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Rye __ Rye __ . 2 hours ago
idk where all the drake hate is coming from....dudes already a living legend, just appreciate greatness and let it rock. What's DRAKE going to bring, bruh seriously lol where you been the past 5 years....

"I already fuck with it" lmao
Isac Gouveia Isac Gouveia . 3 days ago
why yall low key sound like mickey mouse tho?
Kaunga Nyirenda Kaunga Nyirenda . 4 days ago
You guys have never said anything bad about any song.
G. Nept Dadaaa G. Nept Dadaaa . 4 days ago
That flip noticed shows how musically incline he is I didn’t katch that !
Bari Bari . 4 days ago
Dorin B Dorin B . 5 days ago
Max Omand Max Omand . 5 days ago
Drake stay stealing flows
DEBATER 🧐 DEBATER 🧐 . 5 days ago
9:37 😂 😂 😂 😂
Therantguyyeazy Therantguyyeazy . 6 days ago
Is the hook based off the old school staying alive song??
Therantguyyeazy Therantguyyeazy . 6 days ago
The goats
TreDarrius Canady TreDarrius Canady . 6 days ago
Lil Baby got me rolling, I didn't catch him dancing in the back until ya'll brought it up
Sam Sam . 6 days ago
DJ Khaled got the 2 biggest artists in the game & dropped the most MIDDEST shi I've ever heard🤢
Armyní Finesse Armyní Finesse . 6 days ago
-* It’s Sad That They Reaction Too Staying Alive But Yet Not Stick By Dreamvill
Southern Cinderella Southern Cinderella . 6 days ago
Ya'll should react to dugout by $t. PICCOLO
TheBeatsAuthority TheBeatsAuthority . 6 days ago
Hahaha easy on Baby!
efraimlema efraimlema . 6 days ago
No you dont
JoseRojo86 JoseRojo86 . 7 days ago
I needed this vibe frfr🔥
Nestor Flores Nestor Flores . 7 days ago
No sticky reactions from the goats of reactions ? Lol
Reyli Calderon Reyli Calderon . 7 days ago
There’s a better video, extended version. Is a movie 🔥🔥
when drake was talking about under the sheets he meant they want him dead
MalRulesAll MalRulesAll . 1 week ago
DukesMusic DukesMusic . 1 week ago
We getting R&B Drake today, we throwing a party in the hospital WTF? This too fire for me to be offended. It's lit
bkmark360 bkmark360 . 1 week ago
that shit was trash
JeyJ JeyJ . 1 week ago
I saw couple reactions and most of them hatin on this song. At least you are very positive guys. For me this is firee too.
Joshua Joshua . 1 week ago
oh my days every 2 second have to pause listen to the music fam
Mico Mico . 1 week ago
so disappointed with this track. Worst Khaled Drake collab :/
Billee Lam Billee Lam . 1 week ago
Ahh ahh ahh 🤣💀
OvO ronto OvO ronto . 1 week ago
extended version funny asl
Nerd Of Steel Nerd Of Steel . 1 week ago
😂😂😂 yo y’all had me laughing at that last ah ah ah ah 😂
Yoshi Mixsu Yoshi Mixsu . 1 week ago
why everyone forget that drake completely demolished baby on never recover
Steven Steven . 1 week ago
Why did I never catch onto babys movements 😂😂😂
Richard Gumede Richard Gumede . 1 week ago
The original song is by The Bee Gees... I’m surprised you picked that up. Shows you’ve got a good musical ear 😭🔥
Runaway Runaway . 1 week ago
People defending people Drake here.. this song is genuinely awful, its a crap rendition of staying alive, the mix on drake is awful, the autotune on lil baby is done terribly, the beat is really nothing special and neither drake or lil baby bring anything interesting to the table.
Hoops Vision Hoops Vision . 1 week ago
Bruh… yall talk to much. The music video take 3min. Yall video is 12min……..
Zibusiso Hlabangana Zibusiso Hlabangana . 1 week ago
React to sticky🔥🔥🔥
Tgo Tgo . 1 week ago
React to drake sticky
Bugstepper352 Bugstepper352 . 1 week ago
We need y’all to react to that AMP cypher
Ibrahim Weah Ibrahim Weah . 1 week ago
Shoulda watched the extended version
Cody Commas Cody Commas . 1 week ago
That’s habibiz!!! “It’s uh habibiz thing ya know?”
kingwastaken kingwastaken . 1 week ago
React to ksi
Cloudboy 94 Cloudboy 94 . 1 week ago
YB better
Anthony Martinez Anthony Martinez . 1 week ago
Hell naw! Quit buttering up drizzy , this shhh garbage!
Osmane Sadboy Osmane Sadboy . 1 week ago
Y’all too funny got my like
Ivory Smith Ivory Smith . 1 week ago
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BigChubbz BigChubbz . 1 week ago
4 pocket bar too tufff
Frank S Frank S . 1 week ago
Nigga Drake is the fucking Goat. Fuck all ya corny opinions
Halloween gang Halloween gang . 1 week ago
Lil baby has crazy dance moves 🤣🤣
italy corleone italy corleone . 1 week ago
4:14 that’s Brenda songs is wild 🤣
Myles Norwood Myles Norwood . 1 week ago
Littlebaby 😂
Dwill 6man Dwill 6man . 1 week ago
that nigga said “that’s brenda song”😭😭😭😭😭i had spit out all my milk & cereal😂😂

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