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Matt's Off Road Recovery

Matt's Off Road Recovery

Published on 2 weeks ago

So I got a reaction to the Golden Nugget story. True story revealed

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

escotty2008 escotty2008 . 10 hours ago
Ed's an absolute peach, and y'all are angels!
Tom Seim Tom Seim . 16 hours ago
Recovering (forget about restoring) the Golden Nugget must have cost 100x what it was worth, maybe 1000x. If you don't have extended-range fuel tanks (36 gallon+) in your truck you better carry extra fuel when driving thru eastern Nevada (while towing).
John Adams John Adams . 19 hours ago
Just got my Golden Nugget tee shirt. Think I'll be getting a call soon.
george31380 george31380 . 20 hours ago
Well heck I thought Ed was blood related.
I'm sure he's considered family at this point.
Great story!
Alberta Loosle Alberta Loosle . 1 day ago
Loved this!! Thanks for sharing all the behind the scenes details.
Henry Carlson Henry Carlson . 1 day ago
Thank You
Blu Cheer Blu Cheer . 2 days ago
I liked the “Lizzy the u-boat commander, damn the torpedos” part lol looked liked a fun time was had by all on the extraction leg of the journey.
A MGTOW Monk A MGTOW Monk . 2 days ago
Busy you haven't even talked about all the business regulations you have to follow in these Democratic county's and state's.
Norm Parrott Norm Parrott . 2 days ago
In this day + age, it's so refreshing to see a group of people come together + really work as a team on a project like the Golden Nugget. Matt, I really admire you + your crew, Paul, Robby + their guys, as well as the Bikes + Beards guys, who all gave so selflessly to do this for Ed. Your hearts are obviously all in the right place! You folks down there in Utah are a special breed! Thanks for your hard work and terrific videos!
PvtBoomer PvtBoomer . 2 days ago
God bless you folks
Amanda Girl Amanda Girl . 3 days ago
it would be nice if you edited all the chatting out and just showed the recovery
Michael MacLeod Michael MacLeod . 3 days ago
Good peeps! good things happen to good peeps!
Philipp L Philipp L . 3 days ago
What a great episode this was! 🤩 Hearing the whole story behind it was really fascinating, entertaining and enjoyable.
One of my best friends owned and still owns a Suzuki LJ, he got this car from his father, and restored it a few years ago. But back then (we‘re talking about 1996-1998) the car wasn‘t restored and had a few dents here and there, the engine probably produced less than 30hp, but we had an amazing time driving the tiny LJ offrad.
So thx for bringing these memories back.
I found your channel maybe 10 days ago, since then I for sure watched at least 15 to 20 videos, and they all were amazing to watch.
And one thing is for sure, I definitely will try to order the „Golden Nugget“ book.
Again: Thanks to all the people who were involved in this project!
Have a good start into the week and very kind regards from Germany 🇩🇪,
Philipp 👋
Commodoor65 Commodoor65 . 3 days ago
New subscriber... this has to be my favorite episode.

