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Published on 2 weeks ago

I Survived 100 DAYS as a SQUID in HARDCORE Minecraft! Today, I'll explore the UNDERWATER OCEAN like never before! As a SQUID, my goal is to build the BEST UNDERWATER BASE for me and my friends, explore the vast SECRETS of the OCEAN, and then finally defeat the DIVER responsible for destroying my HOME!

Borushiki Borushiki . 4 hours ago
You just did the spongebob squarepants house and patrick house and squidward house yo my god he good at building

sehhi vooty sehhi vooty . 5 hours ago
Welcome to squid games Me:wait! It's that what I think it is!
Kenneth McCullough Kenneth McCullough . 10 hours ago
Lol he made sponge bob refranace
Riley Bell Riley Bell . 10 hours ago
what mod is this?
Burt Balaba Jr. Burt Balaba Jr. . 12 hours ago
Is it just me that maxcraft did not made the statue of the angel,yeti and thor
that one taco guy that one taco guy . 17 hours ago
Draco-Gaming Draco-Gaming . 20 hours ago
Idea:100 days as a shinobi
Sammy Khadka Sammy Khadka . 23 hours ago
It is squidward house
Kay55 Kay55 . 24 hours ago
This is so cool!!! you totally earn those subs.
Raine Cyrus Flores Raine Cyrus Flores . 1 day ago
Captin sip sawed lake Mr crab
nightplayz606 nightplayz606 . 1 day ago
"uh perhaps" was perfect for the squid face
Jake_YT Jake_YT . 1 day ago
Finally spongebob is compleTe 31:42
Jayden Chailino Jayden Chailino . 1 day ago
"You've lost your marbles"
google translate:
"You've lost your balls"
1XxRavenxX1 1XxRavenxX1 . 1 day ago
Day 17 when u fought the monster i know the monster real name it was a spider crab its a crab but haves a spider legs so yeah
Les Salceda Les Salceda . 1 day ago
Your home is like SpongeBobs home
christian lee christian lee . 1 day ago
christian lee christian lee . 1 day ago
The game of squids… the squid game?
Kiedaisch1 Kiedaisch1 . 1 day ago
Wait what SpongeBob
kolim jone kolim jone . 2 days ago
Also nice collaboration with other youtubers such as PrincessHana (The Baby Seal) and others. Easy to identify popular YouTubers
・Skylar・ ・Skylar・ . 2 days ago
who lives in a Pinapple under de sea?? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS ✨
Toxic Child Toxic Child . 2 days ago
That was a really funny reference to the series squid game
Jean Pierre Jean Pierre . 2 days ago
nice spongebob neighborhood recreation also there was a Chicken in the middle of the last battle
Blue Blue . 2 days ago
Become a crab
Isemanie Saint Jean Isemanie Saint Jean . 2 days ago
It was squid word get it
Ma. Blesselda Escueta Ma. Blesselda Escueta . 2 days ago
yo your new home 🏠 luklik
sus ninja sus ninja . 2 days ago
Fish:im an innocent creture to:(
Ascending Axolotl Ascending Axolotl . 2 days ago
UHHHH not nice fishy
Les Salceda Les Salceda . 2 days ago
Wait so guardians are friendly? they're friendly to squid but not dolphins?
maxcraft: *cooking fish* minecraft: fire in water🤓
vbddfy euuyt vbddfy euuyt . 2 days ago
quest, then the other ones, and finally has a stall of ‘finding main enemy’ and killing and fights it. Edit: (Sometimes the format is changed)
Judyann Dela cruz Judyann Dela cruz . 2 days ago
John Andrei Cura Aniban John Andrei Cura Aniban . 2 days ago
Shon Chang Shon Chang . 2 days ago
Get 1 million suscriber!
Daily Trending Daily Trending . 2 days ago
go max
Hybrid Nate Dogg Hybrid Nate Dogg . 2 days ago
its very cool that you made an entire monument of bikini bottom from spongebob as your base and that to me is definitely an iconic thing to behold and it fits great with being a squid
Stanley Rymer Stanley Rymer . 3 days ago
it's cringe because it is already even friend and he just puts it there
Stanley Rymer Stanley Rymer . 3 days ago
this is cringe
Sharks and Farts! Sharks and Farts! . 3 days ago
squid games

im everywhere
glenda sparks glenda sparks . 3 days ago
In the. Tournament
glenda sparks glenda sparks . 3 days ago
Scholium sounds like squidward
Brian Rieger Brian Rieger . 3 days ago
How did he even get the wood on day 2
mark pridemore mark pridemore . 3 days ago
At 36:09 why is there chicken fighting with them?
Squib Squib . 3 days ago
what i thought the squid game was:
Armani Gonzalez Armani Gonzalez . 3 days ago
“The squid games” lol
Kgc gaming Kgc gaming . 3 days ago
Kgc gaming Kgc gaming . 3 days ago
koiun dwrru koiun dwrru . 3 days ago
Your base at 23:04, looked like squidward’s house from SpongeBob Edit: now all the bases at 31:52 looks like they’re all from SpongeBob
be shark max
Matteo Malvecino Matteo Malvecino . 3 days ago
Caldwell: Its my Old one. Dont need it anyore
Pickaxe littarly no damage
Theo Joerwin Espina Theo Joerwin Espina . 3 days ago
Still a baby some stranger give you a water bottle you drink it you become a adult and you jsut had to drink a bottle of water

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