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Published on 3 months ago

Official video for "HANDSOMER Remix” (Feat. Ktlyn) (Starring Tiffany Haddish & Snoop Dogg)​



Produced by Russ

℗ 2022 DIEMON

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Russ Russ . 3 months ago
Alright this was one of the craziest moments of my life so far lol I went in to this with 0 acting experience. I wanted to poke fun at myself and just be obnoxious so I was like “well I’ll just improv all my parts then cuz that will feel natural” 😂 so that’s what I did. Slightly nerve racking once cameras started rolling lmao. Just wanted to do something challenging for the f*** of it. I’m grateful for Tiffany Haddish just being down to do this and being such a professional all day and having the best energy you could ask for. Shoutout to Snoop Dogg for being the legend that he is and killin this for me too. Shoutout Ktlyn for bein a natural superstar. Shoutout my boy Edgar Esteves and Blank Square Productions for makin this vision come to life. Finally in the words of Snoop Dogg most importantly “I Wanna Thank Me” for consistently betting on myself. I put up $300k of my own money out of pocket to make this happen. I am the label. Enjoy!
Ryan Morlan Ryan Morlan . 2 days ago
loved this video, snoop had me rolling, lmao
Miguel Cotrich Miguel Cotrich . 2 days ago
Yes this is fire 🔥 🔥seen it on tik tok keep doing your thing man blessings to you and your family always my bro
Victoria L Victoria L . 3 days ago
😂 love it- 💕💕I need one of those Wave Length drinks about now
Vey Narbz Vey Narbz . 3 days ago
Song is a whole mood
Camila R Camila R . 3 days ago
Terrible song and video I’m just tryna figure out who’s the bartender😍
Number80 Number80 . 3 days ago
Hats off 👏
abbied abbied . 3 days ago
Ktlyn, you will be a future queen of rap! Watch this space! 🤧🤧🤧🤧🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😭😭😭😭
abbied abbied . 3 days ago
Ktlyn’s part was too lit! It should’ve been longer. 🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭
jamie alana jamie alana . 4 days ago
this song made me subbbbb
T A T A . 4 days ago
Most rappers are 5’6
Eloy Torres Eloy Torres . 5 days ago
Ok but what brand is he wearing!!!
Stephxnie Clxrk Stephxnie Clxrk . 6 days ago
Look at youuuu!!! Blew up my dude yes. Proud of you!! Tiffany my girl ❤️
bowlinmoe bowlinmoe . 6 days ago
Whoa, heard this on the radio and these two definitely look different than what I thought.
Leslie S. Conley Leslie S. Conley . 1 week ago
This song is the anthem for gold digging hose
September September . 1 week ago
I love this video and have since it came out. It cracks me up.
Monroe Monroe . 1 week ago
This was a good video for sure and I like how he incorporated his lyrics into the plot haha. Also shoutout to Russ for putting ALL the party guests names in the credits, that's solid of him to do. I was looking for the bartender, ngl 😁
Roj Roj . 1 week ago
nice move
A B A B . 1 week ago
very cool.
Potato tot Potato tot . 1 week ago
I love the fact russ gives a story behind every video!
Autumn Madrid Autumn Madrid . 1 week ago
Wow I love it! This should be how a music video is made!
Red Wood Red Wood . 1 week ago
F*ckin Legendary..
Rupherson Kiirii Rupherson Kiirii . 1 week ago
Snoop did it again🤭😂🤣🤣
Jenae Deguerio Jenae Deguerio . 2 weeks ago
Strongly dislike. Disappointed in everyone in this :)
Jeffrey Montemayor Jeffrey Montemayor . 2 weeks ago
Holy muthafudging shit
First time watching this video
Face’s don’t match the voices
especially blondie
Thought she was a black female chick
Osvaldo Romo Osvaldo Romo . 2 weeks ago
What’s the brand of that outfit Russ is wearing? I seem to see a lot of celebrities wear it and looks comfy asf 🔥
Mr webster Mr webster . 2 weeks ago
Ktlyn makes this song
Tree__TV Tree__TV . 2 weeks ago
Bro snoop at the end killed me!!! 😂😂😂😂
Ranch Ranch . 2 weeks ago
isn’t the bop people think it is. same line over and over. Others do the same but this is too much.. it’s okay but y’all act like this is the song of the century. Can’t believe snoop dog agreed to be in this mid song. Not a fan🤷‍♀️
TimmC. TimmC. . 2 weeks ago
Snoop need to bless this track tho.. or did he already?! I'ma go see👀
TimmC. TimmC. . 2 weeks ago
😆😆 Why she call him Rusty tho??!!! Tiff is wild!
TheRealPureOwnage TheRealPureOwnage . 2 weeks ago
I fcked up... Now I can't unsee Russ shaking mans' finger xD 3:58
jonathan luna jonathan luna . 2 weeks ago
Now that's sum funny ass shit right dare bro 🤣
Maximina Monroe Maximina Monroe . 2 weeks ago
And this is when I cry
Dboi4areason Dboi4areason . 2 weeks ago
silk alex silk alex . 2 weeks ago
Shohn Liggins Shohn Liggins . 2 weeks ago
That IS so REAL!
007 007 . 2 weeks ago
Jared Davidson Jared Davidson . 2 weeks ago
I just can't stop laughing idk what it isss yooo 😅 but DAAAAAMMMNN
Justin Friend Justin Friend . 2 weeks ago
she went from tiktok to being on a track with an amazing rapper girl literally deserved it
ArcheAine ArcheAine . 2 weeks ago
This makes me cringe cause it's so good
Krystal Lopez Krystal Lopez . 2 weeks ago
Russ I am a fan of you
Leonardo Meza Leonardo Meza . 2 weeks ago
criticisms taken at face value can make anything better, love the song; catchy and inventive, the outline message sucks tho....(need to be ill to live in a sick society)
cool song
Don ellis Don ellis . 2 weeks ago
Damn that beat is going ham
MrAState83 MrAState83 . 2 weeks ago
Hard. Bro don’t disappoint! Btw, @ for Blue Dress at the beginning lol
Tyson Madding Tyson Madding . 2 weeks ago
I'm 5 6 but the money make me 6 5 has got to be the greatest bar all month
Royce Barker Royce Barker . 2 weeks ago
Tiffany killed it!!!!!!!!
Brittany Micheli Brittany Micheli . 2 weeks ago
I love this music like so much it reminds me of good music he is so funny and the girl is really funny that speaks in it and they're just so cool they're like awesome I love it like if I could I would want to be in his music and I would love it he is just like music to my ears but he is like cute and stuff but not cute cute like I like him like his music is cute and yeah so I really got to say
Sammi Atkins Sammi Atkins . 2 weeks ago
He's 5"6 but he got big money so he look 6"5 😂😂😂😂
Trendy Harsh Trendy Harsh . 3 weeks ago
aaaye *_ aaaye Crazzzy_* brohh

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