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Jon Denton

Jon Denton

Published on 1 week ago

DJ Khaled ft. Drake & Lil Baby - STAYING ALIVE - REACTION

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Samyak Kothari Samyak Kothari . 1 day ago
Lil Baby did it better than Drake here
Corbin Bleu Corbin Bleu . 2 days ago
Respect it
Jack 16 Jack 16 . 3 days ago
Dj khaled actually mixes drakes vocals and they sound so ass
Ari Ari . 3 days ago
I agree with Jon, this song is just another generic Khaled track!
Harry Payne Harry Payne . 3 days ago
Agreed with you until you said about liking it in two weeks. This isn't good and neither is toosie slide. Big drake fan btw
TheLucasShow TheLucasShow . 4 days ago
It's a terrible song I agree tbh
Ivan Garcia Ivan Garcia . 5 days ago
FilmReject FilmReject . 5 days ago
the slightest amount of disgust creepin thru Jon’s face at 5:49 kills me 🤣🤣🤣
John Moves John Moves . 5 days ago
Listen to 12 stout street by rx papi
RampageRonTv RampageRonTv . 6 days ago
lol u got it right, give it a week
Andrew I. Andrew I. . 6 days ago
Drake doing his best Baby impression
Kamron Kamron . 6 days ago
I’ve loved every Drake & Lil Baby track but god I hate this song
HighValueEssentials HighValueEssentials . 6 days ago
song is a banger lol
Molly Jean Molly Jean . 6 days ago
You should react to a Bastille album! They’re all amazing so it doesn’t matter which!
Arbri Bogdani Arbri Bogdani . 6 days ago
i liked it as soon as i heard it, this shit is fire, and drake and lil baby always deliver
Ray Wenderlich Ray Wenderlich . 6 days ago
Y’all don’t realize there’s entire generations who have no idea who the bees ghee’s are because of the death of radio… and now Drake invented that shit lmfao
Kane S Kane S . 6 days ago
Pls react to sleepy hallow, still sleep
JS3 JS3 . 6 days ago
Ngl I loved this shit the second I heard it lool
Sheldon Stanley Sheldon Stanley . 6 days ago
your judgement is questionable😂😂
Bizildo Bizeque Bizildo Bizeque . 6 days ago
Hey Jon, how you're doing? Can you react to Roy Woods Waking at dawn album, i think you'll enjoy it
Rafael Guasp Rafael Guasp . 6 days ago
What part of spain were u in, I'm from Mallorca.
yy Boki yy Boki . 6 days ago
Where's the Steve Lacy reaction😠😠
Cameron Devers Cameron Devers . 6 days ago
go check out burning up by nardo wick
Bc Bc . 7 days ago
U gotta react to young boys new album
Homid T. Homid T. . 7 days ago
Jon it doesn't have to ruin algorithms on your wife's YouTube, just remove it from watch history and delete the search - the latter should ensure no algorithms will be affected by wherever that search took you.
Christopher Maurice Brown Christopher Maurice Brown . 7 days ago
It’s not because you don’t like the song that the song is Bad. It’s just your opinion
Yo i didn't like it in the beginning at all but it's so catchy I'm starting to like it
vivalasexy vivalasexy . 7 days ago
Thumbnail makes it look like Jon thinks it's dutty
VE ST VE ST . 7 days ago
Listen to fantasy getaway by cuco, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on that project
F. Miller F. Miller . 7 days ago
Fuck two week I like it after 5 listens
F. Miller F. Miller . 7 days ago
Holmie goes to spain and it looks like england lmao

Pure Sound Pure Sound . 1 week ago
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Get Rich Or Die Tryin' . 1 week ago
Jon i been asking you this: react to a Nipsey Hussle's album please, Victory Lap and Mailbox money are the best options, TRUST ME BRO
Steven Yerxa Steven Yerxa . 1 week ago
Love seeing in vlog form for a minute there would be cool to see some more of you like that too!! Keep up the great work man love watching your reactions
Nathen Martinez Nathen Martinez . 1 week ago
“I mean, Look at this pigeon…Pushin P😔”
Ngaire Baker Ngaire Baker . 1 week ago
You’ve gotta react to FKA Twigs mixtape caprisongs I think you’ll LOVE it !!!!
Ash086 Ash086 . 1 week ago
I thought at the start of the video you were going to sell me a ‘get rich course’ this is me and my lambs / book shelf hahahah
dash dash . 1 week ago
I was dying watching this wrecked when he said “ drake ur a DEMON”
Jake Wheeler Jake Wheeler . 1 week ago
Jon, by any chance are you gonna be giving the new Meechy Darko solo album a listen when it releases?!
dynamic dynamic . 1 week ago
I ain't feeling this song.
Fourth Migo Fourth Migo . 1 week ago
You’re gonna love the hook in 2 weeks 😂
Harrison I Harrison I . 1 week ago
Can you do a review on Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2
Runaway Runaway . 1 week ago
People defending people Drake here.. this song is genuinely awful, its a crap rendition of staying alive, the mix on drake is awful, the autotune on lil baby is done terribly, the beat is really nothing special and neither drake or lil baby bring anything interesting to the table.
Kujinomics Kujinomics . 1 week ago
i know the grind never stops but mid-holidays that's crazy
Antony Stackhouse Antony Stackhouse . 1 week ago
Another 1 another disappointing hit from Khaled working with the same old people
Solace Moods Solace Moods . 1 week ago
Lmao what the hell are y’all listening????? I’m confuse as hell because this song is so good! Wow… I’m not even d-riding but I’m sincerely confuse…
Luke Woolf Luke Woolf . 1 week ago
Yup he's a demon, it will number 1 and you'll be back tracking on your initial verdict. 🔥🔥🔥
jsarg345 jsarg345 . 1 week ago
It kinda sounds like a leftover from CLB?
George Turner George Turner . 1 week ago
React to Billie Eilish two new songs - ‘guitar songs’!!!

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