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Club Ambition

Club Ambition

Published on 1 week ago

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Sixto Pompa Sixto Pompa . 14 hours ago
Go to sixtopompa to hear the Drake solo version
Quique Goyo Quique Goyo . 2 days ago
1977 beats by a mile copycat song 2022, it has more soul, staying alive long live Bee gees, wrong title for song, it is so funny
Spyder Harrison Spyder Harrison . 2 days ago
you are right ON...a mess..blew it on the sample especially..coulda tore it up!
Yeah this Khaled is super mediocre
ToxiiC ToxiiC . 4 days ago
Y´all trippin, this is a hit
Alwande Mhlongo Alwande Mhlongo . 4 days ago
it’s good.
Cruz Valdez Cruz Valdez . 4 days ago
Song is beyond mid. People needa stop letting drake get away with these mid songs. “I liked this song” and “honestly, nevermind is a good album”. They’re just afraid to admit he’s making weak music 🤦🏽‍♂️
SlowMotion SlowMotion . 4 days ago
Its a chill song to me. Not no party shit
Iron Cardinal Iron Cardinal . 5 days ago
“It’s a Vibe” literally means boring now
Avery Williams Avery Williams . 5 days ago
Ur right shit is ass. Ppls standards are in hell these days
prempeh gabriel antwi prempeh gabriel antwi . 5 days ago
guille iglesias guille iglesias . 5 days ago
i like it more to the max and for free than popstar
Sam Sam . 5 days ago
2/10 for me. The lamest & corniest hook ever. It's like Drake & Lil Baby doesn't even try anymore.
Sam Sam . 5 days ago
DJ Khaled got the 2 biggest artists in the game & dropped the most MIDDEST shi I've ever heard🤢
Deon2020 Deon2020 . 5 days ago
6... but after replay 5
Abc Abc . 5 days ago
Kananelo Mazibuko Kananelo Mazibuko . 5 days ago
love this song i think they slapped period
max sanders max sanders . 6 days ago
I can’t respect either of these guys music taste now.
Antonio Washington Antonio Washington . 6 days ago
DJ khaled drop more compilation albums than biggie and pac put together 🤣
Yo it’s kai Yo it’s kai . 6 days ago
i like ed LMAOOO he was funny you should let him react with you some more sound
Oscar Silva Oscar Silva . 6 days ago
This is hard
Dmac Dmac . 6 days ago
It just wasn’t really that good
Billy Stewart Billy Stewart . 6 days ago
song is vibey but it’s so below par for drake and baby - definitely a let down. I want drake and baby to SNAP … but, played in the right setting the song is fine.. hook is good
Andrew Charles Andrew Charles . 6 days ago
I love the song just wish the verses were longer 🤷🏾‍♂️
TheBeatsAuthority TheBeatsAuthority . 6 days ago
Hahah I don't agree with you but totally understand your point!
Levon Downs Levon Downs . 6 days ago
What happened to your two other friends in the car? Just asking
Byakko_ Ty Byakko_ Ty . 6 days ago
Yall Wyyyliinnnnn. Drakes 40 pocket full bar now she on her knees..... Sleepinnnn in the streets. Way better than popstar
smiley 96 smiley 96 . 6 days ago
But it is good though..?
Profit Prophet Profit Prophet . 6 days ago
it’s not a film y’all take it way too seriously
Profit Prophet Profit Prophet . 6 days ago
y’all are more cringe than the song
Profit Prophet Profit Prophet . 6 days ago
why y’all hating so much
Minty-X-Gaming MXM Minty-X-Gaming MXM . 6 days ago
Lil baby wasn’t his “wants and needs standard”
And Drake just didn’t have a good hook and chorus was bad….
Their verses were okay but could be way better. The beat wasn’t even too good
Brownpigeon Brownpigeon . 6 days ago
Songs a nice little vibe Drake was floating but I cant lie I was expecting a whole anthem and this was not that.
Kevin Johny Kevin Johny . 6 days ago
who this new bredda you talking way too much this shit is cold 🥶
Linggo Star Linggo Star . 6 days ago
Man I felt that ish. 🤣 Aye moe Im out hea bruh. Hoes want a .3, .or .4 wit a kd of weed. Give them that oh they love you. when Drake & Lil Baby said,

“How she in love and she been over once?
It's not like I known her for months
This life, it allowed me to take what I want
It's not like I know what I want
It's not like I know what I need
I get some time, but there's no guarantees
When I was broke, she was bein' a tease
Four pockets full, now she down on her knees”

“I put my feelings aside, you want me to die, but, baby, I'm stayin' alive
'Posed to be one of a kind, you puttin' on miles, I thought you was down for the ride”

Anyone in that lifestyle, street nigga, anyone running the streets felt that ish!!!!!!! On my momma!!!!!! 💪🏾 On who Im liein?!!!!!!! And when baby said
Sheldon Stanley Sheldon Stanley . 6 days ago
yall trippin song fya
Lucas Wear Lucas Wear . 6 days ago
Common club ambition L
Phillip Mukama Phillip Mukama . 6 days ago
Lil baby killed it
Homie Hero Homie Hero . 6 days ago
I diiiieeeedddd!!! “Braid my hair again “😭😭😭😭
PrettyRadRamo PrettyRadRamo . 7 days ago
Song damn near 3.5/10 I’m not running it back but someone will 🤣
Reggie Nobles Reggie Nobles . 7 days ago
Drake is falling off
Kira Kira . 7 days ago
High Expectations be killing us never expect too much…shits a vibe tho
Souza Remodeling Company Souza Remodeling Company . 7 days ago
Did drake fall off?
alexis ramos alexis ramos . 7 days ago
Mid song tbh listened to it many times and still mid
Im on one is dj Khaled's best song in my opinion it still remains my favorite song by him and none of his songs lately have topped that one for me
Boudja Oussama Boudja Oussama . 7 days ago
take it easy graphic designer this ain't that deep nor it is that serious to begin with
song is a good vibe and the hook is amazing in my opinion
Felipe Estupiñan Felipe Estupiñan . 7 days ago
U guys act like u were expecting a full Hollywood production for sum that was strictly meant to be comical. The song is a vibe not always u need bars and them going crazy, it’s a DJ Khaled song anyways no one looking for a masterpiece. Song still gon be a vibe everywhere
Jonathan Santiago Jonathan Santiago . 7 days ago
I’m glad I don’t sub to y’all
Mornota Fi Mornota Fi . 7 days ago
Bro react to trippie redd Big 14
Jonathan Santiago Jonathan Santiago . 7 days ago
I can tell this type of music is not for y’all 😂 not all music has to be serious

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