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Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Family and I took a road trip to Nashville Tennessee to watch our first ever WWE event. Logan Paul put on a serious show!

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akacaldo akacaldo . 7 hours ago
Pooran D Pooran D . 19 hours ago
I remember when the little one was just a baby. They are all growing up so fast.
Dominick Kaczynski Dominick Kaczynski . 23 hours ago
I would be upset if youtube strikes this video because of Cora jumping on the beds in the hotel room
Juan Felipe García Juan Felipe García . 1 day ago
Wtf Noah is huge
MR_TATER MR_TATER . 1 day ago
Roman aging well seems like Noah was a kid yesterday it's been that long time flys.
Mikey Mileto Mikey Mileto . 1 day ago
Noah making me feel so old
𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭.𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬. 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭.𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬. . 1 day ago
Next time your up that way you all should go to pigeon forge it’s really fun there I’ve been many times and it never gets old
Ebk 48 Ebk 48 . 2 days ago
Why does Noah look like jiedel
Ruben Segovia Ruben Segovia . 2 days ago
Man just to see the transformation that Noah did
Allie Yates Allie Yates . 2 days ago
It was fun seeing Chattanooga on one of the road signs! That's where I live!
Timothy Timothy . 2 days ago
Why doesn’t Jess talk any?
LsChris_. / LsChris_. / . 2 days ago
How old were yall when yall started watching roman
Gogythemonke Gogythemonke . 2 days ago
Ibni Shakir Ibni Shakir . 2 days ago
Mr M Mr M . 3 days ago
Noah is too old now
Ultimate Warrior Ultimate Warrior . 3 days ago
Yoo can’t believe how big Noah is now lmao.
Phillip Hill Phillip Hill . 3 days ago
You know I've beenwatching you since day one but when ma died honestly that through me for a loop but since then I've lost both my parents and watching you tonight put me back at ease and I know you know what all that entails God bless you brother...I forgot to smile more.....I won't again....
Cristian Barros Cristian Barros . 3 days ago
The impaulsive episode hasn't come out, right?
CZRxDaBz CZRxDaBz . 4 days ago
What happened the smile more intro and outro😢
fall out fall out . 4 days ago
Is that Noah!? What in the heck is going on so crazy
Dylan Sunday Dylan Sunday . 4 days ago
the kids they are so grown my GAWD!
Not Your Average Joe Not Your Average Joe . 4 days ago
It’s so cool to see your kids getting bigger and how you interact with them❤️🙏
T W T W . 4 days ago
The OG’s
Christie Lamothe Christie Lamothe . 4 days ago
I’m so glad he put the video back on Noah after his youngest interrupted🥹
Astrid Gonzalez Astrid Gonzalez . 5 days ago
Holy shit Noah!!! It’s been ages since I’ve seen a vlog and damn!! So happy to see the growth🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
snipezz snipezz . 5 days ago
Dude i love how this family has changed
Nadia Gomez Diaz Nadia Gomez Diaz . 5 days ago
me siento vieja noah era un bebe cuand empece a verlos :(
Keith Jones Keith Jones . 5 days ago
Lol Roman if you didn't actually tell the kid in Wendy's off camera who you were I would be highly disappointed! 😉 it would make his day and give him all the motivation he needs!
Allan Deleon Allan Deleon . 5 days ago
come to ny if u trynna see people really wheelie!!
Mr Grey Mr Grey . 5 days ago
Last timed i checked him is when he throws his son onto his stairs as spiderman🗿
Conner Wilson Conner Wilson . 5 days ago
woah noah got big and tell it is insane how fast he grow
Edgar Flores Edgar Flores . 5 days ago
Roman that little girl of yours is the future of the vlogs GODBLESS
berto berto . 5 days ago
broooo, there’s no way the kids are that big now, bro i grew up watching y’all, how times fly by 🥹
TheGdragon12 TheGdragon12 . 5 days ago
Noah looks like paddy pimple
Papi_b_oogway Papi_b_oogway . 6 days ago
God bless and loves you Amen 🙏🏽✝️🙏🏽❤️
E2J - Music E2J - Music . 6 days ago
Devin Whitus Devin Whitus . 6 days ago
Damn I started watchin y’all before you guys moved into your last house
Nox Aco Nox Aco . 6 days ago
Go to chipotle for healthy fast food travling
Steve Wellens Steve Wellens . 6 days ago
Noah prob gets soo much action
xeno- cide xeno- cide . 6 days ago
Love you roman, smile more ❤️ getting so nostalgic seeing Noah so big.
The Hall Zoo The Hall Zoo . 6 days ago
I'm so bummed; I was vacationing in TN at the same time you were there. In Nashville, even.
Christian K Christian K . 6 days ago
yeaaa we’re old now
Blaster8926 Blaster8926 . 6 days ago
it's crazy for me seeing noah looking so old even though I'm only 3 years older. it just mind boggles me seeing him grown up.
Prince Cal Prince Cal . 6 days ago
Cora’s joy in unmatched
Noah Karlsen Gore Noah Karlsen Gore . 6 days ago
In Norway gas is 10$ a gallon
Life with Ashton Life with Ashton . 6 days ago
It’s my first time watching your videos again since 2017
Nick Smith Nick Smith . 6 days ago
When it comes to wwe u need the front row seats near the ring
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis . 7 days ago
Family blogs are complete shit 😂😂😂
Andre Borowskijr Andre Borowskijr . 7 days ago
Yeah learned the hard way never get floor seats for wwe events get the seat right above the floor perfect view and not too far from the action

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