Play / Download Can This WAY Oversized Load Save The Ghost Town Of Cerro Gordo?
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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Leo Kenny Leo Kenny . 4 hours ago
gregorio botello gregorio botello . 9 hours ago
Tanbien es micunpleaños y me recuerdo por q mi ijo x del 25
Philip Johnson Philip Johnson . 9 hours ago
Where Did you buy that paperweight FEL, on alibaba? What happened to Merica!? Enjoyed the video though ;)
Troy Troy . 14 hours ago
Fantastic intro
RamenHut RamenHut . 16 hours ago
So... does brent basically own Cerro Gordo now?
RamenHut RamenHut . 16 hours ago
I've been using butcher box for almost 2 years and the meats have always been fantastic.
Grom Grom . 19 hours ago
You clowns lost me when you used a freaking knockoff chinese loader !
Heather Walters Heather Walters . 20 hours ago
I watch all your videos, love, love , love them
Jenoel Ardita450r Jenoel Ardita450r . 1 day ago
I love watching this kind of transport..
Anaru Tuhakaraina Anaru Tuhakaraina . 1 day ago
Looks like a giant nuclear missile launcher
Chrissy Bridges Chrissy Bridges . 1 day ago
I love Allen, just a soul of gold. Just love him so much.... Stay beautiful Allen. Happy Belated birthday!!!!
Bobbi Brozek Bobbi Brozek . 2 days ago
Again smooth as butter. Great job guys. Can't wait for your next video. Be safe
Bobbi Brozek Bobbi Brozek . 2 days ago
Wow absolutely awesome, talk about teamwork I'm amazed how well you got that tank loaded. Hope the rest of the trip goes as smooth.
Mech Fett Mech Fett . 2 days ago
This is how America was made!
atamagashock atamagashock . 2 days ago
Really is amazing what y’all been able to do. That project is simply insane
da moose da moose . 2 days ago
Timmy Gunz Timmy Gunz . 2 days ago
Just in time i see all the roads got destroyed. Thanks for getting brent that tank before it was too late.
Crafts with Purple Crafts with Purple . 2 days ago
That was awesome
Racing Mason Racing Mason . 2 days ago
Great Episode!! All the toys.
NB AutoCare NB AutoCare . 2 days ago
Awesome all of you once again
Anne Gallagher Anne Gallagher . 2 days ago
You guys are CRAZY and AMAZING... what an accopmplishment this is!!! I never thought that me 59 yo lady would watch such videos and even get emotional from it... love from Switzerland!!
Josh White Josh White . 2 days ago
I would love this i have 0 life skills and im 19. Wish i could live like u guys im from the uk
OisterB OisterB . 2 days ago
i love this
Jasper Stanley Jasper Stanley . 2 days ago
a chinook can lift 30000lbs it would have been more than capable
Juturnax3 Juturnax3 . 2 days ago
Why not just use the twenty mule team? 🫣
Nathan Nulliner Nathan Nulliner . 2 days ago
Always providing the best videos!!
Adventures with Miri and Justin Adventures with Miri and Justin . 2 days ago
Deanne Lanzarotta Deanne Lanzarotta . 2 days ago
Thank you for helping Brent, and the town!
Mary Johnson Mary Johnson . 2 days ago
You all did a wonderful job 👍
Cheryl Whitten Cheryl Whitten . 3 days ago
I'm assuming that once this has been delivered that they have to pay to have water delivered that we'll probably be expensive also. scratch my comment LOL I made it before I listened to the end of it LOL good job though
M W M W . 3 days ago
Thought it was Jesse Ventura talking at first..
Laura Tippit Laura Tippit . 3 days ago
Please help Sarah Gordo with the flood
Elvin Elvin . 3 days ago
This is better than Fast and Furious lol
Zac White Zac White . 3 days ago
Omg i miss driving pls in Germany 09-10.😢we was heading to sweinfurt Germany for a pre deployment ftx and wouldn’t ya know lt of ours directed out convoy down the wrong street lol. Let’s say their street ain’t exactly welcoming of pls coming down em🤣 this is extremely 110% badass!!!im a trucker n get back out you alls way I’d love to stop by.
Jake Morin Jake Morin . 3 days ago
Where is Hunter
Skidalla Rapp Skidalla Rapp . 3 days ago
the voiceover was epic
SumoFlip511 SumoFlip511 . 3 days ago
This is the best youtube channel hands down
jcook1989 jcook1989 . 3 days ago
Chinese tractors dude? Buy a CAT.
Dustin Majeski Dustin Majeski . 3 days ago
When is Allen growing beard or a killer stash
NODO'S NODO'S . 4 days ago
Do y'all pull out underground bunkers ?
A1C Xd A1C Xd . 4 days ago
Fun fun fun
Bert Bernier Bert Bernier . 4 days ago
You guys are awesome
JesseFpv JesseFpv . 4 days ago
Intro is Killer Guys
Altakiri Altakiri . 4 days ago
I came here from Snowrunner. I stayed for the WTF
noel Marcelo noel Marcelo . 4 days ago
Im i the only man who amaze the voice over? Looks like transformers?
Coley Davis III Coley Davis III . 4 days ago
Yo that one guy looks just like lojo from lojo fishing on youtube.
Katie Howard Katie Howard . 4 days ago
These are amazing. Thank you. I am a puzzle piece person/fixer too. This was so much fun.
Logan Hamilton Logan Hamilton . 5 days ago
Atlas the titan holds up the sky not the world lol
Emsol Araya Emsol Araya . 5 days ago
I love this gang!! You guys are awesome!!
Spicer Designs Spicer Designs . 5 days ago
Whoa! You just missed those overhead lines in the intro with the drone. Someone may have mentioned that already idk. Great video! You guys are great at what you do.

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