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Published on 7 months ago

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' out now!

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Aletta Giles Aletta Giles . 8 minutes ago
You are the best person in the world.🥰
SeaTxrtlex SeaTxrtlex . 1 hour ago
She should be on a stage right NOW ASP
Bipen Yanthan Bipen Yanthan . 2 hours ago
M favourite song✌️👍
Michele Mitchell Michele Mitchell . 3 hours ago
im so obsessed with your music. you are so relatedable!! my husband and i went to school together but didnt fall in love until we had been graduated 10 years. ❤️
Hope Hope . 4 hours ago
You give me faith 😊
Epiccenter Epiccenter . 6 hours ago
Yas queen
Mooshroom Mooshroom . 6 hours ago
I live full time in an RV (Full time means that I don’t have a house I only have an RV) and it’s amazing.
Demosthenes Locke Demosthenes Locke . 6 hours ago
I know she's smiling and everything, but the song kinda makes me a bit sad. happy but also sad. She's such a chill and fun-loving individual. it's so hard to imagine her suffering through any heartbreak....because how can you not love this girl? 🥺
Tuyet Vy Tuyet Vy . 9 hours ago
Brooklyn Howard Brooklyn Howard . 11 hours ago
The lyrics are🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sakshi Dongre Sakshi Dongre . 21 hours ago
This is that kinda song which you'd send to the love of your life to tell them they're the one💘
Megan Brady Megan Brady . 21 hours ago
Ive followed you on TikTok for as long as I can remember, and I can not wait till you are super famous. You deserve it, you are so talented. All your songs are ones that you can't help but to play on repeat. And I'm 32 with 4 kids, idk your target audience but I promise people of all ages will love you someday.
Morgan AndTheUnicorn Morgan AndTheUnicorn . 1 day ago
I love it I just love that Jax’s you are super talented you sing very well I love your TikTok I love your music❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jillian Michel Jillian Michel . 1 day ago
Love the song but can you make a song that is clean pls. I am still a kid
Casey L. Casey L. . 1 day ago
She bites a lot of other artists, I think that's why people don't like her
Katherine Bewley Katherine Bewley . 1 day ago
Please don’t stop making happy music!! We need more positive energy on the radio!!
Aleaya Hart Aleaya Hart . 2 days ago
Jax girl I’m just learning about you from the videos with the kids u babysit, I’m definitely a fan girl
Mag Nificent Mag Nificent . 2 days ago
Is this a 37 yr old Auntie dressed like a Gen X grunge teen? Weird.
Rebecca Ramey Rebecca Ramey . 2 days ago
I just love this song, I wish it would have come out before my wonderful husband passed away, it is exactly how I felt. Thanks Jax for your beautiful music
Hey It’s Me Ari Hey It’s Me Ari . 2 days ago
This song is is so underrated
Kaylee Kaylee . 2 days ago
There is a movie called to all the boys I’ve loved before
Elyaflaili Elyaflaili . 2 days ago
i'm in love with all jax songs
Big Mac Big Mac Big Mac Big Mac . 2 days ago
Bro Why miss gurl hasn’t became a celebrity she literally sounds like she could be a famous singer.

Btw like ur song keep up the good works :)
Lady Grimm Lady Grimm . 2 days ago
Shoutout to Sedona! 🥰😘
chrissyandjoey28 chrissyandjoey28 . 2 days ago
She sees the good in everything ❤️❤️❤️
Eric Criteser Eric Criteser . 2 days ago
I hope she takes voice lessons and continues to grow as a musician. I think she's great.
candy the axolotl candy the axolotl . 2 days ago
Sofija Sofija . 2 days ago
I am so glad that artists like Jax exists because she is an amazing singer and her song are the best. I love every each one of the songs she created 💕. Jax is the best 👌
Elianna Castro Elianna Castro . 3 days ago
I love the message and the uprise beat. One of my fave songs!
Megan Weir Megan Weir . 3 days ago
Her voice is absolutely beautiful. But her music is like childish pop .
waaazup D waaazup D . 3 days ago
Every song she writes is hitting it big. It's like her songs are competing against each other.
Michelle R Michelle R . 3 days ago
I like her. She's cute and positive. Somebody I can actually let my daughter watch! She's wholesome. Not nasty, twerking, half naked .....I'm stopping myself.
She's great, that's all
The Jake squad The Jake squad . 3 days ago
Can you do a concert 🎶
Adventures of Anyah and Anayah Adventures of Anyah and Anayah . 3 days ago
Love it it’s stuck in my head you awesome omg crorana
Mutale Mulenga Mutale Mulenga . 3 days ago
I love your song
It's meaningful and it's true we grow from the heartbreak to find that we needed most and not just what we wanted
BB BB . 3 days ago
R her turtlenecks just a signature look for her ? Just wondering
Adriel Donkor Adriel Donkor . 3 days ago
Is he actually yours
Anjie Yay Anjie Yay . 4 days ago
She is the BEST!! this is my new favorite song😋
Dsmpz_niki Dsmpz_niki . 4 days ago
subnice p00p subnice p00p . 4 days ago
Im so glad shes blowing up shes so underrated tbh
Stefen247 Stefen247 . 4 days ago
You have a twin
Kalypso Barrantes Kalypso Barrantes . 4 days ago
Awww I love you jax your amazing I wanna be just like you😄😄😄
Jodie Carian Jodie Carian . 4 days ago
Genet Kahsay Genet Kahsay . 4 days ago
I love this song 💗, u give me tori vega vibes 😀
kitties Queen kitties Queen . 4 days ago
Love the song I dace ballet and your song goes perfect
Kathleen Kathleen . 4 days ago
Jax your so talented and your beautiful
Oseme Osobase Oseme Osobase . 4 days ago
Super talented Star!
Bill paid Bill paid . 5 days ago
just rediscovering jax her new music is great. keep it up kid.
Carter cousin team Carter cousin team . 5 days ago
Jenny McDannold Jenny McDannold . 5 days ago
I sing it every day

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