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Published on 1 week ago

'Gutfeld!' panelists weigh in on a new study from the University of Pennsylvania claiming cable news networks have grown more polarized in the last decade.

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Patty Patty . 5 days ago
Brian Albrecht Brian Albrecht . 5 days ago
great monolog Greg...!..! true...yet..u can make people "laugh" ....thank the show...!
AngelsFire A AngelsFire A . 5 days ago
Cnn doesnt know they are a opinion show.? 😂😂😂😂
Lindner Rodney Lindner Rodney . 6 days ago
You should just get up and walk away during the monolog, only after the icecream truck jingle
Balihar Singh Balihar Singh . 6 days ago
USA International orders Kamala my 101 all World America partner don’t worry All America bless you
Slay Productions Slay Slay Productions Slay . 6 days ago
Love this show
walter Schaefer walter Schaefer . 7 days ago
Somebody mentioned the former President, Trump? I wanted to write a book about
the derangement syndrome, which was an actual real mental illness that mostly were
experienced by liberals, like most other mental illnesses. I tried to get permission to
write the definitive book beginning long before his Presidency. I guess my mistake was
sending him back the extensions on which he would give me a chance to meet him
if I won some raffle. He said he really did want to meet me though. I guess it was my bad...
Sam Baggins Sam Baggins . 7 days ago
The bias in news started way before Trump. They just stopped pretending to be unbiased after Trump.
jd jd . 7 days ago
Yes, only because you losers are still crying about trump. Keep taking freedoms away from Americans. We need no republicans in november. Brain dead children is con best description.
Tyranix97 Tyranix97 . 7 days ago
(3:00) Doesn't Fox News stand for Hottie News?????????????
Foxco29 Foxco29 . 1 week ago
I’ve missed PAB so much.
Mike Dooly Mike Dooly . 1 week ago
Tyrus spot on again.
Mike Dooly Mike Dooly . 1 week ago
Jamie gets news by carrier pigeon!
MH777 MH777 . 1 week ago
Fox is garbage 🗑!!!
David Lamb David Lamb . 1 week ago
Who is cutting out verbal sections of the show, Fox or wanktub
Captain Whitebread Captain Whitebread . 1 week ago
M Kunes M Kunes . 1 week ago
I thought that this guy was supposed to be funny. Watching losers really isn’t funny.
Kurt Womack Kurt Womack . 1 week ago
Even the bears are polarized. LOL When is the TARDS vaccine going to be warp-speeded?
Mike Mike . 1 week ago
The red family of the Communist Party is getting bigger and bigger. They are all super-rich scattered around the world, embezzling huge wealth through corruption, and these families have used China's state power to subvert and infiltrate Western politics, economics, education, technology and finance. ultimately intervene in the world. In the end, the evil five-star red flag will be planted all over the world, and the people of the world will become slaves of the evil family of the CCP. This is not alarmist. In another 30 to 50 years, mankind will definitely be brutally persecuted by the CCP. If you collude with the CCP to make huge profits today, your descendants will be forced to hand over all property to the wicked CCP.
voteZDLR voteZDLR . 1 week ago
I think honestly it's not just Trump as far as being divisive "politically speaking" but also Obama as well. Trump's election was only made possible arguably because of Obama. It's a direct response to the Obama administration, you go from one extreme to the other. So honestly Greg's quiz should have had A) the election of Trump, B) the election of Obama, C) All of the Above and D) Eggs.

By the way we all know the correct answer is Eggs. Eggs are single handedly the most controversial food in the world.
Forrest Spencer Forrest Spencer . 1 week ago
Liberals actually want us to be in a cival war...but its still early
Popecrusher Popecrusher . 1 week ago
Fox has plenty of its own woke idiocy to worry about. Just take Kennedy's treatment of a guest who brought up the fact that 95% of people who contract Schlong Covid are homosexuals, she flat out called him a bigot.
Jim Stump Jim Stump . 1 week ago
Love Kat! Love, Love, Love, Kat! So B nice, greg...or we gonna dump you for the "Lady of the Night!"
Doc Smallblock Doc Smallblock . 1 week ago
I'm actually happy for Gutfeld, he absolutely deserves being rated at the top of his game! Bravo Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
OceanBreathesSalty OceanBreathesSalty . 1 week ago
LOL!! Long Trump Derangement Syndrom!! LOL!! 🤣🤣
Paul Sypersma Paul Sypersma . 1 week ago
Spock like
jumpieva jumpieva . 1 week ago
Jamie is so underrated
Theking Silverado Theking Silverado . 1 week ago
Someone bring kat to my house so I can fatten her up... Geezus cripes she's way too skinny folks...
Theking Silverado Theking Silverado . 1 week ago
Rodney Dangerfield for prez 2024...
roberteicher38s roberteicher38s . 1 week ago
the 3 trans people at my McDonald's mess up my food on purpose for saying thank you ma'am to the females on the headset...their name tags have he/him on them... about to fix it soon. keep and eye out for Jacksonville FL news
Enya Skoromnova Enya Skoromnova . 1 week ago
listening to britney spears i wanna go britney spears fx your cool russia your cool
Autumn Fike Autumn Fike . 1 week ago
It's funny how he mentioned them changing the definition for recession, because they also changed the definition for vaccine in 2021.
Enya Skoromnova Enya Skoromnova . 1 week ago
jamie news alaska is it true britney spears 20 old has a love child with putin or trump ?
BoogalNooze By BoogalToobe BoogalNooze By BoogalToobe . 1 week ago
No the MSM (which includes Fox News) has stopped caring caring about facts & instead is trying to spoon feed viewers conclusions that further their agenda rather than encouraging them to think them selves. The only difference between the right’s propaganda machine & the left’s propaganda machine is whether they are pushing Nationalist totalitarianism or globalist totalitarianism🙄
Guiseppe Perceval Guiseppe Perceval . 1 week ago
Gutfeld, both funny and mean. Seems like he'd be a terrible friend. Just kidding, see you at the bar next week, Greg, I owe you one.
Todd Todd . 1 week ago
Only 50 feet?
Ronald Brennan Ronald Brennan . 1 week ago
People now are in love with verbal diarrhea plain and simple. That's what people do on social media. They don't think before they spew their venum on others. Does it have to be said ? Do others need to hear it ? Is it progressive ? Is it going to cause harm to anyone or their family ? MSM is the same now, it's verbal diarrhea. What they call news isn't news, it's all opinion and commentatry and very bias.
Happy Funster Happy Funster . 1 week ago
When we all know that the fabrication and embellishment of evidence to stage an impeachment against an elected President is the actual definition of an insurrection .......
plusaf dotcom plusaf dotcom . 1 week ago
Spot on, Tyrus, and in terms of TDS, when I see a prime example of it on social media, my reply usually is...

