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Hip-Hop WRLD

Hip-Hop WRLD

Published on 2 months ago

Gary Alva Gary Alva . 18 hours ago
I'll agree with yall fellow fans. Good song.. I take that back.. thought this song was the original I've last listen too.. this version sounds as if RiFF RAFF goin chime in rapping after slow mellow acoustical transitions to the dropping of "snapping fingers in unison" beat . Hell naw. Tf.. I bet it wS a white boy engineer who said. "Let have it sounding hip". Shit, no wonder I can't get it up when gf puts these days of version modern "music" on.! #drinkingalldayinheat #hasmeleavingcommentslikeamf #eatmochicken #stopdaydrinkinginthisheat
The Sales DJ The Sales DJ . 1 week ago
i kind of like it
Cj Copeland Cj Copeland . 1 week ago
My favorite
Zeanetta Henry Zeanetta Henry . 2 weeks ago
I love this song🥰🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Tuna Tuna . 3 weeks ago
Tona this
A H A H . 4 weeks ago
I always listen to it in my car
Laura Weatherbee Laura Weatherbee . 4 weeks ago
U and ur friends needed me for my car only, so dont cross ur lips with our names together... I wAs there for ur bro in Kentucky and mom not u.
Danika Scott Danika Scott . 2 months ago
best song aways stuck in my head
Sabrina Storm Sabrina Storm . 2 months ago
Why add in 5 minutes of something that isn't the song
Rayonna Kammeyer Rayonna Kammeyer . 2 months ago
Love this song
Michelle Markle Michelle Markle . 2 months ago
Wasted on yyyyooouuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️🍻🍻🍻🍻
Hummingbird Granillo Hummingbird Granillo . 2 months ago
Iv never wasted so much time on someone who wasn't even worth it.
Micki Switzer Micki Switzer . 2 months ago
Love Love Love this song!
Colton Burger Colton Burger . 2 months ago
That is so nice and cool
Jennifer Dijames Jennifer Dijames . 2 months ago
Good job Morgan.
Tori Smith Tori Smith . 2 months ago
I Adore This Song

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