Play / Download Morgan Wallen sings YOU PROOF for the first time live in Denver
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Adventures of Illya

Adventures of Illya

Published on 3 months ago

Ball arena 2022 live in denver.

Anshu Agrawal Anshu Agrawal . 2 weeks ago
red neon lights shines real vibes
Casey Eskew Casey Eskew . 3 weeks ago
He sounds like my passed uncle his name was greggie
Casey Eskew Casey Eskew . 3 weeks ago
Omg am his biggest fan I literally listen to you proof Like all day
Annalise Worley Annalise Worley . 3 weeks ago
Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan Wallen! Love u and your Music 🎶 ❤️💋🎉🎂😉❤️
Emily Deem Emily Deem . 2 months ago
He doesn’t look a day over 23
Camera Mike Camera Mike . 2 months ago
I’ve been meaning to go to a Morgan Wallen concert for a while now and this is even more proof I should go.
nora swartzendruber nora swartzendruber . 2 months ago
I was here!! it was the best concert i’ve ever been to in my whole life! i love morgan and this song so muchhhhh:)))) big fan!!! i listened to this on repeat after this performance fs
Sheryl Langford Sheryl Langford . 2 months ago
Happy Birthday 🥳 I love Morgan Wallen 🔥🤠❤️🎶
thank you so much for posting this it was a joy.
Brodie Nunn Brodie Nunn . 2 months ago
Ah man PLEASE come to Australia
NewBootGoofin NewBootGoofin . 2 months ago
Omgggggg yessssssss
I've been waiting like a year for him to release this full song!!! Aghhh I'm so happy!!!
Josh S Josh S . 3 months ago
Claire Higgins Claire Higgins . 3 months ago
I was at the concert and loved the song! He is amazing!
Emma Colliins Emma Colliins . 3 months ago
come to Tuscaloosa, AL please!🤩
Eliminator Eliminator . 3 months ago
He's gone from county fairs to selling out arenas in under three years. Heck, he was playing to less than twenty people about four years ago.
Kay Sheffield Kay Sheffield . 3 months ago
Heard it Morgan. I love it. I am so proud of you. ❤️🎵🤠😘
Kay Sheffield Kay Sheffield . 3 months ago
I can imagine. ❤️🎵😇🤠😘
0handicap 0handicap . 3 months ago
MW songs don’t expire. 🔥
saw him in Lauderdale, one amazing Artist
Melissa Byrne Melissa Byrne . 3 months ago
MW absolutely Awesome! Keep those hits coming! Keep on keeping ! As Chief would say !
Britt Noel Britt Noel . 3 months ago
So glad this video has good audio!! Lol

Love morgan
Charles Shepherd Charles Shepherd . 3 months ago
I'm parked at a truck stop outside Denver for a couple days. Just jamming out to some Morgan. Good stuff. Music helps us truckers move the goods on these highways. These youtube vids and my earbuds full blast makes me feel like I'm there 🎸
JessicaJPB JessicaJPB . 3 months ago
The rasp was on another level that night 🤤🥵
Paula Jane Paula Jane . 3 months ago
I love this song 🎸🤠🔥🥃🎉
Charissa Lohmeier Charissa Lohmeier . 3 months ago
Hope he sings it in 4 weeks from Friday
Jill Gourley Jill Gourley . 3 months ago
I was at this concert!! The best concert I have ever been to! Morgan sang his heart out! Loved how he pulled the entire crowd in with his personality and great singing of so many songs!! Keep on soaring Morgan!! Great new song!
alyssalewho alyssalewho . 3 months ago
I hope he plays it at the one im going to !
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house Bill Gates leaving ya moms house . 3 months ago
Had this on repeat all day!!!!
Baseball_EDITz#23 Baseball_EDITz#23 . 3 months ago
I was there to and I made a vid about it

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