You guys are great. Showing Ed love and respect says a lot about you all. Thank you!
Jeffry Blackmon Jeffry Blackmon . 3 days ago
You have answered a lot of questions about Ed, especially how he became a part of your lives and went on many recoveries. Just a thought, although it's too late, but, if you used a couple 6x6s and slid them under the LJ, with 20 people you could have carried it out. Or maybe not. 🙃😁 Thanks for making this video and for making Ed so happy.
Christopher Lance Christopher Lance . 3 days ago
Heavy d brought me to your videos and I absolutely love them!!!
BleepinJeep BleepinJeep . 3 days ago
Wow what a great story! I loved seeing this recap!
Michael Richmond Michael Richmond . 3 days ago
Thrilled to see this come so far! I met Fred through a mutual mining friend, and he told me about the recovery shortly after it happened. I found the MORR channel, and that led to this whole community of great people that I have grown to love. Hopefully I can meet you all in person someday, but if you ever come back up to Tooele, I'll buy you some real Mexican food...
Ricky Laviolette Ricky Laviolette . 4 days ago
I think there"s about 1.5 mil people that love Ed. I got a big crush on Liz, (don't tell the wife)😆
hillbilly Yo hillbilly Yo . 5 days ago
What a beautiful story thanks for posting amazing videos for so long , always enjoying the ( we’ll get out )
Nick Roosevelt Nick Roosevelt . 5 days ago
Nevada? Been there, done that.
tandy royal tandy royal . 5 days ago
Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us, what an amazing story. Looking forward to hearing more of it!
ING ING . 5 days ago
Steven Brennick Steven Brennick . 6 days ago
It is so cool to hear the history and I am thrilled to see the future. Thank you Ed foe providing this content!
Steven Brennick Steven Brennick . 6 days ago
This was the moment when I decided lizzy was something special.
Stuart Wilson Stuart Wilson . 6 days ago
Matt congratulations, you and you team, and extended team are simply amazing beautiful people. Thank you for sharing this little window into your life. Brilliant.
Nashu Barnard Nashu Barnard . 6 days ago
Well done Team, well done
Oakley Barber Oakley Barber . 6 days ago
What a great video and such a labor of love.
Is it just me or could you have stripped the vehicle and carried it out under people power. It seemed pretty light. Just curious.
John Vansteenkiste John Vansteenkiste . 6 days ago
this whole story was an adventure of a once in a lifetime adventure, it is so nice to see your team turned a rotten apple into a diamond and made an old man happy :)
Stacey0Keith Stacey0Keith . 6 days ago
Wonderful experience watching this whole crew of folks provide a very special gift to someone that means so much. My hat off to all that had a hand in making this happen. Robby needs to slow down some, but I also remember my drive at that age. Thanks.
DrHavok1 DrHavok1 . 6 days ago
lol.... i just wasn't...feeling right.....had the rona did ya lol
punk house punk house . 7 days ago
i know what happened
A Mascia A Mascia . 7 days ago
Real Gold 🖒🤠
Michiel v.d.Puijl Michiel v.d.Puijl . 7 days ago
so nice to hear the whole story ( again) I follow you from almost the beginning. I like to see you drive through my favorite country ( and states) , I travelled 3 weeks a year for 30 years and visited 48 states but the south-west is de best. For the Nugget you travelled over the exterestial road with the little pumpstation, Tonopah, the loneliest road. I have driven and seem them all . So nice to recognise al those places. Hope to visit you soon,
Ian Laidlaw Ian Laidlaw . 7 days ago
Every single one of you involved are amazing people. It means the world to us that you respect and care so much about Ed to make this a perfect experience for him, not just for the content!!! Cheers Ed and get the nugget back to the claim, hopefully she'll be your lucky charm
gee droopy gee droopy . 1 week ago
One of your best videos. Great to get all the back ground and back story. Will be great to see Ed riding around in all y’all’s hard work.
Humberto Buniotto Humberto Buniotto . 1 week ago
Man how is Jeep not throwing millions of dollars at these guys? No better branding.
Terry Garnier Terry Garnier . 1 week ago
That was a cool little story
The Foolish Hiker The Foolish Hiker . 1 week ago
It’s bonkers to me that I didn’t notice the pumpkin at the time. I noticed it in the reveal video but I didn’t give it any thought
Sean S Sean S . 1 week ago
The Golden Nugget episode was my gateway hook, now I look forward to seeing all of you every week. It's wholesome, fun, educational entertainment. And I can't be the only one. You guys are great to watch, the content is great, the editing, the everything! Thank you. Good job!
David Wellen David Wellen . 1 week ago
This was an extraordinary video. I enjoyed it from end to end. Thanks !
villagelightsmith villagelightsmith . 1 week ago
Hmmm! I would ask about an hour's rental for an air-crane and a pre-set hoist. OR ... OR ... OR build a skidding sled. A couple sheets of 5/4 plywood laminated to 1/4" of UHMW poly, a cordless circular saw (or a good sharp little chainsaw with spares) and a cordless drill/driver and a winch to build the thing. Of course, you used a trailer (Good!). A-a-and, I'd want a bit of "powder" to break those rocks. A bit of Powder and a drill can do an awful lot of work. There re very few problems that cannot be solved with the proper placement of explosives. and your mining neighbors would always appreciate it if you bust few rocks for them. Just my half-cent. But I draw the line at the poison oak.
Either that or go 3rd world, build a raft, and disassemble the thing ...
Lizzie is a great sport! Maybe "It's a man's world ..." but you GOTTA have Lizzie!
And above all, thanks for treating the Old Man! May we all have such great Friends! Don't take too long ... friends like that take time, and we only have a limited amount of it.
scotter dog scotter dog . 1 week ago
The YouTuber with the most GoPro batteries wins.
scotter dog scotter dog . 1 week ago
This is an epic story. I had tears of joy for Ed. Your family is is awesome Americana. What a beautiful job your team did restoring those machines. 😂
Donovan Colbert Donovan Colbert . 1 week ago
Well, in addition to all that work on the vehicles - you're not sending the footage to a editing and production crew to put together and publish to YouTube, right? You're also doing all the editing and publishing yourselves.

Yeah, the timeline to deliver the Nugget was insane.
sheldonEV sheldonEV . 1 week ago
Thanks for doing a great round up video. . Watching all you guys working so hard on the Nugget has been truly awesome.
Oliver Oliver . 1 week ago
If you find a lot of switches between dislike and like, that was me. I like your content so much!

I was listening to you on my way to work. Because it's pretty warm in Germany my shirt was a bit wet and started to randomly press some buttons and links on the YouTube-screen. So, sorry if I have distracted YouTube algorithms or created dislikes. It was not my intention. It was only my wet shirt, trying to learn how to use a mobile phone.
Bing bang Boom Bing bang Boom . 1 week ago
My sister lived in Tonopah and Silver Peak… they’re very small towns!
locopuffs999 locopuffs999 . 1 week ago
Love Ed!

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