Play / Download Shaq criticizes Kevin Durant's trade request, ahead of KD's meeting w/ Nets owner | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 2 weeks ago

When or if Kevin Durant gets traded from the Brooklyn Nets remains to be seen. A recent report revealed KD is set to meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai directly in person. Shaq offered his comments on the superstar forward's ongoing situation in Brooklyn and was quoted saying “He’s [KD] probably trying to get to a contender, it’s easier that way.” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Shaq’s critique of KD.

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Shaq criticizes Kevin Durant's trade request, ahead of KD's meeting w/ Nets owner | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED . 2 weeks ago
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Sound Mind Body Divine Sound Mind Body Divine . 13 hours ago
8:42 Skip Bayless says about KD - "he had to swallow Russel Westbrook for a long, long time"
Carlos Carlos . 17 hours ago
Surprise surprise, a Kevin Durant topic flipped into a Lebron debate. Way to go skip
Fabio Roberto de Mendonça Fabio Roberto de Mendonça . 23 hours ago
“Wasn’t that clutch gene closing?”
Luka Glavaš Luka Glavaš . 23 hours ago
I don't know why this friggin Skip dude is even on a basketball program. He repeats the same lines over and over again and has no clue whatsoever of what he's talking about, so biased that it hurts to watch.
Derijuan Wise Derijuan Wise . 1 day ago
Skip smh the stuff you say he really think kd is better than Le bron 😂kd haven’t won anything since he left Steph and 8 years before that what’s wrong with skip
Samanvaya (Sam) Pant Samanvaya (Sam) Pant . 1 day ago
Disliking the video because of SKIP!
gberluz gberluz . 1 day ago
Kevin Durant joined not just a 73 win team, but a team that was ONE 3 pointer from winning the finals. So congrats, you contributed enough to the tide of one game with respect to the past
JRT StrategiCapital JRT StrategiCapital . 2 days ago
I’m waiting for Skip to hold KD accountable like Shaq did….. but he won’t…he starts off with KD is a follower and more excuses….meh. Stop it skip…
JRT StrategiCapital JRT StrategiCapital . 2 days ago
Shaq is the GOAT….telling it as it should be 👍👏👏👏 I’m only here for ShaqS and Shay s comments..cuz you know crazy will start on his rant…
xtian2xtreme xtian2xtreme . 2 days ago
Skip getting burned by Shannon....hehehehe... "when will you give KD some blame???"
Grvnstr Grvnstr . 2 days ago
I think the show needs to move on from this topic for a month because it's established enough tha Skip is pathetic whenever he tries to justify whatever KD does. BORING!
DeAndre DeAndre . 2 days ago
Skip said that Kevin Durant had to swallow westrook for a long time 😆 🤣 😂
chuckv321 chuckv321 . 2 days ago
Somebody tell Skip that Brooklyn is in New York City.
adopted son adopted son . 4 days ago
skip sounds crazy he go's out of his way 2 b little lebron because he's the only player that people say is better than mj
Caleb Hyles Caleb Hyles . 4 days ago
Get em Shannon
g8rfan960608 g8rfan960608 . 5 days ago
Ultimate challenge? He joined a 73 win team. Skip is delusional
Rich Vedrus Rich Vedrus . 5 days ago
Oh skippie the warriors just let him play ur so clueless skippie not many believe ur b s it's stupid skippie
Rich Vedrus Rich Vedrus . 5 days ago
Oh shut up skippie
Miles Thornton Miles Thornton . 5 days ago
Skip is the excuse master, he dulls over everyone else while nitpicking everyone else. And as soon as anyone holds his feet to the fire like he does to people, he wine and cries, makes up a bunch of asinine assumptions, followed by the primary white excuse, "well, i dont know" yes you do, you know exactly what you are doing. Now where is the objectivity? where is the honesty? you have none, and people see it, well besides your blind witnesses.
Vine Labratories Vine Labratories . 5 days ago
Lol igoudala
Style Life Dizzle Style Life Dizzle . 6 days ago
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater LOL Shannon got me rolling and I’m learning new words thanks Skip obfuscate 😎💯
Change My Mind Change My Mind . 6 days ago
Skip’s take has to be scripted for views because it’s the stupidest sh-t I’ve heard in a while.
Solange St Fleur Solange St Fleur . 7 days ago
Is skip f**king KD?????
mr15joe15 mr15joe15 . 7 days ago
I can say the same for LeBron James he should have stayed in Cleveland got a championship with them and Not flee to Miami to join with Dwade..

