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Published on 2 weeks ago

Aphmau welcomes Lucinda to the server with the help of Ghost Cat!
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Vincent Solsona Vincent Solsona . 39 minutes ago
I haven't watched her content in months instantly wanting to watch more of her content
ethan cuevas gameing ethan cuevas gameing . 4 hours ago
you got rick rolled
★Rasazy YT★ ★Rasazy YT★ . 6 hours ago
Casually watches with %3 charge
Krew Bread Krew Bread . 7 hours ago
we need a plushie of ghost cat for sure
Michelle Hitchcock Michelle Hitchcock . 7 hours ago
We need this as a plushie please😁❤️
Olga Covarrubias Olga Covarrubias . 8 hours ago
I got your meemeows
Paldi Iki Paldi Iki . 10 hours ago
10000000000000000😉 ❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👌
NotGoldenz NotGoldenz . 13 hours ago
i see the little kitty in ur inv
Marites Canoog Marites Canoog . 14 hours ago
You've been trolled
Rocking Star Rocking Star . 15 hours ago
•《Lynn~Lynn》• •《Lynn~Lynn》• . 17 hours ago
Patsy Howell Patsy Howell . 17 hours ago
Lucinda i miss you so much
🔴Wanda Stan🔴 🔴Wanda Stan🔴 . 17 hours ago
Lucinda reminds me of lunar from Krew bcz both are witch’s and both like cats
scaredy kitty scaredy kitty . 18 hours ago
Yay Lucinda's back now I just want Caitlin to come back
ShukiSushi ShukiSushi . 19 hours ago
Omg I just finished watching my street!! I know it’s pretty old but, IM SOOO EXCITED
n1ka.._ n1ka.._ . 21 hours ago
You brought Lucinda back!!!
Jesse Dizon Jesse Dizon . 22 hours ago
That is so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
PuppyB123 PuppyB123 . 23 hours ago
Why is Zane still her best friends?
Alisha Miller Alisha Miller . 24 hours ago
Wait does she play as Aaron’s sister bc she said offmau like she did
Alisha Miller Alisha Miller . 24 hours ago
Can you please make a mod we can use to get meemeows
Alisha Miller Alisha Miller . 1 day ago
I love her
Hadg Hadg . 1 day ago
Roblox and the family are doing fine here and we have fun with them and I will send
Hi 👋 and cute 😍 thanks again 😘 I love 💘 and queen ava 💖 💗 I love you so good guy who wants me back to you 💗
Вероника Бумбуль Вероника Бумбуль . 1 day ago
Хейтеры самые лучшие
Ninjawarlock284 Ninjawarlock284 . 1 day ago
Dee Anne Dee Anne . 1 day ago
This is amazing not only because of Lucinda but because of the storyline itself <3 and it can literally be a storyline to a movie
Petals Party Time!!! Petals Party Time!!! . 1 day ago
Pierce be nice said Lucinda
Janette Baiul Janette Baiul . 1 day ago
I think you should put Lucinda in more vids it would be nice 💯🎈
Janette Baiul Janette Baiul . 1 day ago
I love your vids so much keep it up Aphmau!🌟⭐✨💫🎉🤩
Guficraft Guficraft . 1 day ago
Lusinda!?!?! I MISS HER!
Aphmau could you do MORE videos with her?
《`Ashie-¿`》 《`Ashie-¿`》 . 1 day ago
I heard lucinda joined.

nur syakila maisara mohd fadzli nur syakila maisara mohd fadzli . 1 day ago
Marcuz Xander Nava Marcuz Xander Nava . 1 day ago
WHY is minecraft so famous?
Hannah Echols Hannah Echols . 1 day ago
Ahhhh I’m so happy she back I miss her so much.
jinxed jackel jinxed jackel . 2 days ago
I hope you keep Lucinda
Marlee Marlee . 2 days ago
Yay she’s back Lucinda is back I love her skin :3

I love when pierce blows her up and then he’s like “why did I blow up my front yard?”
112 watches 112 watches . 2 days ago
Kaylee Leung Kaylee Leung . 2 days ago
Aww cute
Melody C Melody C . 2 days ago
add kateleyn and lucinda it will be chaos... we will love it all
C Albin C Albin . 2 days ago
Welcome back Lucinda !!!!!!
}}Moonlight Starlight{{ }}Moonlight Starlight{{ . 2 days ago
Yay Lucinda back :)
Raja Haider Raja Haider . 2 days ago
Blue Blue . 2 days ago
Chonky cat
Kuri's children world Kuri's children world . 2 days ago
Your so kind aphmau
Grim Fizzy Grim Fizzy . 2 days ago
Pp /spawn /spawn /spawn /spawn /spawn /spawn /spawn /spawn
Skelly☠Rei Skelly☠Rei . 2 days ago
I👏 want 👏 a 👏 ghost 👏 cat 👏 Memeow 👏
Edit: Spoopy Chonker
jason lopez jason lopez . 2 days ago
ahpmau how to join your server (it's ok if you didn't look at this comment😁)
Toasty Cheese Toasty Cheese . 2 days ago
•iKitty• •iKitty• . 2 days ago
Lucinda is amazing! Thank you for bringing her back Aphmau!!
Just a drone Just a drone . 2 days ago
Everyone is ignoring me when I watch aphmal

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