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MrLboyd Reacts

MrLboyd Reacts

Published on 2 weeks ago


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Misty Conrad Misty Conrad . 18 hours ago
I LOVE your reactions! Especially when you try to explain R-rated lyrics in a PG way! HA! LOVE!
Scott Calder Scott Calder . 1 day ago
Yup, current Em. Lyrics maybe written then but this is a new track…basically
Kholtin Grant Kholtin Grant . 3 days ago
We need a The Game, Black Slim Shady reaction (Eminem diss)
Joey Micael Joey Micael . 5 days ago
kashwami kashwami . 5 days ago
“Im feeling your vibe, let me be your vibrator” i hate that line :/
kashwami kashwami . 5 days ago
Idk why but i just dont like the song
PhunkFl3xn PhunkFl3xn . 7 days ago
Benzo is for anxiety, seizures, its callms you down.
Sjovfis Sjovfis . 1 week ago
Am i hearing it right? Eminem is actually introducing 50 as shifty? Shady rubbed off on him and 50 became shifty?
Marsupial32 Marsupial32 . 1 week ago
Emily Rose is the girl from The exorcism of Emily Rose and she is possessed by the devil.
Matt Rainwater Matt Rainwater . 1 week ago
Both dudes went hard. However , you can tell on majority of tracks they do together Em holds back a bit. Which actually makes for a better song imo.

Just kinda wondering what 50s verse had to do with the theme of the song haha. Still went hard though! 🌀🤙🏻
Rakelly Makaveli Rakelly Makaveli . 1 week ago
I was a stripper who didn’t strip 😂😂😂 what the hell is going. He basically saying just bc she’s a stripper doesn’t make her a hoe. Virgin is just him saying a girl who isn’t a slut. Remember he doesn’t like girls like that. Idk he summed up my life. How?
Rakelly Makaveli Rakelly Makaveli . 1 week ago
Benzos is anxiety medicine that helps u relax. I take those and been tagging him in my stuff. I stated I take anxiety meds 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m emotional, haven’t been w/ like no one it’s on my page, yes I have the body of a supermodel and I’m real. So “digging your whole memo” after I tagged him two daes later he released this. Wild. Not trying to be vain. But what’s the chances. Oh and I have bars.
Timothy Clark Timothy Clark . 1 week ago
Wild how two of the best verses I have ever heard from 50 and snoop come with this album.
Christoph Ze destroyer Christoph Ze destroyer . 1 week ago
Ok. It’s time to release all unreleased encore/relapse songs into one album. I need more!
RetroMonger RetroMonger . 1 week ago
50's best verse? I don't know about that. Hustler's Ambition, Man's World, Many Men, In Da Club..hell even his verse on Magic Stick was dope as hell. The verse on this is great, don't get me wrong, but best? I'd have to argue that one.
Len M. Len M. . 1 week ago
R-I-P to R-A-P
E-M-I-N-E-M's back with the D-R-E,
and I'm the S-L-I-M (What?) S-H-A-D-Y (Woo)
I'm H-I-G-H (Yeah), yeah, baby, Hi (Ha)
And not afraid of Heights, and the B-O-D-Y
Is C-R to the A-Z-Y, the G-U-Y
With the mother-F-U-C-K I-N
C-H-A-I-N-S-A-W and the W-H-I-S-K-E-Y
And I don't wanna trouble you, wait
But before you skate, I'd like to try to break the Ice
Like a frozen Lake, so you'll fall(aaah), stay the Night
Say, like Eight or Nine
'Cause on a Scale of One to Ten, that's how I rate your Vibe
Let me be your Vibrator (Get it?)
Your Body's slammin' like André the Giant
Two wrongs make a right
Let me take you by the Arm, I'm Alligator-like (Bite her Arm)
Gal, I waited all my Life for you,
Heart is racin' like Talladega Nights
Sick Minds think alike, Girl, you got me singin', like

Girl, I've been watchin' what you do
Baby, I ain't never met a Woman quite like you (Like you)
So tell me what I gotta do
I've never been with a Virgin, but I'd sure like to (Yeah)
Is this Love that I'm feelin'? (That I'm feelin')
How do I describe the Vibe that I'm feelin' inside?
I'm in the Mood for sexual healin' (I'm fallin')

Girl, I'm diggin' your whole MO
Give me a go, you're throwin' Innuendos
Keep sendin' me Smoke Signals (Yeah)
Everything's movin', spinning in slow
M-O-T-I-O-N now anything goes, Earlobe
Nibbling, so gentle, then we disrobe, she goes
Emily Rose, middle of givin' me Dome, she froze
Literally goes mental, screams she's broke, fragile
Empty and so brittle, Henny and Coke
Can make Women emotional
Told her she ain't just some Twenty-Some Year Old Bimbo
Then we indulged in so many of those Benzos
That I proposed, then gave the Strippers a Pole
"Finish me, Ma!" Then doze, then we awoke
Like, "Yo, did we Elope?" Give me a Jolt
My Mind's blank, I'm sipping in hopes it'll
Jog it, I thought this was a Memory Foam Pillow
Then why the fuck are we remembering so little?