"Ok, when the vaccine for TDS comes out, TAKE THE SHOT !!!"

Feel free to copy and use.
liberty tree liberty tree . 1 week ago
CNN has had a problem for many years. Back in 2000, when Bush was elected, I remember his VERY FIRST SPEECH of consequence was in China. It was about FREE SPEECH and how it was important not to be afraid of it.

Fox played the entire thing. CNN played the picture silently while having a panel of left-leaning commentators talk in front of a silent screen of him commenting about how stupid he was. They never said one word about what he was actually saying, just about all the "mistakes" he was making. No one listening to CNN actually had any opportunity to hear anything he was really saying. AFTER the speech, they played back a couple of snippets out of context. This was FRAMING Bush for their audience, instead of letting the audience decide. That is propaganda.

When Obama got in in 2008, I specifically checked Obama's first speech to see if Fox did the same to HIM. No, they played his entire speech, AND CNN played his entire speech. Fox did NOT frame Obama, or try to sway viewers to a point of view. Fox DID critique the speech from the right, and focused on his actions. (although they did treat him better than I thought they should - "how wonderful, the first black president!!!! - I personally hate dividing us up tribally like that). CNN also played the entire speech focusing almost entirely on his race and acting like it was the second coming.

So I absolutely saw a much more severe bias on CNN, even from 2000. But why shouldn't they have one? The left owns the media, they are never questioned. So they needn't question themselves. The people on the right I know are careful about being even-handed, knowing they will be questioned by everyone and they always want a factual answer to give back. People on the right are obsessed with facts. What they have sadly discovered over the last few years is the left doesn't care about facts. As a Democrat said to me when I told him their candidate was corrupt and being investigated by the FBI for embezzlement, "I don't care. I hate Republicans. It doesn't matter what you say. As long as they get rid of Trump." That candidate was found a few months later naked and unconscious on the floor of a crack house with male prostitutes and covered with vomit. For all I know they would still vote for him.
Gary Boyar Gary Boyar . 1 week ago
When Fox News' America's Newsroom promotes transitioning 5 year old children, I question just how 'conservative' they really are
Corry Smith Corry Smith . 1 week ago
DeSantis is the salvation we need!
John Bernstein John Bernstein . 1 week ago
The social media comment was very relevant. I was kicked off Twitter for expressing my views. Now I might have crossed a line, but not nearly as far as the liberals that were attacking me did. I fell into that trap. I was kicked off Facebook by them thinking I was a troll. When I offered to show up at thier headquarters as I live less than ten miles away, they said no. I stressed that I was real and would show up in person. They declined. I showed up anyway and was escorted off their property by four security officers and told never to show my face again. It was simply that I was a conservative in the very liberal Bay Area and they could not stand that. I am actually surprised You Tube hasn't banned me, yet. That I worked with them closely might have something to do with that, but I wasn't an employee, just a contractor. I'm retired now. My former profession demanded a lot of tact. A lot of tact. I had to watch my tongue with BOTH sides. That said, I thought my free time was my own. I was very wrong.
Like I said, I'm retired. I don't have to watch my mouth as much, but I still do. It can be very hard sometimes to reign in myself, but free speech I've learned isn't very free at all. Especially in the Very Liberal Bay Area.

BTW: I do use my real name. I am not going to hide that. I stand up for myself, just sometimes I forget to duck.
Carol Charters Carol Charters . 1 week ago
Kev Tebbutt Kev Tebbutt . 1 week ago
So why isn't called it Fox opinion?!
Terry Jones Terry Jones . 1 week ago
P.A.B. Very cute and smart!!
Mark Oakes Mark Oakes . 1 week ago
Excellent take on Media polarization. Today's Cable news is drama for Lemmings!
Staily Dormer Staily Dormer . 1 week ago
you're wrong .. i despise anyone dumb enough vote for a democrat or rino
Deetsdawg Deetsdawg . 1 week ago
I rarely ever comment on youtube vids but Jamie Lissow is hilarious!! I love when he's on the show.
Lin Leon Lin Leon . 1 week ago

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