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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Published on 1 year ago

Wallen spoke about using a racial slur in a video leaked in February and the fallout that ensued.

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💋𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐢𝐥𝐲𝐬💐 #wwjd 💋𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐢𝐥𝐲𝐬💐 #wwjd . 9 minutes ago
why are they trying to cancel him with these questions? see this is why we love him. he is so truthful with his fans and he clears things up easily. you could tell morgan wallen didn’t realize how bad it was. some people dont forgive him and it makes me mad. disagree with this comment i dont care..
African Girl African Girl . 7 hours ago
Hm, Sure sir
Derek Smith Derek Smith . 10 hours ago
People fuck up all the time, but how you handle is the true test. He apologized and that’s all you can do. Hopefully this is a learning experience for him.
Christine Vega Christine Vega . 17 hours ago
I've been called a cracker I don't care its just a word, doesn't bother me bc Im true to myself
Christine Vega Christine Vega . 17 hours ago
we've all used the word..
The Grand Inquisitor The Grand Inquisitor . 20 hours ago
Jokes on y'all. He has the most listened to album of all time.
RAL RAL . 1 day ago
His new song butt hurt blacks
Sagittarius Sagittarius . 2 days ago
so no one is gonna sit the black folk down & ask them why do they use the N word towards each other??? 🤔 especially the rap artists
Chase Helmick Chase Helmick . 2 days ago
Folks gotta stop being so sorry for everything. Not saying that it’s a word that should be used but he meant no harm to anyone. Stop saying sorry for every little thing you say and do!
Alliyah Saotome Alliyah Saotome . 2 days ago
I never heard about this until now. You know what sucks about being famous? Is when you make a mistake? It's out there forever. He should sue GMA for defamation. Like get over it.
leonardo davinci leonardo davinci . 2 days ago
Harry Balls Harry Balls . 3 days ago
Really ABC ? Don’t you have anything better to do then call people racist
Horse - Horse - . 3 days ago
Media discusses these topics as if black people don’t hate white people. It goes both ways. It’s a love hate relationship. You can say the n word here and there and still have love for them. It’s just a word.
Nuclear Void276 Nuclear Void276 . 3 days ago
Boo hoo he said the N word get over it.
Abby Arena Abby Arena . 4 days ago
Morgan took this situation very professionally
Brandi Edmiston Brandi Edmiston . 4 days ago
So I'm just seeing this interview...first of all BLACK FOLKS ARE THE ONES THAT STARTED THROWING THE WORD AROUND (WITH AN A AT THE END). This makes me so mad.
Jeremy Ladd Jeremy Ladd . 4 days ago
I do think racism is still a problem in the world but they always treat it to one side and to me that's not right and I'm not just saying this because I'm white if you're going to have the problem treat the problem equally. If you would have turned this around and it was a black singer calling a white person a cracker it wouldn't have been a big deal at all just saying. It's always poor poor black people. And no I'm not racist LOL 🤦🤯🙌😁
Pat Metcalf Pat Metcalf . 5 days ago
So they filmed them and then published it without his permission
Linda Peplau Linda Peplau . 5 days ago
As a Hispanic woman, I could care less if he called his friend a spic or taco or anything. We call our girl friends "our bitches", ect... doesn't mean they are. His music is amazing! Just listen to "Thought you ought to know". Kick ass song! He is just a good ole boy from the south. It would have been different if you used it negatively towards a black person. Hell with our society, I don't even know if "black person " is the right term. It changes on a daily by the media, elites, and politicians but not by the average American in the grind.
Tasha Halterman Tasha Halterman . 6 days ago
This is just a classic example of something being blown way out of proportion. This “interview” is a joke. Trying to portray him as something he’s not. Also, if the “n” word is so offensive, why do black people use it all the damn time in their music? The double standard needs to stop.
TheDiddy TheDiddy . 6 days ago
Only way this was acceptable was if he friend was black, and his friend was ok with him using the word, and he didn’t use the hard R. Any one else who says different probably believes the confederate flag isn’t a symbol or racism and is in turn stupid. The mans music is pretty good. Just found out about him. But good music doesn’t excuse poor behavior. That was clearly wrong. It’s strange seeing people that aren’t even black saying it’s ok for him to do it. This is a weird comment section. It’s like I’m in the Deep South in some old forgotten town with some slaves who don’’t realize they’re free. And some white people talking bout how much they love their N****rs. This shit don’t slide in the real world. No matter what way you slice it. Get y’all shit together.
ann brown ann brown . 7 days ago
And u think saying white people isn't racist
Jason Clark Jason Clark . 7 days ago
Hey at least he acknowledged what he said instead of other famous people who make up lies and stuff about it
jrock f jrock f . 7 days ago
