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Omar Raja - ESPN

Omar Raja - ESPN

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Mark Berg Mark Berg . 19 hours ago
id say she threw it a little too high
David Marvy David Marvy . 6 days ago
That tackle was uncalled for. I wonder if u could press charges for that. Security are just regular people. They're not cops with special rules that say they can kill people and not even lose their job.
Like Teemu Like Teemu . 7 days ago
Hehe women☕️
jjm13 jjm13 . 1 week ago
Do better Omar
Dice Man 113 Dice Man 113 . 1 week ago
3rd missed just like he will in his father hood
Brian B Brian B . 1 week ago
No one is mentioning how the light survived the softball…
Cavachoncx3 Cavachoncx3 . 1 week ago
Follow Jesus and God
Man Yogurt Man Yogurt . 1 week ago
A sports facility with no guards to protect the light bulbs, priceless.
Michael St Michael St . 1 week ago
WTF was the first girl doing. Is she trying to throw harder like this? 😂😂😂😂 Listen, usually when u get out of kindrrgarten, u grow up!!
maher channel قناة ماهر maher channel قناة ماهر . 1 week ago
I didn't find it very funny
Prince Igor Prince Igor . 1 week ago
Zac brown band is better at tackling people than making music lol
I.n.k_VR I.n.k_VR . 1 week ago
Follow Jesus Christ footstep’s
ZaYz Ø ZaYz Ø . 1 week ago
Jesus loves you too
I love Jeff Hardy I love Jeff Hardy . 1 week ago
2nd guy felt like a WWE scenario. SPEAR BY EDGEEEE
blaed blaed . 1 week ago
the second dude was literally just laid out and didn’t move
Jared Miller Jared Miller . 1 week ago
I took a softball to the shin when I was younger. Oddly enough it didn’t really hurt lol. It just bounced over the fence
AROB PROD. AROB PROD. . 1 week ago
The Bodyguard really
Bodied that one guy
AmeerSirhan99 AmeerSirhan99 . 1 week ago
Women ☕
DbleChsebrgrOnlyKtchup DbleChsebrgrOnlyKtchup . 1 week ago
Coach in first clip : ok 😳… maybe pitching just isn’t your strong suit 😅
Mohammad Ghorbani Mohammad Ghorbani . 1 week ago
Wtf she doing
Lars - Off Colors' Cpt. Lars - Off Colors' Cpt. . 1 week ago
"gIRLs arE jUsT as GOoD AT spOrTS"
LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Sricharan LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Sricharan . 1 week ago
Haha women.
Luke Palladino Luke Palladino . 1 week ago
The umpires now days would have probably called that a STRIKE!! 😳🤣🤣👉
Benjamin Krawetzki Benjamin Krawetzki . 1 week ago
the last one was my past in a nutshell
polyfloralhoney polyfloralhoney . 1 week ago
Gender reveal shots are always missed horribly. They can never talk shit about NBA free-throws after that
SSJey Freeman01 SSJey Freeman01 . 1 week ago
Second guy got hit by Goldberg
😉Ya boy Wink😉 😉Ya boy Wink😉 . 1 week ago
How do you throw the ball up
BAŁŁ3R PR0D. BAŁŁ3R PR0D. . 1 week ago
Women: our sports are just as good as men’s
Their sports: 💡🔨🥴
Not Elf Not Elf . 1 week ago
Cursing is a sin and so is Insulting, using God's name in vain and Rude and Crude joking. Repent right now.
Not Elf Not Elf . 1 week ago
Cursing is a sin and so is Insulting, using God's name in vain and Rude and Crude joking. Repent right now.
Not Elf Not Elf . 1 week ago
Cursing is a sin and so is Insulting, using God's name in vain and Rude and Crude joking. Repent right now.
Josaiah Justine Gaming Josaiah Justine Gaming . 2 weeks ago
Woman ☕ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Obamna Obamna . 2 weeks ago
That's why Zac Brown is a HOF country singer.
Kaya Howell-Cohen Kaya Howell-Cohen . 2 weeks ago
Concieted174 Concieted174 . 2 weeks ago
Spear spear spear that dude had to play football 😂😂
KingX Official KingX Official . 2 weeks ago
Taco fall how did you miss the whole backboard bro 😭
Nehemiah Edmonson Nehemiah Edmonson . 2 weeks ago
That was like a Goldberg spear
Jack-O Jack-O . 2 weeks ago
What kind of goofy through was that in the first one
BigMac57 BigMac57 . 2 weeks ago
Lol you go girl
Pretty accurate for softball
Jaiden Thomas Jaiden Thomas . 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or does the 3rd clip not make sense?
MrDemon MrDemon . 2 weeks ago
That most of hurt the las clip ouch I feel the pain
miguel rico miguel rico . 2 weeks ago
Why dose soft ball have yo throw underhand i t doent make sense
Wicked Smaht Luke Wicked Smaht Luke . 2 weeks ago
The first one is why women shouldn’t play sports
relser relser . 2 weeks ago
A changeup for the ages!
Mandobrickz Mandobrickz . 2 weeks ago
The zac brown band after the concert:

J.J, I told you not to kill any people that just get on the stage I told you to hold them custody
Bruh Gaming Bruh Gaming . 2 weeks ago
Third guys throw was so bad a baby was crying
Lucas Penland Lucas Penland . 2 weeks ago
man had good tackling form on that tackle
DJ and Drakes shorts DJ and Drakes shorts . 2 weeks ago
phantom ski phantom ski . 2 weeks ago
Softball moment

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