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Joint Musiq Shorts

Joint Musiq Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

Liebling ‌ღ Liebling ‌ღ . 2 hours ago
The fact people are hating on her for saying the word “ew”
Mr Street Mr Street . 2 hours ago
Billie is irrelevant all her songs are copies of a German artist
A MGTOW Monk A MGTOW Monk . 3 hours ago
These people never remember those who inspired and helped pave there path to success.
FlamingUnDead00 FlamingUnDead00 . 4 hours ago
Irrelevant, like her music.
Nixara Nixara . 4 hours ago
This is like suddenly using a fake British accent and acting like that’s just normal.
James Desomma James Desomma . 5 hours ago
Whats all over dudes face?
robert freeman robert freeman . 5 hours ago
whos this weird broad calling this guy a bitch? Maybe im old but once upon a time talking to someone like that would get your teeth knocked out and it wouldnt matter how many records you sold or how many likes either.
Spitfire Spitfire . 6 hours ago
Why she talkin like she black lol so cringe
Joseph Smith Joseph Smith . 7 hours ago
WTH is up with everyone and "her having an accent", "talking hood", etc. I had to go back and re-watch. Yall so petty lol
Goku Black Goku Black . 7 hours ago
Shes the irrelevant one lmao
John Ryan Parman John Ryan Parman . 7 hours ago
bruh everyone talking about how creepy Billie must have felt, me over here thinking omfg Wake Me Up When September Ends isn't even that old and then I realize, the song is from 17 YEARS AGO. fuck im old
Andrew Williams Andrew Williams . 8 hours ago
Why does that man have boogers on his face?
Phil M Phil M . 8 hours ago
What's that shit on his face?
squeesquaaful squeesquaaful . 8 hours ago
Billy eyelash isn't a good artist
Only the Planet Matters Only the Planet Matters . 8 hours ago
Wake Me Up When Sept Ends SUCKS.
Art Friend Art Friend . 8 hours ago
Doot Doodle doot doot.... ....
Is actually how a scared ancient spell is cast ... smh. stay woke ppL
Musical Addiction Online Lessons Musical Addiction Online Lessons . 11 hours ago
More to the point, what is this interviewer and his high voice. I thought it was some edited, stitched together thing
Pythagorean teacher Pythagorean teacher . 11 hours ago
Who the fuk is Ruby. I stepped on everyone I knew
C.S. S. C.S. S. . 12 hours ago
Popstars: whine about the same mindless press questions.
Popstars: unable to string a sentence together when faced with a researched interaction.
C.S. S. C.S. S. . 12 hours ago
Stars today are so lackluster. Calling a certified genius like Nard “a bitch,” and being incapable of speaking within the education level in which they were raised; every other word profane.

Stars burn dimmer each passing year.
Griffin Contracting Griffin Contracting . 12 hours ago
Fake, contrived, dialect. Eyelash is a poser...
TradeModeJames TradeModeJames . 12 hours ago
wtf is on that dudes face
Alberto Lopez Alberto Lopez . 12 hours ago
She’s not fond of Ruby
Red Wolfe Red Wolfe . 13 hours ago
She's such a try hard
Kreig Rastalovich Kreig Rastalovich . 14 hours ago
He was like born? Was he dropped by a stork or something? Why she acting black? Is that her thing?
Loyalty is Royalty Loyalty is Royalty . 15 hours ago
Why does Billie look like she smells like a combination of hpv and herpecin
J G J G . 17 hours ago
She dated a 37 year old when she was 16
Chase Easley Chase Easley . 18 hours ago
Not y’all being racist in the comments
Viper 6172 Viper 6172 . 18 hours ago
What is on Finneas’ face lmao
Shinobi Drip Shinobi Drip . 19 hours ago
Someone needs to get Nardwuar on a podcast and get him to tell us how he finds out all this shit lol.
Gonzilla Gonzilla . 19 hours ago
When she was nine she had a crush on a boy? Yes that's red flags this girl's fucked up
Mabel Pup Mabel Pup . 19 hours ago
Why she talk like that?
Antoine Ray Antoine Ray . 22 hours ago
,... I like green day / ,... / hahaha/
Charissa Reinschild Charissa Reinschild . 22 hours ago
Fuck ewwwing ruby wtf ewww is on his face!
SigmaChad Man SigmaChad Man . 23 hours ago
Eh. That ghetto accent made me cringe.
Familia Melendez Familia Melendez . 1 day ago
She's corny asf, no wonder she has issues, just be yourself and stop acting like you're the best thing since white bread.
Luis Ayala Luis Ayala . 1 day ago
Homie got the monkey pox
unrealisthereal unrealisthereal . 1 day ago
What's up with finneas face? I don't follow Billie or her brother.
Lil Hendo 517 ł66ł7 Lil Hendo 517 ł66ł7 . 1 day ago
Wtf on his face
Manchesterexplorer Manchesterexplorer . 1 day ago
Billy is going to be fat and irrelevant in 5 years . Her music is catered towards 15 year olds .
Katie M Katie M . 1 day ago
Also, there are *way* better Green Day songs. Boo Ruby.
nel dormiveglia nel dormiveglia . 1 day ago
I think a lot of people commenting about this being creepy definitely don't know who Nardwuar is and what he does. It's his whole speal that he usually knows stuff that the artist/celeb doesn't expect people to know... But like he's the most wholesome interviewer ever. Always respectful. Nardwuar is a legend.

Anyways, I think Billie wasn't exactly expressing disgust, more like surprise and shock.
Alex Taylor Alex Taylor . 1 day ago
Whats the shit on his face?
watchingthecrazyworld watchingthecrazyworld . 1 day ago
Billie Eilish is so phony. 🙄
The Hylander The Hylander . 1 day ago
The only thing “ew” worthy here is her rampant acne.
Devo Yoni Devo Yoni . 1 day ago
Why do people talk like that, it’s so fucking cringe and sounds really stupid.
doodoo fart doodoo fart . 1 day ago
why did she try to make nardy feel like a creep, nardy just has a big personality
doodoo fart doodoo fart . 1 day ago
she wasn't respectful enough to nardy
Annastasia Doring Annastasia Doring . 1 day ago
She's so annoying.
Jack Mehopf Jack Mehopf . 1 day ago
Why can’t she just talk like she SHOULD…

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