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Published on 3 months ago

Good music, good life !

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Morgan Wallen – Wasted On You (Audio Only)

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Emily Lamond Emily Lamond . 3 months ago
When I’m down this song helps me I don’t know why it has such a peaceful melody ,
jennifer lackey jennifer lackey . 3 months ago
THIS SONG DEFINITELY TUGS AT THE HEART STRINGS— thankx for making me cry Morgan JK. ANY song that can pull this kind of emotion is a winner 💕✌️💕
Melissa Davis Melissa Davis . 3 months ago
I would waste every day just to be with you I love you my ace
omg i love this song so much thank you
Elisangela Elisangela . 3 months ago
Eu amo as canções do Morgan Wallen! I love country music!
Breilla Novak Breilla Novak . 3 months ago
Yeah this song is my heart and I love it thanks Morgan wallen
SmilezDaily01 SmilezDaily01 . 3 months ago
This is so real, lord I can’t wait til my divorce is finalized. So much wasted time.
Paulena Rhodes Paulena Rhodes . 3 months ago
I love this song, thank you
Terri Wilson Terri Wilson . 3 months ago
Lilafortniteyt Lilafortniteyt . 3 months ago
Nicest music song
Oralia Velenti Oralia Velenti . 3 months ago
If you have a Heart n soul you will understand about the meaning of the memory were it stands I never thought it would be possible but it happen...
Tammy Wright Tammy Wright . 3 months ago
Great song though I mean to a T there's somebody I really care about but they ain't coming out of my mouth going to stay right in my heart because they don't say it they want to keep using and I try to do my best but then I guess we're going to live a lonely life by themselves
Tammy Wright Tammy Wright . 3 months ago
Been there done there and I'll never go back a lot of men out there and nothing but users abusers drunks druggies beaters there is a lot of nice guys out there somewhere but the ones that I had been with and married they were the wrong ones they ruined my life and lots more there's one person that I do care about always have but you know I've been alone for so long but you can't make somebody like you you know or want to be with you so I gave up on that ordeal too I'm not getting used no more by anybody
Shane Cooper Shane Cooper . 3 months ago
I love this song reminds me of my ex
Donna G. Brasher Donna G. Brasher . 3 months ago
Awesome song and lyrics! Lyricist, Donna G Brasher
Theressa Cooper Theressa Cooper . 3 months ago
Time is never wasted
Letisia Maldonado Letisia Maldonado . 3 months ago
I don't think it's time I wasted on him I love him and forever I will always be there no matter what TE AMO PAPASITO RICO ALWAYS AND FOREVER ♾️
Heather Rodriquez Heather Rodriquez . 3 months ago
Belting this song as I know my time with you was not a waste….. I’d run into your arms right now if you’d let me💔😭
ghetto child ghetto child . 3 months ago
Whoa wait.... what did I just stumble on!??? Awe shit here it comes... 🤔😑😔
Rhonda Fox Rhonda Fox . 3 months ago
I love this song
Brenda Evans Brenda Evans . 3 months ago
I was lucky enough to learn very young. My high-school friends were not in school. They graduated 5 to 8 years before. It was not wasted because I never let a man hoe pimp me. I got what and who I wanted. Rangerette is determined
Melinda Mcclain Melinda Mcclain . 3 months ago
Omg does this not tell a story!!❤3
Peggy garmon00 Peggy garmon00 . 3 months ago
Awsome song he my favorite singer
Ilona Kampa Ilona Kampa . 3 months ago
Wunderschöne song good Mornig
Martin Kasperitis Martin Kasperitis . 3 months ago
Can't waste it if you don't let the person know you are trying to put your time and money on that person
Mandy Wingfield Mandy Wingfield . 3 months ago
I stay waste on u ❤
James Crabtree James Crabtree . 3 months ago
Ur memory is burning I'm leaning on this bourbon again cause I sought being wasted on u
Ditzler Alicia Ditzler Alicia . 3 months ago
I feel you. Married 32 yrs; what a waste except for 2 wonderful son's 🙏
Kels Holmes Kels Holmes . 3 months ago
It's never a waste. It happened for a reason. An hey u never know wuts coming back to you loves.
Rebecca West Rebecca West . 3 months ago
Love it
Cindy Gamboa Cindy Gamboa . 3 months ago
To me the time I had with you were never wasted! I’ll never say I wasted my time on someone I love!! 🙏🏽💚🤟🏽💚🫶🏽
Savannah Ambroso Savannah Ambroso . 3 months ago
If the memorie were good and good lessons were learned, there is nothing wasted.
Julie Crampton Julie Crampton . 3 months ago
yep smh 😢
Ivy Riffle Ivy Riffle . 3 months ago
Beautiful song
Bridgette Brinegar Bridgette Brinegar . 3 months ago
Wow 😲 pretty song
Shirley Audley Shirley Audley . 3 months ago
Don't know if I've wasted .my time But time will tell .this song relates to me
Wendy Harlin Wendy Harlin . 3 months ago
Wasted . x
Marie Sturgis Marie Sturgis . 3 months ago
WOW that's awesome thanks for sharing
Sydney Smith Sydney Smith . 3 months ago
I love it lol
Taylor Mortimer Taylor Mortimer . 3 months ago
Stuck on repeat, in love with this song!
Lanna Drake Lanna Drake . 3 months ago
I would do it again for the lessons learned thank u god and the UNIVERSE 💝
Victoria Lynn Sikes Victoria Lynn Sikes . 3 months ago
great song
pat mccallum pat mccallum . 3 months ago
Mestapha beautiful
Kara Ubriaco Kara Ubriaco . 3 months ago
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago
Keep up the great work
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago
nikki sugar darling nikki sugar darling . 3 months ago

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