Girl, I've been watchin' what you do
Baby, I ain't never met a Woman quite like you (Like you)
So tell me what I gotta do
I've never been with a Virgin, but I'd sure like to (Yeah)
Is this Love that I'm feelin'? (That I'm feelin')
How do I describe the Vibe that I'm feelin' inside?
I'm in the Mood for sexual healin', 50! (I'm fallin')

I kill a Bitch with a Potato Peeler for the Skrilla
I'm finna skin a Sinner, dick robbed, like Bruce Jenner
Long time, interest me all I Like it like I like Snuff Flicks, sip Piss, eat Shit. You're workin' my Nerves, louder now, come on, Bark, bitch
Hi, I'm Shady's Crony, Shady done rubbed off on me
Yeah, Bitch, bow me 'fore he used the Chainsaw for me
After you see my G-U-N in a Pine Box we will see you
And you can't believe it's me again
I -B-I-G -T-I-M-E -K-I-L-L very W-E-L-L
Go to Hell, R-U-N, T-E-L-L
I'm coming, straight dumbin' with my Gun in
Hand, there's no Options, I'm P-O-P-P-I-N
Ya dyin', Doc's still tryin' to save you
If you survive, I'ma show you what the Gauge do
I'm the type there's nothing you can say to
(Ayo, bring that Hook)

Girl, I've been watchin' what you do
Baby, I ain't never met a Woman quite like you (Like you)
So tell me what I gotta do
I've never been with a Virgin, but I'd sure like to (Yeah)
Is this love that I'm feelin'? (That I'm feelin')
How do I describe the Vibe that I'm feelin' inside?
I'm in the Mood for sexual healin' (I'm fallin')
Eric B Eric B . 1 week ago
Great reaction great song
I absolutely love eminems 3AM I love his darker material and his flow on that track is 🔥
Todd Horton Todd Horton . 1 week ago
Eminem Vegas
Holger Schűssler Holger Schűssler . 1 week ago
This can't be from 2009....Bruce Jenner changed sexes in 2014!
BlinkGames BlinkGames . 1 week ago
I think he specifically likes this specific type of content ok?
Jake from Youtube Jake from Youtube . 1 week ago
I specifically would like to see you react specifically to the song "Wicked Ways" by Eminem, specifically of course. I think you would specifically like that specific Eminem song.
Sera Sera . 1 week ago
It’s… that’s not funny… laughs… tries to hide smirk and more laugh.

Lol you held it in way better than I did lmao
Sack the Bastard Sack the Bastard . 1 week ago
If you want to hear insane cadences listen to his Tim Westwood freestyle
Florian Florian . 1 week ago
"hahahahaha.... no that's not funny !"
Sawyer Bloxham Sawyer Bloxham . 1 week ago
I want to rap as good as Eminem one day.
ScroogeDatDude ScroogeDatDude . 1 week ago
Em wrote 50 verse, I can see why it was left off
this song will covered into rhyme scheme colors 🤣🤣🤣
Brad Barnett Brad Barnett . 1 week ago
PIERCE THE VEIL – King For A Day (Cover by @Lauren Babic & @YoungRippa59
ecliptiglyphx ecliptiglyphx . 1 week ago
Double entendres. "Giving me dome": Head. "Benzos": Short for Benzino. (A rapper who's career he destroyed). He make the Benzino references regularly.
Mark Knight Mark Knight . 1 week ago
This is Over Hyped 🗑️ It's been over Stans !!! Em is washed
Nick Pearce Nick Pearce . 1 week ago
Unreleased song from 2009, bloody good one as well.
ChrisP INFJ ChrisP INFJ . 1 week ago
definitely a maser of your craft, one of the best reactors out there. in my top 3
ReallyStupidGaming ReallyStupidGaming . 1 week ago
i thought he said shadies colleague lol
Matthew Roseberry Matthew Roseberry . 1 week ago
If you listen to Godzilla again on the new album he changed the word alcohol to adderall in the first verse.
MingYin Gordo MingYin Gordo . 1 week ago
I remember Jolt cola
MingYin Gordo MingYin Gordo . 1 week ago
Walking on the eggshells
Allen Smith. {aAffect.} Allen Smith. {aAffect.} . 1 week ago
Hi I am shadys colleague.
Allen Smith. {aAffect.} Allen Smith. {aAffect.} . 1 week ago
Chemical burns - sadistik ft. Eyedea.
Darian Darian . 1 week ago
definitely not one of 50's best verses content wise, but that flow was slick as ever
Joshua Johnson Joshua Johnson . 1 week ago
Right I immediately thought I was hearing biggie on 50s verse
T Cook T Cook . 1 week ago
Bruh why don't you listen to
player 69 player 69 . 1 week ago
That last 50 Bar is a nice double entendre,
bryan coxson bryan coxson . 1 week ago
Mac dre, I'm in motion official video
Jxstified Jxstified . 1 week ago
Bruh 50 and EM went crazy...
Luis Servan Luis Servan . 1 week ago
Love Game and Wicked Ways are a couple personal favorites I don't hear much of from others
Omar Daniel Fourie Omar Daniel Fourie . 1 week ago
Please watch and react to the metal cover of the song Africa by Leo Moracchioli aaaand watch the video to the very end. You will see what I mean.
Mitchell Purdy Mitchell Purdy . 1 week ago
Love your breakdown of all your reactions.I subscribed months ago.Keep up the good work.
Also is this 09 why it says 09??
KID AT PLAY KID AT PLAY . 1 week ago
bruce lost his nuts in 2015 ?? but this came out in 2009 ??? calling cap on 09'
Brian Banek Brian Banek . 1 week ago
pretty sure that line is "hi, I'm shady's commie" as in comrade

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