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A&B Things

A&B Things

Published on 2 weeks ago

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nz auto parts ptyt ltd zied nz auto parts ptyt ltd zied . 3 hours ago
bluebxrry vlogs💕 bluebxrry vlogs💕 . 20 hours ago
-hold on- I forgot my cash at home.
Savannah Chavez Savannah Chavez . 20 hours ago
He ain’t it.
🦋 simply Royalty 🦋 🦋 simply Royalty 🦋 . 3 days ago
Should we hold hands ❤️
No no no no no 💔💔💔
Ok 💔😭😢
Ahheelah Weddington Ahheelah Weddington . 4 days ago
No, because Anthony was right because anything post a til too with a girl and y'all giving all this hate but she going on a whole whole date and y'all not giving her hate and anthony didn't even do anything wrong like and plus I'm not saying supporting her is bad it's all good its just not right how y'all treat Anthony like....
You know what’s funny is that they did everything that her and Anthony did for they’re intro and stuff SO LIKE WHY DO DIFFERENT STUFF!
Ks Ks . 5 days ago
Cringe 😭😂
Evliz Evliz . 5 days ago
Feel bad for athony bro she went on a date but he’s fucking waiting
Thitheer Love Thitheer Love . 5 days ago
Who recorded lol the Dave n busyers
Thitheer Love Thitheer Love . 5 days ago
I feel like her blogging on the date made her more comfortable type of thing!!
A4_ Typical A4_ Typical . 6 days ago
You forgot your crown king 👑 keep your head up
Nevaeh Castro Nevaeh Castro . 6 days ago
He really said ‘wait what’ when u said are u paying 😂
Brooklyn M Brooklyn M . 6 days ago
BELLAAA!! please do the prank on anthony where you just flinch for no reason!!
Brianna Monzon Brianna Monzon . 6 days ago
Heyyy you were at the yogurt land in walnut! Right by my house (:
amaya bell 🔔 amaya bell 🔔 . 6 days ago
Are you guys ever going to change your picture
LilJu LilJu . 6 days ago
his card declined
LilJu LilJu . 6 days ago
im srry but this dont seem right
LowkeyMya🤍 LowkeyMya🤍 . 7 days ago
Y’all are so cute together but I still like Anthony and Bella js but y’all are very cute together
LowkeyMya🤍 LowkeyMya🤍 . 7 days ago
How sweet of him to get u flowers
spambackupbro.ur.sofine spambackupbro.ur.sofine . 1 week ago
eww why him☠️
Mont Yy Mont Yy . 1 week ago
I love Bella and Anthony both but how is it that when Bella moves on she gets love and when Anthony moves on he gets hate??? Make it make sense yall just pick and choose who to hate at this point
Lyrical.E Lyrical.E . 1 week ago
Use looked like use had fun but it seems use would be better off as bfriends😭
Vannesa Cabello Vannesa Cabello . 1 week ago
There so cute❤️💍
Jimbu Reyna Jimbu Reyna . 1 week ago
Okay,but this was so cute! I’m PROUD of you Bella!! Keep this boy around!
Ashley Hernandez Ashley Hernandez . 1 week ago
Nah not this man over Anthony😔😔
Monkey Donkey Monkey Donkey . 1 week ago
wow what a downgrade 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tiffany Page Tiffany Page . 1 week ago
The ending was so funny 🤣🤣😭
Imani Frazier Imani Frazier . 1 week ago
definitely happy for uuu 💗!
Erick Romero Erick Romero . 1 week ago
The guy is a simp
Ano Nymus Ano Nymus . 1 week ago
when she talked abt him saying tinkle i was deaddd😂😂😂😂😂
the Jones the Jones . 1 week ago
there’s so many red flags, he is a kid idk im happy your getting out there but be careful ❤️
erog hau erog hau . 1 week ago
Aweee I know deep down you don’t feel the same and you miss Anthony. You have such a big heart. :)
Jortty music Jortty music . 1 week ago
Idc what y'all have to say, but this straight up not it
I'm still hoping you guys will get back together
Pls tell us it's a prank🥺😢😭
darealestdawg darealestdawg . 1 week ago
no way you got a off brand anthony thats bad
Mia Casarez Mia Casarez . 1 week ago
hmmm wonder who’s filming
Irma Gaviare Irma Gaviare . 1 week ago
I’m so happy but Anthony will always be better
zoiu tooi zoiu tooi . 1 week ago
Bella i'm so happy for u but if anything your fans are here for you always and forever .
So I can sub to it
DinkleBerggggg DinkleBerggggg . 1 week ago
That’s clearly Anthony from Walmart
She tried to be slick 🙃
Alex Barboza Alex Barboza . 1 week ago
Out of all the guys she chooses this guy
Mia Vlog Mia Vlog . 1 week ago
You guys are so cute
zoiu tooi zoiu tooi . 1 week ago
Omg Bella not you using Anthony’s tooth brush before Your date !!!
Nazwa Abdul gudoos Nazwa Abdul gudoos . 1 week ago
Im happy for u but this gives besty vibes
Nina Nina . 1 week ago
i think anthony was with them and this was just for the video because who was filming you when you were sitting on motorcycles? and you look like friends and you are trying to act like lovers
ZionBeVibin ZionBeVibin . 1 week ago
What happened to Anthony
Mel Gibson Mel Gibson . 1 week ago
already treats you better than your ex...
Mel Gibson Mel Gibson . 1 week ago
thats your ex's friend
Sgt FuckOff Sgt FuckOff . 2 weeks ago
Man, how are you going to take a girl out on a date and not double check that you have money in your account or cash in your wallet? 😂 Thank god she was there to bail your a$$ out and pay. You can be around to have fun with but this girl has a kid and needs a MAN that can provide. You can’t even pay for a meal 😂 Bella, you should have fun and date people, don’t introduce them to your son until you’ve been with them for a few months and have let Anthony meet them. You should look more for a man with a career of his own, his own car and either an apartment or his own house. You don’t need to be dating a boy that has nothing going on, needs you to pay for dates, asks you to drive because he doesn’t have his license or car and still lives with mommy and daddy. And don’t be letting broke a$$ little boys “come into your house” where you probably ended up fucking the loser and if you get pregnant with another dude then you’re really asking for trouble.
Stefani Angelina ♥︎ Stefani Angelina ♥︎ . 2 weeks ago
I felt so bad for him when the card declined 😭😭
Cassanie Whestone Cassanie Whestone . 2 weeks ago
Dang his card declined 😭

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