This is some bs. I grew up near Chicago and plenty other races use the word nigga and no one takes it as racial. I understand he’s on a big platform and he is being watched should be more careful of how he siesta but almost friends it’s common to hear someone say nigga I have mostly black friends they don’t trip on me but at same time I wouldn’t use that word around other blacks that I didn’t grow up with. I just don’t believe he meant it in racial way give him a break. The media will try to destroy a good person imagine beware frfr
James Butler James Butler . 7 days ago
You said something racist! Now apologize to Michael strahan
Brad Hart Brad Hart . 1 week ago
It's such bullshit, he didn't own a slave Strahan lives a coddled rich life, why is always Blacks as the victims? what about the blacks who target random asians? what about hispanics who are a bigger population? yeah smooth brains can't understand they weren't the only form of slavery, it's going on now in africa BLACK ON BLACK! this is just media 101 the black man is the victim and the white man is the culprit, it's bullshit and maybe he's too stupid to know it?
yung skittle official yung skittle official . 1 week ago
We stan apologetic people
The Nolanzone. The Nolanzone. . 1 week ago
He made a mistake in public. It’s wrong the way Sharpe attacks him and how Sharp was the one chosen to do the interview.
Fearless Fearless . 1 week ago
Morgan Held Himself Acountable And Took The Consequences Already.
Also Some Black People ( Not Saying All ) Say Racist Things To White People And We Whites Dont Care And Neither Dose Anyone Else. So Morgan Saying The N Word Under The Influence Was A Mistake And Im Not Saying ppl Should Clap For Him All Im Saying is is that if You Ppl want democracy It dosent go One way it gose in both ways one way to ppl of color and to White ppl.
IlIlIIlIII IlIlIIlllIl IlIlIIlIII IlIlIIlllIl . 1 week ago
You can tell how much his neighbors hated him to try to record him getting home lol
James Brandon James Brandon . 1 week ago
He wasn’t even talking about a black person this shit bs
Zac Govitz Zac Govitz . 1 week ago
The truth is, white people are often influenced by a lot of black culture whether that is movies, music, or being around friends that are black. The vast majority of white people who say things like this don’t do it in a derogatory way, it’s just something that is heard over and over and over again in vast amounts of media that we subconsciously pick up on. The word no longer serves the same meaning it use to, same as so many derogatory words before it
The Online Reviewer The Online Reviewer . 1 week ago
He really look like someone who might say some dumb shit with no ill intention
Rodnocker Rodnocker . 1 week ago
If black people were so offended by that word, then they would stop saying it to each other. Look at all the rappers that constantly say it in their songs. Morgan was just bullshittin around with his buddies and probably used it in the same context as black folks do. There’s no racism in country music for God’s sake. Hell, me and my friends call each other that all the time and we’re white men between our 40s and 50s. The blacks in this country ain’t offended by that word. In fact they love it.
Judy Tait Judy Tait . 1 week ago
Blacks call each other the N word every day so if you don't want to hear that word stop using it STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARD BS
william Harp william Harp . 1 week ago
Thanks Morgan no one uses this word as a derogatory term anyways I hope they bring a rapper on soon to see what they say it for
News Now Militia News Now Militia . 1 week ago
Wow what a Simp..
News Now Militia News Now Militia . 1 week ago
Shut up your a rich nigga why you mad making money off that word 😂
Payton Kent Payton Kent . 1 week ago
Best selling artist because all the racists vote for him yet joe biden won the election. Nah something don’t add up you gotta make a lib artist #1 seller or your doomed lmao
Payton Kent Payton Kent . 1 week ago
Correction don’t make you feel good unless it’s another black right? 😏😉
Adam Arredondo Adam Arredondo . 1 week ago
Man, imagine someone had video of the language Michael Strahan used in the New York Giants locker room. #FOH
D Alice D Alice . 1 week ago
Not an interview. It was a interrogation. Love Mark!
Josey Wales Josey Wales . 1 week ago
Yet, blacks say it all the time and get a pass. Wallen is not the racist here.
Amanda Frost-trott Amanda Frost-trott . 1 week ago
It’s okay for rappers to use it on the daily, and in their songs but not okay to use it with his drunken friends having a good time. He clearly didn’t mean to use it as a racial slur. This country is all about division. And until we get this clown out the White House we are gonna be on the brink of civil war!!
GAPSZN GAPSZN . 1 week ago
Too many snowflakes nowadays… I like all of Morgan Wallen’s music. So funny they tried to shut him down and only made his career better!! Let’s goo 😂
Opinionated Dyslexic Opinionated Dyslexic . 1 week ago
Man, the shit we all say in an attempt to be funny around friends... What a fucked up world we live in now when a single word said in humour can permanently ruin your life.

Really, a fucked up world.
Jason Miller Jason Miller . 1 week ago
If you’re black you can use that word? Huh that’s racist.
Richard Powers Richard Powers . 1 week ago
They did all that to him and all it did was light a fire that's burning in his favor..
Robert Robert . 1 week ago
We do not care

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