Play / Download When Tom Holland accidentally leaked the new Avengers Infinity War movie πŸ˜‚
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Dylan Anderson

Dylan Anderson

Published on 2 weeks ago

profil namn profil namn . 3 minutes ago
This is called a publicity stunt! And his performance was not praise worthy this time
Owl Owl . 16 minutes ago
Not legit.... Promotion stat
KB Wolfi KB Wolfi . 32 minutes ago
I love this guy so much and this is why πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
HMRDEV - Bill Nye HMRDEV - Bill Nye . 33 minutes ago
Yeah, that's fake
Killerninjaz13 Killerninjaz13 . 1 hour ago
Wouldn't it kinda be common sense to put the letter on top with the important INFORMATION
RobloxPlayer RobloxPlayer . 2 hours ago
This was a way for them to share it.. lol
Bouley Bouley . 2 hours ago
highly confident it was planned...
Osama Osama . 2 hours ago
I think these are actually on purpose to make people excited for it because there's no way he's that stupid specially that he did the same thing alot of times before
Joshua Nomdo Joshua Nomdo . 2 hours ago
Emotional damage
Psyrecx Psyrecx . 2 hours ago

Because, that confidentiality thing wasn't made that way, purely for the video, so they could announce it in that way.
JellyTechnoBlade Never Dies JellyTechnoBlade Never Dies . 2 hours ago
He's in trouble now πŸ˜ƒ
Henry Hodgson Henry Hodgson . 2 hours ago
It was too perfect
Mile Mile . 2 hours ago
hecker hecker . 2 hours ago
Spiderman is finally a villian
Raynor Joseph Raynor Joseph . 3 hours ago
He's probably 1 of the worst actors of SM
drift stickz drift stickz . 3 hours ago
it seems like a skit
Christian Zala Christian Zala . 3 hours ago
nah this is a cleaver way of them teasing the movie using toms clumsiness.
Also holding a single sheet of paper like that you can definitely see the big black bold letters through it.
I think it’s a extremely cleaver idea.
Rachel Rachel . 3 hours ago
This video is so…Tom Holland
Carlos Turnbull Carlos Turnbull . 3 hours ago
Mariam Brown Mariam Brown . 3 hours ago
Well this guy can't read.
Ghostly Locust Ghostly Locust . 3 hours ago
How the fuck is nobody reacting in the chat
OnePunchWorld OnePunchWorld . 3 hours ago
kakarot dragneel kakarot dragneel . 3 hours ago
You know it's scripted ,right !?
Stormi :) Stormi :) . 3 hours ago
Once again Tim was a spoiler
Christopher Wratchford Christopher Wratchford . 4 hours ago
jess jess . 4 hours ago
The Stranger The Stranger . 4 hours ago
The uploader knows that this was a planned thing between Marvel and Tom right? Better not let the truth get in the way of a shit video eh?
Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha . 4 hours ago
I miss this version of him
C D C D . 4 hours ago
Its a skit, using social media to increase exposure
prince belison prince belison . 4 hours ago
Its now august baby
Donaldtheduck Donaldtheduck . 4 hours ago
I feel like that’s fake
PKStarstorm489 PKStarstorm489 . 4 hours ago
Know it's fake, but this is still pretty damn funny.
Gab Gab . 4 hours ago
Tom Holland is the legend of spoiling 🀣🀣🀣🀣
kendra fisher kendra fisher . 4 hours ago
Michelle Anderson Michelle Anderson . 4 hours ago
Yep, all of his tik toks and instas are a cleverly thought out media campaign. I saw an interview where he said he's hopeless with social media but is part of his contract so has to do it.
Mister Mister0vich Mister Mister0vich . 4 hours ago
And then he never got any packages from marvel, ever again
Mister Mister0vich Mister Mister0vich . 5 hours ago
AgentWuT AgentWuT . 5 hours ago
Why is everyone saying itss scripted please tell me why
mariethesizzler 9492 mariethesizzler 9492 . 5 hours ago
This has to be fake and obvious promo
Catherine Cadwell Catherine Cadwell . 5 hours ago
My birthday is May the 4th
Gaurav Kumar Basak Gaurav Kumar Basak . 5 hours ago
All scripted
Amecatt Amecatt . 5 hours ago
Everything cool happens on my best friends birthday D:
iNfiNaTy wAr MAY 4TH
She doesn't even like action movies!
Nicholas Bennett Nicholas Bennett . 5 hours ago
It’s so obvious that this was on purpose
wil fri wil fri . 5 hours ago
"...Mark Ruffalo"
Kek Mechanic Kek Mechanic . 5 hours ago
So fake
FP Bagel FP Bagel . 5 hours ago
Anyone that thought that was real is dumb
Galaxy Newstar Galaxy Newstar . 5 hours ago
This is so obviously fake because on live streams you read things before you say it you wouldn't just read it out loud without reading it first
radhesh tiwari radhesh tiwari . 5 hours ago
"Shit shit shit no" and the wise man notices
No No . 5 hours ago
Ngl i feel so bad for him

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