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Inspired J

Inspired J

Published on 1 month ago

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jax writes songs tiktok
jax parody Best of Song Parodies

Check out Jax writes songs tiktok or jax writes songs, maybe jaxwritessongs tiktok or by name tiktok name jaxwritessongs and finally jax writes songs tiktok. Mybe Jaxwrites songs POV. Sometimes we might do jax parody The Best of Best Song Parodies of time tok or Jax writes songs tiktok song parody. Either way, we lover her! And its all from the JAX PERSPECTIVE !
Jax writes songs
Jax TikTok Compilation 🎹 (@jaxwritessongs)
jaxwritessongs tiktok
jax writes songs tiktok
jax parody ultimate Best Song Parodies
Jax writes songs tiktok song parody

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Marvelous Maya Marvelous Maya . 1 month ago
People say everything on the internet is toxic but, it's just that you haven't to found the ones that aren't
This is pure and girls......people everywhere NEED to see this. We're all different.
Olivia unicorn Olivia unicorn . 20 hours ago
I love this! Everyone is perfect the way they are ❤️
Tracey Peach Tracey Peach . 1 day ago
Bruh I listened to this on reapet when came out your the best sining jax
bri’ish breakfast bri’ish breakfast . 3 days ago
*she was twerking🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔*
Leslie Linero Leslie Linero . 3 days ago
I wanted to make a song and I am only 11 and I saw this and it inspired me even more if you have any advice please tell me 😁
Mark & Misung Suh Mark & Misung Suh . 4 days ago
Everyone needs to hear this song everyone tells me I am getting fat I need to eat less but people need to eat so thank you 😊
billy peake billy peake . 5 days ago
I mean Jax
billy peake billy peake . 5 days ago
Max you are amazing i’m only 8 and I’m eating healthier because I don’t like my stomach how it is
Itz Nayla Itz Nayla . 6 days ago
Even if she was lying she’s not but if she wouldn’t be wrong because I did the same and my body said yes but my mind said no and I think that’s what she means
Wendy Oertle Wendy Oertle . 1 week ago
I love this song ♡❤!!!!!!!
The Next Level The Next Level . 1 week ago
This song is fantastic 👌. You're my celebrity crush 😍
duckiee 🦆 duckiee 🦆 . 1 week ago
I have a eating disorder and you can see my bones and you can feel my spine but I don't care what people think about it I will love my self the way I am
Chris Bebout Chris Bebout . 1 week ago
Love it
Brandy Barnes Brandy Barnes . 2 weeks ago
Well guess what I cant have carbs at all so yea
Tamra McGee Tamra McGee . 2 weeks ago
You've really inspired us to accept who we are
Ka Ho Tsang Ka Ho Tsang . 2 weeks ago
I love your songs please do more songs with Chelsea or cha cha
Zernyel McPherson Zernyel McPherson . 2 weeks ago
Michael Lamorte Michael Lamorte . 2 weeks ago
Me and my bff love this song 🎵 btw I’m a girl
melissa ann melissa ann . 2 weeks ago
With one song, bye-bye Victoria Secret 🎶 🎶 🎶
🌺•Stella•🌼 🌺•Stella•🌼 . 2 weeks ago
I used to think I was so fat but now I feel better because of your song this should be on spotify
Brianna Brown Brianna Brown . 2 weeks ago
When she put her hand on her bottom it killed me 🤣😂
Analise Cortis Analise Cortis . 2 weeks ago
How funny would it be if the guy who owns Victoria secret reacted to Jax’s song!
Michelle Medina Michelle Medina . 2 weeks ago
To all the hater boo Mx u are perfect in every way
Melōdymoon Melōdymoon . 3 weeks ago
My fav song
Rachael Kilgore Rachael Kilgore . 3 weeks ago
Just shut your good singer
melissa labut melissa labut . 3 weeks ago
I have a girl name Victoria in my school and she was my kindergarden bully then i listend to this song then it made me feel better.
Jodie Hopkinson Jodie Hopkinson . 3 weeks ago
Why do you always we're baby clothes
Mona's fun world Mona's fun world . 3 weeks ago
That’s my moms fav song
Brandy Barnes Brandy Barnes . 3 weeks ago
Im pretty skinny and I wish I was fatter. bc sometimes people call me toothpicks or sticks Girl
Trisha Beth Linn Trisha Beth Linn . 3 weeks ago
Fiona Mckinnon Fiona Mckinnon . 3 weeks ago
Best song ever! Got it on my phone now! It should be played at assemblies at schools now!
Mariahplaysroblox Mariahplaysroblox . 3 weeks ago
Stuck in my head singling al the time
camryn sturgeon camryn sturgeon . 3 weeks ago
tbh i’ve barely eaten the past two days bc of my insecurities mainly being around my supper skinny sisters who are only super skinny bc of their own eating disorders
Knoodles -_- Knoodles -_- . 3 weeks ago
I think song is trying to make girls not feel insecure
The cousin Designers The cousin Designers . 3 weeks ago
The end lol 😂
JustAyesha JustAyesha . 4 weeks ago
who's victoria?
j j . 4 weeks ago
if a woman needed a bra she would have been born with one. sure a sports bra when you want but one, but trip to Costco will tell you women just don't need a bra any more and surely not a $50 bra. It's just not something that matters any more after all this pandemic.
Mackenzie Jordan Mackenzie Jordan . 4 weeks ago
The tiny head does it funny😂😂😂
Kirsty Stjohn Kirsty Stjohn . 4 weeks ago
I hop this goes on the Rado in the car I all waes sing it to my self it will be so easy 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶
bigbird091 bigbird091 . 4 weeks ago
Kitty Star Kitty Star . 4 weeks ago
When you grabbed your belly and scratch your butt and shake that LOL
Views with Vix Views with Vix . 4 weeks ago
The irony is the ad before they let you play this song is for weight loss!!!!! (Great song/message by the way.)
Amanda Meyer Amanda Meyer . 4 weeks ago
I love your song 1 question when is ur next concert u are my idol
Ashley_mum.of.4.goblins Ashley_mum.of.4.goblins . 4 weeks ago
Yup I have been blasting this song, I can't wait for my girls to get back home, we are gonna have a new favorite song 🥰
Fatimah Alhalfi Fatimah Alhalfi . 1 month ago
Love this I use to hate my body and other thing but know i love it ❤️😭😊
Reese M Reese M . 1 month ago
I loved that drum in that chorus omg!
Mason Resnick Mason Resnick . 1 month ago
Jax I remember following you on FB post-Idol and was troubled by your B&W profile pix. You were so emaciated-looking I was worried. Glad you've gotten past that and are inspiring young ladies towards a healthier self-image.
Toca Banana Toca Banana . 1 month ago
POV u live in Ohio wait… is that my grampa??!!
saofam2728 saofam2728 . 1 month ago
She was made up by a dude?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
citlalixoxo citlalixoxo . 1 month ago
This should be played in stores that have plus sized clothes for kids and adults

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