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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen

Published on 2 years ago

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Zolton Sikora Zolton Sikora . 1 week ago
I wish this was on iTunes in Canada
Kayla Maddox-Entrekin Kayla Maddox-Entrekin . 1 week ago
This song would sound amazing if a steel guitar was included... but great song... love it!
katelyn holmquist katelyn holmquist . 2 weeks ago
Best song I ever heard
jason humphrey jason humphrey . 2 weeks ago
My favorite song of his 😞
Amie Mason Amie Mason . 4 weeks ago
So very true
Trisa Mummert Trisa Mummert . 1 month ago
I love this song.It’s so true
Joanna Seymour Joanna Seymour . 1 month ago
Love, nobody does country music like Morgan. The music industry needs you! Always stay original Morgan, that's why you are so loved. ❤️
Clinton Seal Clinton Seal . 1 month ago
I can't even explain it better. This song really hits hard. 10 months and I still have that canyon.
Jan Best Jan Best . 1 month ago
Now that's real country. The Hag is smiling, for sure.
Tanjina Afrin Lira Tanjina Afrin Lira . 1 month ago
Taylor Swift once said "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes!"🗿
Michelle Hickman Michelle Hickman . 2 months ago
My heart feels like this song
Tin Lizzie Tin Lizzie . 2 months ago
Luv it!
ashley pewitt ashley pewitt . 2 months ago
Oof I wasn’t thinking about her today until now 😢
Dillon Kimbrell Dillon Kimbrell . 2 months ago
Ngl, Ive listened to every song on his album. But this one is so underrated imo and arguable the best song
Evan Anderson Evan Anderson . 2 months ago
Like I don't even like country but gotta give respect where it's due.
Carrie Lecroy Carrie Lecroy . 2 months ago
That was rude he lives his music if you can't be nice don't comment
Wizzle K Wizzle K . 2 months ago
Dude I have listened to all ur songs back to back to back bro I love it keep them songs coming cuz I feel every word u say I love your music
Yasmin Monteiro Yasmin Monteiro . 2 months ago
Lembro de tudo que vivemos..💔 dói saber que acabou para sempre. Só o que restou foi essa tentativa de esconder a dor com um bandaid
Yasmin Monteiro Yasmin Monteiro . 2 months ago
JlDR Ks ZaC JlDR Ks ZaC . 3 months ago
Kay Sheffield Kay Sheffield . 3 months ago
Keep singing baby. I love you ❤️🤠🎵😘🙏
Shelley Jones Shelley Jones . 3 months ago
bro who hurt him.
Mariie Jaiin Mariie Jaiin . 3 months ago
I was about to say it be cool if he said trying to tell a cowboy never slow down his role and then the next line
Came and when I was like OH okay
Lakim Williams Lakim Williams . 3 months ago
It's like trying to put a band aid on a bullet whole.
Michael Barber Michael Barber . 3 months ago
Been trying to firget
Anthony Holliday Anthony Holliday . 3 months ago
Goat greats of all times kiss this
Heath Baber Heath Baber . 3 months ago
Why can you not buy this song on iTunes???? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Bryson2021 Bryson2021 . 3 months ago
I love this song and you a lot of people at my school call me bryson wallen
Tevin Flame Tevin Flame . 3 months ago
Morgan Need To Star In A Country Movie 🎥🎥🎥
theedozier theedozier . 3 months ago
He don’t miss, not one bad song
Terry lewis Terry lewis . 3 months ago
I relate to this song so much its crazy
Jami Mosley Jami Mosley . 3 months ago
I cant stop listening to him.
Kara Turner Kara Turner . 3 months ago
I like this song
Liz Flores Liz Flores . 3 months ago
Damian lebaron YouTube video
Paislea Buckles Paislea Buckles . 3 months ago
Hi I’m Paislea wallen 😩😘😂
Damon Campbell Damon Campbell . 3 months ago
You can tell this boy was raised by Christians in the country.
Kristina Renee Kristina Renee . 4 months ago
Probably my favorite song he's done. His voice. So raw. So real.
Dylan Dukette Dylan Dukette . 4 months ago
For real
Hadley Quick Hadley Quick . 4 months ago
i love your songs by the way every night i fall asleep with your music on i cant with out it
Yasmin Monteiro Yasmin Monteiro . 4 months ago
Cal LeRoy Cal LeRoy . 4 months ago
Will always be 1 of the best songs ever produced
Debbie Barker Debbie Barker . 4 months ago
Not one bad song from this guy. He has an amazing voice and the lyrics seem to all be something everybody can identify with
Yasmin Monteiro Yasmin Monteiro . 4 months ago
.. and tell me what's your secret? And how'd you let me go so easy?..
Max Max . 4 months ago
Where can I listen/buy this song, I can’t find it on iTunes
Teagan Teagan . 4 months ago
The most relatable country song in the world, and the best.
Neil Mikuta Neil Mikuta . 4 months ago
So this song is my life. It means so much. Thank you
Kawaii Queen Kawaii Queen . 4 months ago
I listen to the music 100 times a day 😌
Karla Evans Karla Evans . 4 months ago
Love the grit and emotion in his voice! Keep singing Morgan!!
Easton White Easton White . 4 months ago
I got the Morgan wallen mullet

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