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Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Published on 2 months ago

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Rusty Wittchow Rusty Wittchow . 11 hours ago
From one father to another, that is so cool you have a tight bond with your daughter. I too do, and she is now 32 and are still tight. God bless you
Jaymaria7 Jaymaria7 . 13 hours ago
#Best #Dad #Ever!!! Keep on truckin~
L Sharp L Sharp . 1 day ago
Walker I saw U years ago onda Colt Ford " Dirty Side" music video U we're rockin it then so, 2 my brother from another mother! This is from your sister from another Mister
Kevin Aiken Kevin Aiken . 2 days ago
I absolutely love the videos of you and your children so much positivity which is what the world needs right now you’re such an amazing family with kids who are but if I ev
FORT KNOX FORT KNOX . 3 days ago
Love the family inclusion. It's admirable and that the dances are hip without being slutty or vulgar... JUST FUN! gotta be the coolest dad in town
Kathy Lane Kathy Lane . 3 days ago
Always so beautiful and fantastic! Your beautiful family is terrific! Thank you for sharing your family with us.
shannon morreau shannon morreau . 7 days ago
You guys r awesome
Corey Crumm Corey Crumm . 7 days ago
Yall are awesome I love watching family do things together your an awesome Dad
lynn heavington lynn heavington . 1 week ago
Why is your wife never in any of the videos? I love them with your children.
Glinda Leahy Glinda Leahy . 1 week ago
love the beat on this song! love you dancing with your kids!
A. W. A. W. . 1 week ago
Samuel Whitley Samuel Whitley . 2 weeks ago
Yall so cool, great daddy, mama,
Tawanah Bagwell Tawanah Bagwell . 2 weeks ago
That daughter is so talented in making her own choreography! And it isn’t easy to learn so many different steps, dad is doing good too!
Michael Fleming Michael Fleming . 2 weeks ago
Love you guys so much
Raija Mitchell Raija Mitchell . 2 weeks ago
Such a cool guy!!
Lisa Ritter Lisa Ritter . 2 weeks ago
The family dances are just so cool and Lela is a great choreographer. It’s really fun watching Baylor let loose and dance with ya’ll. The little girls do an awesome job too. Laney seems a little more reserved- but was funny. plunking the metal Applebees card on the table. I’d really love to see you do some more Christian collaborations. 🥰❤️🙏🎵
Rico Burciaga Rico Burciaga . 2 weeks ago
You and your daughter are good dancers
Josh Terr Josh Terr . 2 weeks ago
I’m trying to get with this girl
Mayhem Mayhem . 2 weeks ago
I don’t get it…. Call me old fashioned but I don’t understand TikTok videos. It’s just weird.
Renee McNulty Renee McNulty . 3 weeks ago
Ok, she can officially never move away. We need this daddy/daughter vibe!
Crissy Freeman Crissy Freeman . 3 weeks ago
I really like your Dace
Monty-Monty Monty-Monty . 3 weeks ago
❤️They are so cute ☺️ I love seeing a family hanging tight…through the good and not so goo🙌🏽
Cindy Morales Cindy Morales . 3 weeks ago
Omg i love you guys!! What an awesome little family unit y’all!!
O ya and your music Walker!! The bomb!!! 🙌
Lindsey Marie Hicks Lindsey Marie Hicks . 3 weeks ago
Ur girl reminds me of my oldest son..
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes Yall life exercise workout with Ervin own no rights to song
Denise Sopczak Denise Sopczak . 3 weeks ago
❤️ your family..always having fun...y'all are you want to adopt a 54 yr old lady and her dog ???? LOL
I just love watching you guys dance! You guys look great & look like you have So Much Fun you make me smile
fizzball13 fizzball13 . 4 weeks ago
These videos of y’all dances makes my day just so happy keep it up from Nz
TML TML . 4 weeks ago
I love the confidence that she shows in her femininity- you can only get that with a strong loving father-daughter relationship that focuses on self-esteem and trust. Well done Walker for being a great dad and family man.
Brinda Paramore Brinda Paramore . 1 month ago
Mr Walker you & your daughter always look like you’re having such an awesome time. Positive memories. 💜
Anne Brasher (BrasherGirl) Anne Brasher (BrasherGirl) . 1 month ago
Diana Wade Diana Wade . 1 month ago
Way to go y’all! She’s got dad dancing so great now! Love the videos, all of them! You guys make this ol gals heart smile 😊
April Walters April Walters . 1 month ago
This makes me smile everytime I see him with his daughters. These are the moments that will give a strong bond and memories they will never forget. After losing my daddy recently I didn't realize these things until he was gone. #foreverdaddysgirls
crystal barnes crystal barnes . 1 month ago
I know I was not the only one starring at the boat right?
Wilma Ptomey Wilma Ptomey . 1 month ago
Dave Young Dave Young . 1 month ago
Just love how great you and your oldest daughter get along she looks like she enjoys being with her dad
Doris Waldrop Doris Waldrop . 1 month ago
As usual y’all do not disappoint I love your family values I also admire your beautiful children I can see why they love spend time with their fantastic parents love y’all keep on dancing we love it. !!!😘😘😘
WLMS News WLMS News . 1 month ago
I love all of your songs so much
Renee Long Renee Long . 1 month ago
You guys are totally the best. Makes me smile..
Tami Pledger Tami Pledger . 1 month ago
You've got such a COOL Dad! ❤️❤️
Mike Curtis Mike Curtis . 1 month ago
Fun times!!
Wade Heiman Wade Heiman . 1 month ago
Your TikToks are so good and cool 🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒😎
Wade Heiman Wade Heiman . 1 month ago
I love your videos and your TikToks
Carla Kinstley Carla Kinstley . 1 month ago
Soooo Sweet!! Always have a close connection with the babies
greeneyes xoxo greeneyes xoxo . 1 month ago
Thank you for sharing all your moves, you always make me smile ... KEEP'M CMG ❤️❤️
Michele , David’s Wife Michele , David’s Wife . 1 month ago
Everyone needs a family like this
Natalie Gibbs Natalie Gibbs . 1 month ago
Must be 4th of July boating. Enjoy.❤🤍💙
Darla Kay Darla Kay . 1 month ago
Your videos just make me happy 😊
Isabelle Barajas Isabelle Barajas . 1 month ago
Best Dad ever
Chris Schmid Chris Schmid . 1 month ago
I did it

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