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Luke Combs

Luke Combs

Published on 4 months ago

Carmen Watson Carmen Watson . 3 days ago
CLAWS & FLAWS CLAWS & FLAWS . 2 months ago
A A . 2 months ago
He played this song live at CMA fest, it sounded so good! I posted a video of it, give it a watch!
Kingbowser30 Kingbowser30 . 2 months ago
I'm from England and was so glad I saw him at c2c this year I do nothing but pump out his songs wherever I go just to introduce him to more people !!!
Geez49 Geez49 . 2 months ago
Charlotte Ng Charlotte Ng . 2 months ago
Jacob Fale Jacob Fale . 3 months ago
When will it release
Raquel Teasyatoh Raquel Teasyatoh . 3 months ago
Can't wait for this album to drop. Love this song.🥰🥰😍😍👍👍
Kayla Cochran Kayla Cochran . 3 months ago
Pleaseeeeee release this one 😍
Jacob Clark Jacob Clark . 3 months ago
Can’t wait brother!
ashley** ashley** . 3 months ago
Isabel Rivers Isabel Rivers . 3 months ago
literally have listened to this like 10000 times, this is why you're my favorite country singer <333
Daniel Amos Jr. Daniel Amos Jr. . 3 months ago
This is a number 1 song no doubt
Reported Eye0912 Reported Eye0912 . 3 months ago
Sounds a bit different from what kind of music I hear you make but it sounds great. Can't wait to hear the full song
Bobby Talbert Bobby Talbert . 3 months ago
Love the music buddy. Keep up the great work love you buddy
Big bubba 33 Big bubba 33 . 3 months ago
Congratulations Luke combs for new music 🎵🥇🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏆🎸
SPC Calhoun 4653 Life Safety SPC Calhoun 4653 Life Safety . 3 months ago
I hope the album will release on my bday so I can jam out all day in my car driving (when I turn 16)
Haybug 1910 Haybug 1910 . 4 months ago
make this🥹
Justgivememakeup Justgivememakeup . 4 months ago
There is not a single song this man has come out with that I haven’t truly enjoyed!!! He is extremely talented and just brings country music to life!
Brady Brown Brady Brown . 4 months ago
Imagined if he released a full acoustic version
Mikaella Jarrett Mikaella Jarrett . 4 months ago
Omg to see it come to fruition from that one snippit from the bus!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Can't wait for this one!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cammie Cammie . 4 months ago
When are we getting this full today?x
ClipsMaster Productions ClipsMaster Productions . 4 months ago
Gold groovy!
The Holy Activist The Holy Activist . 4 months ago
I'd call into work to catch a show and a dance with you 💜
Allie Dean Allie Dean . 4 months ago
Sounds so good!
Ttvbreezy245 raw _Thief20 Ttvbreezy245 raw _Thief20 . 4 months ago
🔥🔥 to hit number one
Rob Wilburn Rob Wilburn . 4 months ago
This is a sure fire hit....
Please tell me when its raining is on this album
Justin Hensley Justin Hensley . 4 months ago
I wish you would release this
Troy1lI Troy1lI . 4 months ago
This makes me feel like I'm listening to Jeff Bates Rainbow Man album
Cecilia Garza Cecilia Garza . 4 months ago
Dirk Ritzert Dirk Ritzert . 4 months ago
Have this on repeat all day at work.. I can’t quit listening to it. Appreciate you.
skyler burandt skyler burandt . 4 months ago
I like it post it plz
Matthew Proctor Matthew Proctor . 4 months ago
Cant wait
Michael Down Michael Down . 4 months ago
When is the release date
Sarah Cargill Sarah Cargill . 4 months ago
I can’t wait to hear the songs he writes about his son 🥹
Nicole Nicole . 4 months ago
Love it!
Jay Paul Jay Paul . 4 months ago
Is there a release date for this or will it be on the new album
Leah Ogle Leah Ogle . 4 months ago
Lynda Lynda . 4 months ago
Right on
Gabrielle Gabrielle . 4 months ago
Sittin in Boone, Just thinking about you. Let’s getting some candles burnin… keep doing what you are doin to me. Let the passion take us to another placeeeee
Christy Romay Christy Romay . 4 months ago
Quit teasing me.... I have to hear the rest ❤️ Please play it at Stagecoach!!!!
NUKE PROD NUKE PROD . 4 months ago
Luke can’t make a bad song. And Luke if you see this comment plz Plz plz reply to me
Sweetsquad ☻ Sweetsquad ☻ . 4 months ago
Sav Sav . 4 months ago
He can never make a bad song stg
Addy And Natty Time!! Addy And Natty Time!! . 4 months ago
OMG so good love your SONGS can wait until i go see your CONCERT IN NOV 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nakita Butcher Nakita Butcher . 4 months ago
Oh shit! This is gonna be good!
berd games berd games . 4 months ago
Sounds good
Ryder Estep Ryder Estep . 4 months ago
Hey luke will u fav mine ur my fav singer
KieraLynn KieraLynn . 4 months ago
I’m your biggest fan I want to meet you so badly when I’m older I love you so much
Renee Saunders Renee Saunders . 4 months ago
When I sign it it just roles right of the tung you know and it make my heart feel all warm your song are beautiful ok its the best music I’m ever gonna listen to u need to keep making good music and please don’t kinda mix it with like hip hop and rap because only country music and your country music makes people feel good ok just know I hope you have a good day 😉

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