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Published on 3 weeks ago

"Victoria’s Secret" Out Now!

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Laura Floris Laura Floris . 7 minutes ago
I’m obsessed with this song
Taylor Gray Taylor Gray . 24 minutes ago
I just wanted to say congrats as you are no. 57 in the top 100 music videos for Australia 🥳
Rohan Rohan . 1 hour ago
So Victoria’s Secret was created by a guy but the guy who lives in Ohio didn’t create it, he owns L brands which is the parent company for Bath and body works, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and fitch and The limited. Also the guy stepped down as ceo a couple of years back.
isabellaxoo isabellaxoo . 2 hours ago
I shared this to Facebook a while ago, it quickly got deleted! 💀 guess who's gonna keep sharing this??🙌🏻🙌🏻
Seraphim.Eleven Seraphim.Eleven . 3 hours ago
Lily B Lily B . 3 hours ago
And I did it to
Lily B Lily B . 3 hours ago
I’m crying because I thought I was fat and u eat a lot talkies are in my belly right now
craigsmith solar craigsmith solar . 4 hours ago
Omg I just love this so much
𝖈𝖗𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖑 𝖈𝖗𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖑 . 4 hours ago
people judge me for being a little bit fat
Curt Curt Curt Curt . 4 hours ago
I heard this song in my gym!🥳 But they had to turn it off.😭
Edwin Cancel Edwin Cancel . 4 hours ago
I'm an old man in my 40's telling my daughters that they are perfect...your song made me cry, scream it from the rooftops!!
kerrylynn2789 kerrylynn2789 . 4 hours ago
This new song is my favourite
Ty Ty . 4 hours ago
I love your guises dance moves
Monica Hart Monica Hart . 5 hours ago
They so need a love emo
Zamya Alaxenda Zamya Alaxenda . 6 hours ago
AURORA AURORA . 6 hours ago
I am going to do a better one
Caydence Spears Caydence Spears . 6 hours ago
Merritt Baxley Merritt Baxley . 6 hours ago
Please keep crashing big business that are now for women but against them! You are a hero.
Sandra Geraghty Sandra Geraghty . 7 hours ago
This is the sweetest song I've ever
Heard I've been insecure about
Body so many times thank you
For making this song I don't feel
That insecure about my body
That much but this is the
Best song I've heard in a
Long long tim I love it
Qetzayah Johnson Qetzayah Johnson . 8 hours ago
me and my friend love this song you are so pretty this a great song can you come down to round rock we love you we are all beautiful in are own way
Shalane Adrian Shalane Adrian . 8 hours ago
Girl you keep f*^#ing rocking it. I’m incredibly proud of how you show how it is. Im a mom to girls, you just rocked it. Keep up the amazing truth and work. 👏🏽
Daniel Groat Daniel Groat "Keeping it real" . 8 hours ago
@Jax you may find this really interesting as three girls did your song, it impressed me since your song is really becoming quite popular out there.
hessa hessa . 9 hours ago
this song is EVERYTHING, it’s funny creative and the vocals-?! it helped me get over my insecurities so much, and I love the creativity in this hole song and you most definitely deserve an applause, a BIG one ur one of the most AMAZING artists I’ve known, keep up the most amazing work<33
SunFlwer511 SunFlwer511 . 9 hours ago
POV: this song was on in the mall and you walk passed Victoria Secret: everyone in there was like~ ;-;~
Tiger tube Tiger tube . 9 hours ago
Great song but the girl in the background looks depressed thanks for making my day feel better☺️
Animal Nut Animal Nut . 10 hours ago
I love this song so much 3 years ago I was called fat a lot so this was a nice song and by the way I’ve watched everyone of your videos
Mea Bartcher Mea Bartcher . 10 hours ago
I watched this one hundred times ❤️♥️💗💓💕💌👁️👅👁️🙊( ◜‿◝ )♡
ʚ ☻K3AGSHAWA11 ☺︎ *• ILYSM ʚ ☻K3AGSHAWA11 ☺︎ *• ILYSM . 11 hours ago
Jeremy Demers Jeremy Demers . 11 hours ago
my name is victoria O_O and im a a girl
Ojayz Corner Ojayz Corner . 11 hours ago
Dean Milburn Dean Milburn . 12 hours ago
Wow great voice
Matthew Huber Matthew Huber . 12 hours ago
Absolutely epic!
Tammy Lynn Tammy Lynn . 12 hours ago
Jax thank you for singing from your heart 💜 As a young mom with a 2 kids one being a 14 year old daughter was thrilled when I heard this song .everyone is beautiful
victoria gaming star victoria gaming star . 13 hours ago
Yay my name
Mina Mina . 13 hours ago
Mile Pajic Mile Pajic . 13 hours ago
This was funny
Lucrezia Mandracchia Lucrezia Mandracchia . 14 hours ago
I’m looking at this video on repeat and crying… I genuinely feel like a part of me has been healed. This message is so powerful, thank you so much.
Nithin Nithin . 14 hours ago
why is it 480p though 😢
이태성상헌 이태성상헌 . 14 hours ago
백댄서는 돼지고 지는 말랐네
Clown Princess of Fear Clown Princess of Fear . 14 hours ago
Thank you Jax!!! FINALLY someone stands up to society for the abuse they put Women through by putting women of all shapes, sizes and body types down.. then making money off us by telling us “if you wear (name of merchandise) everyone will think your hot”

Time for Victoria’s Secret to use REAL Women, not super models. Include women of all ethnicities, body types and shapes including those with disabilities. It’s 2022 not 1950.
Kinsley Hartson Kinsley Hartson . 14 hours ago
I used to think that I was was fat because people at my school would say ur fat and ugly but after this video that changed ur my idol xoxo 😘 ur #1 FAN
Liana Liana . 14 hours ago
It’s funny cuz he actually is an old man who lives in Ohio. He was born September 8th, 1937, and his name is Les Wexner
DD DD . 14 hours ago
Thank you
Saira Naseem Saira Naseem . 15 hours ago
I loved the ending 😭 so cute im literally crying 😢 😭 ❤💯
Kate Cardinale Kate Cardinale . 15 hours ago
I work with children ages 2-5 and I’ve had some of the four and five year olds come and ask me why I was fat and if they were fat. Even at that young of an age they are aware of the judgement based on size. This song helped me so much to hear. I’m perfect the way I am and I’m going to sing this song (without cuss words) to my students. I’ll try and make it a lullaby for the younger ones too. Thank you for the inspiration Jaxx. 🫶
AURORA AURORA . 15 hours ago
The message is good the portrayal is not

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