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Published on 4 years ago

iStand Nation iStand Nation . 1 hour ago
Amazing 🤩 2022 n beYOnD
Tayzha Sexton Tayzha Sexton . 2 hours ago
Every time I listen to this song no matter where I am, I always cry. ICONIC ✨
Unruly Rebel Unruly Rebel . 2 hours ago
The Beat is very addictive and her voice is very unique, my God i got chills when I heard it first, made me realize this generation of music got nothing on them old songs back then
AndrewL AndrewL . 2 hours ago
Wow 1994 was 4 years ago I’m old…
Kidcore mushroom Kidcore mushroom . 2 hours ago
She sounds so beautiful live tho ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Butter_sock240 Butter_sock240 . 4 hours ago
I was just thinking, this sounds exactly like the album. Then I realized they probably didn’t use nearly as much auto tune in the 80s. Pretty cool
土留色 土留色 . 6 hours ago
Amanda_;-; Amanda_;-; . 6 hours ago
Só consigo lembrar da Max de ST kkkkkakakaa
אפרת ברוך אפרת ברוך . 6 hours ago
השנים הכי יפות של המוזיקה
Manguta84 Manguta84 . 6 hours ago
Thanks Max
Alexis Serrano Alexis Serrano . 7 hours ago
If you can read this. Thanks for giving us this gift that makes our minds fly in my case from latin america to the other side of the World . Kate😍😍
اساور اساور . 7 hours ago
صوتها فخم
SummerMate SummerMate . 7 hours ago
Why do i keep getting recommended for this song, but i am starting to like it now
Ruell Smith Ruell Smith . 9 hours ago
No. The song was not ahead of its times. The world was just not ready and never will be fully ready to appreciate such a genius woman. I said it.
Aleksa Zagric Aleksa Zagric . 10 hours ago
If stranger Things wasnt there this wouldnt be 1 of my favorite songs and i would Never know abt it
MarsKGarrs MarsKGarrs . 11 hours ago
This is way before it's time, or rather very influential STILL. This is like Bears Den and First Aid Kit made a masterpiece.
Nektarine350 Nektarine350 . 11 hours ago
The only reason why people like this song is because it was in stranger things
ოel Jackson ოel Jackson . 13 hours ago
0:30 .......
Sylvia Corwin Sylvia Corwin . 16 hours ago
Oh to have been present at this performance! So powerful.
Dawid Kopyra Dawid Kopyra . 16 hours ago
Davey J. Davey J. . 19 hours ago
Back again to watch her, love this performance, the crowd clapping and the whole vibe 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Sara Gaming YT #GYSC Sara Gaming YT #GYSC . 24 hours ago
istg if i hear this song 1 time its great and all but
H.R.H Trillian H.R.H Trillian . 1 day ago
Little did they know they were listening to a future hit
Lily Cristine Lily Cristine . 1 day ago
Your voice is amaizing!!!❤Pretty woman
magic8023 magic8023 . 1 day ago
I was born on 1983 but I love this song
ItsBug ItsBug . 1 day ago
pancha pancha . 1 day ago
hes a really cool guy, hes got cool shoes, hes got a cool shirt did i mention the shirt? if you ever got the chance to meet him, you’d know why i’d want to be him. he walks into a room and everyone respects him (i dont remember) and doesnt let that shit affect him he’s really happy he’s thrilled to be alive, his name is any white-guy in 1985.
Enchanted Thunder Enchanted Thunder . 1 day ago
Kate Bush stands out as one of the eighties and nineties Musical geniuses. Big fan for years.
Nunya Bizness Nunya Bizness . 1 day ago
That voice, those mannerisms ... amazing!
Derek Anderson Derek Anderson . 1 day ago
Man, I heard this song like three times today. This song is making a comeback. It's all over the radio stations in south central Kentucky! I'm not joking!!!!!!!
The Musical Hummingbirds The Musical Hummingbirds . 1 day ago
Who else is here in 2022?
Dan Deflumeri Dan Deflumeri . 1 day ago
I don't know stranger things from the twilight zone but thanks for bringing back a great song
Adrian 77 Adrian 77 . 1 day ago
4 year anniversary of this video
Laurent lopez Laurent lopez . 1 day ago
2003baphomet 2003baphomet . 1 day ago
It’s happy to them 👂
Bjørn Jensen Bjørn Jensen . 1 day ago
Make deal with yourself to be happy again
Swift Swift . 1 day ago
Her voice is just so like cool
GxaxlerBoy GxaxlerBoy . 1 day ago
Stranger things
Larry Solis Larry Solis . 1 day ago
August 8,2022 and I'm hearing this song for the very first time not realizing that it came out years ago 🤔..
At 60 years old I'm a brand new Kate Bush fan 🤗!!
Adrian Celis Adrian Celis . 1 day ago
es que no hablo inglés
Adrian Celis Adrian Celis . 1 day ago
Es la de stranger things 4
Javier art Ortega González Javier art Ortega González . 2 days ago
que temazo
Insom Nia Insom Nia . 2 days ago
At this point I'm glad I can still hear this wonderful song as a cover of Placebo, because now almost every stupid clip has been subverted with Kate Bush's original. And for me personally this song was ruined by the EXTREME mainstream! Calm down people! Enjoy the song but don't mess it up!!!!!!!!!!!!
jannick harambe jannick harambe . 2 days ago
damn thats one hell of a performance. Really expressive
really good, love it!
Leslie Lellie Leslie Lellie . 2 days ago
It is in stranger things now
Jimmy Frost Jimmy Frost . 2 days ago
The 80s has saved music, cinema and fashion several times now.
ObsoletePowerCorrupts ObsoletePowerCorrupts . 2 days ago
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Coral_PlayZ Coral_PlayZ . 2 days ago
It wasn't in the 80s if you watch the original song it says created in 2011
EldinGamez EldinGamez . 2 days ago
It’s a good thing that stranger things used this or this song would probably have died out by now.

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