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Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart

Published on 2 weeks ago

We broke 100 of the craziest rules at places like the water park, trampoline park, zoo, and many more!



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Ben Azelart Ben Azelart . 2 weeks ago
Can you subscribe with your nose?👃🏼🧐
Marisol Cuadra Marisol Cuadra . 4 seconds ago
LoL 😆

Eva Young Eva Young . 36 minutes ago
I subscribed with my nose
BJ Atkins BJ Atkins . 37 minutes ago
I subscribed with my nose
Rodney Hendrix Rodney Hendrix . 40 minutes ago
I didddd it with my nose👃🏻
Jennifer Reetz Jennifer Reetz . 42 minutes ago
I liked and subscribed with my nose
Akram Abbar Akram Abbar . 53 minutes ago
4:29 wtf this rule does not exise but i'll comment with my noze
alisblueberries! alisblueberries! . 55 minutes ago
I clicked on this vid bc Lexi was in the thumbnail 😍
Joe-Cruz Castillo Joe-Cruz Castillo . 55 minutes ago
violet martin violet martin . 1 hour ago
ben is so fake and click bait
Jackie Williams Jackie Williams . 1 hour ago
Ben this is one of the best You Tube Post I have ever seen. You 3 knuckleheads violated every rule that could have been accomplished in one day, and Lexi was a fricking lunatic in the warehouse, that I was crying from laughing so hard. That diva in Lexi knows how to break some rules when she is around you, and I am sure she will continue to torment you for many years to come because she will never stop loving you because you are the greatest! I hope someday that you will both reconnect. Love you, Brother.....
Candace Vertz Candace Vertz . 1 hour ago
i did it with my nose
Chistoffer Moller Chistoffer Moller . 1 hour ago
They rented the Security guaurd and the trampolin park
Chistoffer Moller Chistoffer Moller . 1 hour ago
Angelica Panuco Angelica Panuco . 1 hour ago
yes a can I did it
Jacqueline Bravo Jacqueline Bravo . 1 hour ago
You have to shave your head you got kick out of the zoo if you don,t I'm not going to flow you anymore
Justin Peters Justin Peters . 1 hour ago
I subscribed with my nose
Nduduzo Walaza Nduduzo Walaza . 1 hour ago
Matthew Sampono Matthew Sampono . 1 hour ago
Yisel Castro Yisel Castro . 1 hour ago
I like in the scribe
konomi fraley konomi fraley . 2 hours ago
i can not
Lightning bumi Lightning bumi . 2 hours ago
LOL this is all fake
Patty Cohega Patty Cohega . 2 hours ago
What the fuck would you do that that’s for shit huh
Arthur Salatka Arthur Salatka . 2 hours ago
Thank you so much
🌸Daily🌸 🌸Daily🌸 . 2 hours ago
I did
🌸Daily🌸 🌸Daily🌸 . 2 hours ago
🐥 Super cool with you friends!🐥
miss996699 miss996699 . 2 hours ago
John’s Cooking John’s Cooking . 2 hours ago
Ben literally makes the best videos in the amp group
Sky Ford Sky Ford . 2 hours ago
B Schweinsberg B Schweinsberg . 2 hours ago
I will try
Hajar Kh Hajar Kh . 2 hours ago
Can you add
me to the wall
Jax K Jax K . 2 hours ago
Shane Shane . 3 hours ago
Bear the birch wing Bear the birch wing . 3 hours ago
Fantastic Milkshake🌧 Fantastic Milkshake🌧 . 3 hours ago
10:41 I think u made him say that.
10:58 knew it!
Joshua Kronenberg Joshua Kronenberg . 4 hours ago
I did with my cats Hand
Alenka Novakova Alenka Novakova . 4 hours ago
Emrv barvu hod země a WC
Aha status do starého a udgciwnc¡!!🌨️
kiibae kiibae . 4 hours ago
“Don’t wanna get my arm bitten off…”
“Oh hell nah, I like my arm!”
Jazzmin-n-Rogelio gonzalez Jazzmin-n-Rogelio gonzalez . 4 hours ago
yes done
Lilian Didas Lilian Didas . 4 hours ago
you were pranked haha🤣🤣🤣
Layla and Wendy’s Adventures! Layla and Wendy’s Adventures! . 4 hours ago
Idk if I can actually
Layla and Wendy’s Adventures! Layla and Wendy’s Adventures! . 4 hours ago
Who puts a gorilla in a trampoline!?!👎🏻
Sarah McLaughlin Sarah McLaughlin . 4 hours ago
Ben you lost all three hearts and you haven't shaved your head
Hannah Cross Hannah Cross . 4 hours ago
I liked the vid with my nose
Liliana Martinez Liliana Martinez . 4 hours ago
Darryl Djosarie Darryl Djosarie . 5 hours ago
sjs clips sjs clips . 5 hours ago
Malik Op gaming Malik Op gaming . 5 hours ago
Do a vid where you hide from your friend when ur actually pretending to be a nanican
ashleygarratt100 ashleygarratt100 . 5 hours ago
Done done done done done done done done ✔️✅☑️
joseph jolly joseph jolly . 5 hours ago
Ben your a very great YouTuber keep up the incredible work

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