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Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera

Published on 2 weeks ago

We go on one of the most EXPENSIVE vacations ever while my sister struggles with a low budget vacation.
600k likes and Lexi and I will switch places next time!!

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Brent Rivera Brent Rivera . 2 weeks ago
hey guys :) thanks for watching! 

Hit that like button to see me struggle with a $50 vacation!! HAHAHA

this was such a fun video to make <3
Destiny Contreras Destiny Contreras . 59 minutes ago
this is actually messed up😐.
Denise Cochrane Denise Cochrane . 1 hour ago
Poor lexie
Strawberry_s.t.a.r.y🍓 Strawberry_s.t.a.r.y🍓 . 1 hour ago
Julianna Prater Julianna Prater . 2 hours ago
love your videos!
Ella L Ella L . 2 hours ago
Poor Lexi🥺😂
mikea hiooi mikea hiooi . 3 hours ago
Man I feel so bad for Lexi. I just wanna be her younger sister like,”It’s gonna be okay Lexi.”
leahxxedits leahxxedits . 3 hours ago
rip lexi
Hector Castillo Hector Castillo . 3 hours ago
Sike I'm not crying but I fill bad
Hector Castillo Hector Castillo . 3 hours ago
Bro why your sister is alone I fell bad I'm crying a little
Bryer Barker Bryer Barker . 3 hours ago
Why did he have Preston murch
Natalie Castellanos Natalie Castellanos . 5 hours ago
Honestly I'm glad Lexi got the $50 I don't hate her I just feel she is extremely lucky compare to the guys on most videos so she needs a bit of bad luck too
Deluxe_afl Deluxe_afl . 5 hours ago
there not being nice to lexi
Sunnie Jackson Sunnie Jackson . 7 hours ago
I am your biggest fan I would love to meet you one day
Neil Osuch Neil Osuch . 7 hours ago
I’m to jealous I’ve been to many hotels and they were soooooooo beautiful
Joana Cuci Joana Cuci . 7 hours ago
Done brent
Karon Green Karon Green . 7 hours ago
Divya Aggarwal Divya Aggarwal . 8 hours ago
Divya Aggarwal Divya Aggarwal . 8 hours ago
I feel bad for lexi
Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen . 8 hours ago
Thank you Brent
I love you
Yash Raj Yash Raj . 8 hours ago
Like in video
Amanda Bauer Amanda Bauer . 8 hours ago
Tom cruise
Michael Foley Michael Foley . 8 hours ago
You should look Lexi get all the good stuff no wonder mom likes her so much more yeah bye
Winslou Acobo Winslou Acobo . 9 hours ago
Dom is wearing preston playz merch
Ryan Naufal Ryan Naufal . 9 hours ago
Sophie Jones Sophie Jones . 9 hours ago
Franklin Franklin . 10 hours ago
2:20 did anyone notice dom is wearing prestons merchendise
Naomi Naaye Naomi Naaye . 10 hours ago
I don't like you Brent Alexa video
Nick Y Nick Y . 10 hours ago
Lexi heart is telling her that is the 50 dollars one
Bear_ PlayzYT Bear_ PlayzYT . 11 hours ago
Honestly, it was kinda sad to see Lexi suffer with only $50.
Kate Crawford Kate Crawford . 11 hours ago
My niece is it in Hawaii and I subscribe to your channel Ben’s channel and Lexi‘s channe
A Ramos A Ramos . 12 hours ago
lorji tame lorji tame . 13 hours ago
I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!! 😂😂😂😂I can't believe lexi is staying with two other people and went fishing. 😂😂😂😂
Sisters S/R Sisters S/R . 13 hours ago
I love how Dom wearing preston styles merch
Bella Grace Bella Grace . 14 hours ago
Hi my name is Bella
RickyFisah Nicky RickyFisah Nicky . 14 hours ago
I like how dom is wearing Prestons merch
Mia-rose Moore Mia-rose Moore . 14 hours ago
I wish i cound go
231Nikki 231Nikki . 14 hours ago
So sad for lexi😟 she needs a big vacation and the boys get a bad vacation
Carolina Gopal Johnson Carolina Gopal Johnson . 15 hours ago
I love when you go to expensive places
kertie143 kertie143 . 15 hours ago
Serena Garcia Serena Garcia . 17 hours ago
bilinas mini bilinas mini . 17 hours ago
him. Love them all. Done!!!
Chad Young Chad Young . 18 hours ago
I’m jealous why YouTubers record this stuff and people watch and I know someone has to agree with me cause I’m getting jealous of these Youtubers making these cool foods in going to these cool places
Krisztian Kovacs Krisztian Kovacs . 19 hours ago
Penny Read Penny Read . 20 hours ago
Umm was dom wearing fire merch
Amelia Stinson Amelia Stinson . 21 hours ago
Are you being so rude Lexi it’s not funny Lexi was trying to do that
The Cali Beanz Show The Cali Beanz Show . 21 hours ago
Christana Gibbs Christana Gibbs . 23 hours ago
And this one’s for Lexi Lexi you’re so nice nice then Brent
Christana Gibbs Christana Gibbs . 23 hours ago
Brett you’re so mean to your sister I wish you were so nice to your sister Lexi wow you’re so mean
harcur singing harcur singing . 24 hours ago
Brent is a kind hearted man who is so funny at vines

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