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tkillers music

tkillers music

Published on 1 week ago


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Ana Cristina Gonzalez Hernandez Ana Cristina Gonzalez Hernandez . 2 days ago
🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰hai lo amo
Mimosa Meltdown Mimosa Meltdown . 3 days ago
The Killers are my white arrows
Mimosa Meltdown Mimosa Meltdown . 3 days ago
Ronnie should get a broach of a plate of spaghetti
Saumil Sachdeva Saumil Sachdeva . 4 days ago
Loved that he mentioned the Amsterdam concert. I was there and it really was amazing indeed.
Sheryl Dumitru Sheryl Dumitru . 6 days ago
Hi Guys!! From Las Vegas!! Brandon I was friends with uncle Greg for many years!! What a small world!! Your Uncle only plays The Killers songs. Also he explains to me what each song is about! He knows every word you've ever written and put to a song!! He is so very PROUD of YOU!!
Lillian's Magical Toy Playhouse Lillian's Magical Toy Playhouse . 1 week ago
They are so lucky they didn’t get a crazy person swearing. Hello… warning sign!! Learn how to hang up!
Seth Kearl Seth Kearl . 1 week ago
Ishy needs a song. Best ending ever.
Hola Brandon desde colombia ❤️🇨🇴🇺🇸
William Flint William Flint . 1 week ago
Thank u so much for visiting Scotland as best live concert ever
Maggie Murnane Maggie Murnane . 1 week ago
You two are so down to earth and so nice to listen to. That ending was hilarious!! Best of luck with boy and your upcoming tour.
steve b steve b . 1 week ago
Looking forward to the Philadelphia, September 27th show!
Ross Allwein Ross Allwein . 1 week ago
Every Killers livestream is a new adventure.
⚜️ s p e c k l e ⚜️ ⚜️ s p e c k l e ⚜️ . 1 week ago
We shall say stoked and leave it at that ;D
N.c N.c . 1 week ago
The moment when maturity meets gen z
John McDonald John McDonald . 1 week ago
Wow, that was fun:)
Tuija Leino Tuija Leino . 1 week ago
When she asked: ”Do you speak english?” 🤣
Caviar and Dirt Caviar and Dirt . 1 week ago
Ishy Ran = Ed Sheeran 😁
Emma Gadeski Emma Gadeski . 1 week ago
Ok I’ve watched the insane ending three times now and I think when Brandon asks her name she says “is she your wife” referring to Olivia 😂😂

It’s so funny but so hard to watch 😭
CHIKAMARS26 CHIKAMARS26 . 1 week ago
Odio a esta chica en serio... --'
Pokémon Maya Pokémon Maya . 1 week ago
Thank you for posting this I missed because I am at a summer camp. The girl ruined it they could have had actually fan on this but no some girl who does not even know there music.
we live in a society we live in a society . 1 week ago
Most passionate Killers fan
urriah aguilera urriah aguilera . 1 week ago
24:44 "a song?"

while talking with 2 members of The Killers hahahaha
La Mate La Mate . 1 week ago
Everything was going great until Ishryan appearance!😂 then annoying but hilarious 💥
gabriel souza gabriel souza . 1 week ago
Aitana Demichelli Aitana Demichelli . 1 week ago
Love the duality between brandon and ronnie. Bf is more structured and awkward, while Rv is just relaxed.
Sunni Duran Sunni Duran . 1 week ago
Well that got awkward.
I laughed so hard it feels like I did sit-ups.
thorntail thorntail . 1 week ago
Best publicity for boy ever this couldn't be better actually
Cyndie PAGNON Cyndie PAGNON . 1 week ago
Brandon and Ronnie Salut 🥰
Arturo MMA Arturo MMA . 1 week ago
that girl is not a The Killers fan... she did questions no sense
Mike Mike . 1 week ago
That ending was great. I enjoyed seeing the patience they had with her and rolling with it. Good guys.
Danny Self Danny Self . 1 week ago
I’m looking forward to your new release. Battle Born was so close to me. That whole album was a story I identified with. Cheers and thank you for the music. #MusicAnthropology
Lawrie McDonald Lawrie McDonald . 1 week ago
David Cox David Cox . 1 week ago
They are so crap at Instagram live it's hilarious
David Cox David Cox . 1 week ago
Thousands would want to talk and someone gets through who doesn't know who they are ffs
mj weber mj weber . 1 week ago
Finally watched it. Great until the girl came on who had no idea who they were. Fun to hear from Brandon and to hear about Ronnie's garden (you could FedEx me some of those peas! LOL). Thanks guys. You are sincere and a lot of fun. Thanks!
Jo N. Jo N. . 1 week ago
That was so funny yet awkward 😭😂 I laughed so hard at the end!
The Missing Pilot The Missing Pilot . 1 week ago
Oh wow, that ending was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Glad you enjoyed the UK shows.
Missy Kim Missy Kim . 1 week ago
First artist: Ed Sheeran
Pet shop Boy Pet shop Boy . 1 week ago
I love you brandon my hero ... you bring peace to my life in your music and happiness 😊
Ron Walker Ron Walker . 1 week ago
Greetings from Ron @ Forthlin road Liverpool UK UK were a young man called Paul and three friends chanted the the world of music forever ,You and Ronnie may be familiar with their work ,they were called The Beatles , for all that the visitors that come here are treated tracks from The Killers courtesy of me when I'm gardening in my front yard which goe's down really well ! From Ron ,thank for All the music.
Ryan Cook Ryan Cook . 1 week ago
Can't wait for the new Ishy Ran single to drop
Antoine Antoine Antoine Antoine . 1 week ago
He answered my question! I was the one asking about the US tour
missymoo767 missymoo767 . 1 week ago
That was so awkward I just wanted to die 😂😂😂
Kieran Routledge Kieran Routledge . 1 week ago
Wow, and I thought the previous ones were awkward. That was cringe of the highest order 😂
Louise Hewer Louise Hewer . 1 week ago
This has broken the The Killers Fanosphere. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing beyond IG and the actual event! 🥬➡️😆
Sharon Lim Sharon Lim . 1 week ago
I enjoyed this so much - you couldn’t make this stuff up 💚💛
Shane Herring Shane Herring . 1 week ago
Yep cool
mj weber mj weber . 1 week ago
I do love you guys, but could ya use some help for these broadcasts?
DamenSpike Games HQ DamenSpike Games HQ . 1 week ago
Wish a fan came on not that random girl!
Krullige Monst Krullige Monst . 1 week ago
This is historic

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