medhioub . 1 hour ago
This song is a work of art !!
Extrovert 2607 Extrovert 2607 . 1 hour ago
Here after Sadie's act anyone? Her acting is magical over there!
GOOd DeviL GOOd DeviL . 1 hour ago
Who is come here after watching STRANGER THINGS 👾☠️
Temp Rance Temp Rance . 1 hour ago
A masterpiece
actuallyraycadag actuallyraycadag . 1 hour ago
Panget ng kantang to kairita pag nadidinig ko tang ina
bm3kurout bm3kurout . 1 hour ago
If only this song had died when it originally did...
CrackClickerAGAIN CrackClickerAGAIN . 2 hours ago
0:47 This is the thing ur looking for if you are a stranger things fan.
HELL CAT HELL CAT . 2 hours ago
Saber que conoci esta cancion por tiktok me hace pensar que...❤
evelyn mano evelyn mano . 2 hours ago
The song reminds me from stranger things and I love it I always listen to the. Song
Patsara_p3 Patsara_p3 . 2 hours ago
Lilly☀️🌸 Lilly☀️🌸 . 2 hours ago
Oscar Chavez Oscar Chavez . 2 hours ago
Striger things
El forever Tops tecnologia El forever Tops tecnologia . 2 hours ago
Like el que viene por Stranger Things , Max
Killswitch517 Killswitch517 . 3 hours ago
This song sucks.
Stu Ards Stu Ards . 3 hours ago
Stranger things really has the power to resurrect the past
lynda N lynda N . 3 hours ago
This an old song??? Thank God for tiktok we never would have known this song
Jose Corado Jose Corado . 3 hours ago
That thumbnail tho😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
SCP-049 SCP-049 . 3 hours ago
Sammy Sammy . 3 hours ago
ong I just watched the Stranger Things 3 times in a row💀
Henrique Matos Henrique Matos . 4 hours ago
Did Anitta copy this clip in "envolver"?
TikTok bought me here 😂
Lil' Lily Lil' Lily . 4 hours ago
What de heck’s wiring with the dansing
ENTE1848-METAL ENTE1848-METAL . 4 hours ago
I was born in 1974. I'm an 80's kid. I loved this song then and always have. And I love a TV show called Stranger Things. And now this TV show has put a new spin on this song and I'm just an emotional wreck and infinitely happy. 1000 thanks to Kate and the Duffer brothers of course. With Germany from love.
Derrick Powell Derrick Powell . 4 hours ago
OMG, it's been 35+ years since I've heard this song. Thank you YouTube.
Naomi Benson Naomi Benson . 5 hours ago
Love Love Love this song! Have been hearing it so much lately and fell in love with it because of the 80’s sound and how beautiful the lyrics are. I kept feeling as if I’ve heard the song before and looked it up and realized I had. Love how it has made a come back!
Christophe Laphaye Christophe Laphaye . 5 hours ago
Encore une grande artiste issue des merveilleuses années 80 !
Omar Lavado Omar Lavado . 5 hours ago
Excelente tema ...💕💕
Tom Myiop Tom Myiop . 5 hours ago
Beginning 3:4 ending 3:11
Tuyết Trần Tuyết Trần . 5 hours ago
Stranger Things brought me to this song
Did anyone else discover this masterpiece because of Stranger Things
addelvm addelvm . 5 hours ago
Go to 200 Millions
kiarra Roberts’s kiarra Roberts’s . 6 hours ago
I love the music
Johan Ramírez Johan Ramírez . 6 hours ago
Alguien q hable español?.

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