Kobe over James All Day
Dimitris Bright Dimitris Bright . 7 days ago
KD is simply not a leader...period
FLORIDABOY727 FLORIDABOY727 . 7 days ago
KD is always trying to take the easy way out... This wont end well. KD will either sit out or get traded to the Celtics . No other place have the assets and money to trade for him . Miami cant give up Butler or BAM.
George dolo George dolo . 1 week ago
I’ll love for skip to be my lawyer he gonna fight for me 😂😂😂😂😂
DNice WitIt DNice WitIt . 1 week ago
Dat mane skip said Kevin Durant has to swallow Russell Westbrook 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Derijuan Wise Derijuan Wise . 1 week ago
Lol skip is annoying you saying Kevin ruin Le bron legacy but he couldn’t do it while he was with the thunders lol plus he went to a very good team lol skip mad because Le bron has not acknowledged skip for 20 and he never will 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trill4lyf Trill4lyf . 1 week ago
It’s hot outside…

Skip: If you go back to the 2016 Finals Steph came up smaller than he is, who saved him? 😩
Michael Tang Michael Tang . 1 week ago
At least Lebron got a title with the Lakers. Where's the title for Kevin and the Nets
Jake Albis Jake Albis . 1 week ago
Skip is a walking contradiction Jesus . Tells Shannon he finds reasons to hate KD. Literally spends his life trying to find reasons to hate lebron to the point where marriages have been ruined . His marriages LOL 😂
Asylum11 Asylum11 . 1 week ago
Skip is on full clown time!! And shaq can’t talk because he left Orlando because he knew they weren’t going to win! Kd and Kyrie aren’t leaders!!!! Skip is like of those people who we see on YouTube that attempts to talk politics but always fails because it never makes sense! 😂
Travis Boyce Travis Boyce . 1 week ago
Skip's takes on KD in the last month have been his worst ever. I've never seen mental gymnastics like this.
Corey Newton Corey Newton . 1 week ago
"Okay, I'll go to the best team of all time who's already won a chip the previous year." What a challenge. 🤣🤣🤣Skips a joke.
Ken Joseph Ken Joseph . 1 week ago
Best player on the planet lol that's pathetic
Veteran_Influencers Veteran_Influencers . 1 week ago
Had to swallow Russell Westbrook for a long time???? Ayyyyoo what is Skip on today
ian kemboi ian kemboi . 1 week ago
tf is skip doing anymore 🤣🤣
MyWickedMind MyWickedMind . 1 week ago
Oklahoma dropped the ball. They had all they needed for a championship. Team full of hall of fame talent.
James D Ravenell II James D Ravenell II . 1 week ago
He wanted out of Orlando that means theirs no difference
Ron Boyt Ron Boyt . 1 week ago
Lebron James leave the Lakers because they're disrespecting you by adding bums around you. The Lakers doesn't think you're worth two late first round picks to trade and better their roster to you win a championship.
Slim Slim . 1 week ago
Shannon talkin to a wall
Slim Slim . 1 week ago
Kd ain’t gonna kiss you skip
Tsepo Makhaola Tsepo Makhaola . 1 week ago
“Sometimes you’ve got to throw the baby with the bath water” Shannon is a treasure 🙌🙌😂😂😂
alex Motts alex Motts . 1 week ago
Skips logic: lebron is rhe best player in the league. So he has to be the leader of the team and take on all the pressure and finish ect.

When KD is supposedly the besr player in the league he doesnt need to lead or have the "killer" instinct or face the pressure or deal with ridicule ect.

Seriously yall. How TF can any of you take this clown seriously anymore. Even if you hate lebron you gotta know this clown is so full of FN ish man. Its getting pathetic and unbearble the BS cominf outta the side of this D bags face.
Shag W Shag W . 1 week ago
Boy did that super team turn to shyt quickly. Durant, Irving, and Harden are all selfish, but I would have never thought it would implode so quickly!
Tyrell Jones Tyrell Jones . 1 week ago
This man Shannon iconic 😂 “what did the elephant leave on the show ground you know what that is”
David Coleman David Coleman . 1 week ago
Imagine 2022-203 NBA finals championship goes to the Lakers, now what can you say if the basketball gods give lebron James willpower's to win with Russell Westbrook

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