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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on 2 months ago

Jelly Roll performs the song Son of a Sinner on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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JTCGer JTCGer . 10 hours ago
This man can do every type of music out there. Love his music. Keep it up Jelly.
Mary Costine Mary Costine . 2 days ago
🥳🥳🥳🍀☘Love you Jelly Roll
Adam Oneill Adam Oneill . 2 days ago
Jelly roll. We are all so proud of you
Tam G Tam G . 3 days ago
Love jelly
Stew Sexton Stew Sexton . 3 days ago
Congratulations on the success. It's been a long time coming. Keep it up. Hearing your music alot more on radio and XM Radio
Paula Swindle Paula Swindle . 3 days ago
And you’re still a sinner!
Junior Junior . 4 days ago
Wow beautiful song.
Christine Hinerman Christine Hinerman . 4 days ago
I Really Love, Love, Love this man's voice & this song. Thank you for having Jelly Roll on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He's one in a million to me.
Lillian Snow Lillian Snow . 4 days ago
As a recovering drug addict , I needed to hear this song. I am one step away from using again and I put myself in risky and tempting situations on purpose. It's like I don't feel I'm worthy of it. I can't figure out why. I know I've gotta straighten up and get my priorities back in line. Your song means so much to me. Thank you for sharing your life.
John Duke John Duke . 5 days ago
Uh oh. He's on with the Jewish late night shows now.
Lux-Z Belle Roberts Lux-Z Belle Roberts . 5 days ago
This song saved me. It showed me that you can still be a good person when you make mistakes and that those mistakes don't define you. I Thank you Jelly Roll, my daughter thanks you. I truly believe you are a messenger of God
Katrina D Katrina D . 6 days ago
Magic voice
Robert Killcrease Robert Killcrease . 6 days ago
Patriot Gamer Patriot Gamer . 7 days ago
I had no idea that he sang this song. His voice is absolutely Amazing 👌✌️🇺🇸
Vancouver ViKinG Vancouver ViKinG . 7 days ago
The best artist on Jimmy Kimmel in a minute
rj lacroix rj lacroix . 1 week ago
Go Get 'em Jelly ! Outstanding !
Misti King Misti King . 1 week ago
Sounds like an angel that just needs to release himself from the mistakes that he made..
PerfectTalentMusic PerfectTalentMusic . 1 week ago
listen my persian traps
Sequoia Cross Sequoia Cross . 1 week ago
Your voice gives me the chills brotha but your music from the beginning had a meaning and you made it man doing it for all of us and yourself and we respect that. Youve changed alot of peoples lives you dont know with your words and keep them fighting through the pain.
Iheard Yuuloud Iheard Yuuloud . 1 week ago
John Willis John Willis . 1 week ago
From "Gambling on a White boy" to Jimmy Kimmel congratulations Jelly roll your songs have pulled me through some tough times,you deserve everything my brother
Grandmaof4 Grandmaof4 . 2 weeks ago
Damn Jelly Roll you can sing! You are coming to Red Rocks soon and I would love to see you but all the handicapped seats are taken 😢
Antwan Harris Antwan Harris . 2 weeks ago
Jonathan Parshall Jonathan Parshall . 2 weeks ago
Amen brother!
MedicalMansion MedicalMansion . 2 weeks ago
This should be country song of the year… beyond the lyrics it has the star quality in sound and engineering ..
ivy waits ivy waits . 2 weeks ago
Jelly roll I love your music I can relate to your songs
Jam_ Hen Jam_ Hen . 2 weeks ago
I can relate to this song. Means it's a good one!
Melissa Renee' Melissa Renee' . 2 weeks ago
Come up to Alaska!
Jim Gutierrez Jim Gutierrez . 2 weeks ago
Whoever said the devil is man. Everybody thinks so
Keith Cooper Keith Cooper . 2 weeks ago
Is this a scam , Jelly Roll site?? I already got scammed on one of his supposedly,, official site.
Ashley Sweet Ashley Sweet . 2 weeks ago
I love you Jelly!! You are amazing ❤
william wall william wall . 2 weeks ago
My guy been listening sense lil wyte and for a while let me say your shattering the glass ceiling
Wendell Rountree Wendell Rountree . 2 weeks ago
I'm so glad to see Jelly Roll make it big he's so deserving of it, keep those hits coming big man nothing can stop you now...🙏👊
The Bull The Bull . 2 weeks ago
Wow 💯💯💯
Jason Howard Jason Howard . 2 weeks ago
I’d like to hear Jelly do something with Luke Combs!
UKcatracha UKcatracha . 2 weeks ago
Adele and lizzo pathed the way for Jelly roll 😅 amazing artist.! Love him and his amazing wife.
Matt Meadows Matt Meadows . 2 weeks ago
Bro this hits home on sooo many levels. Thanks for delivering excellence
Tiffany Wilson Tiffany Wilson . 2 weeks ago
Matthew Tomer Matthew Tomer . 2 weeks ago
I thought he was just a rapper this is was really surprising and enjoyable
sinaloa13 sinaloa13 . 2 weeks ago
This song always hits my soul I feel every single word.
Rich Giroux Rich Giroux . 2 weeks ago
Yeap.... Blues/soul/R&B still exists....Love this song!!!
MedicalMansion MedicalMansion . 2 weeks ago
What a powerful voice. Good for him finding his path.
Melissa Wright Melissa Wright . 2 weeks ago
Awsome song! Glad you are having a lot of success. I have enjoyed listening to your music.
Devon Devon . 3 weeks ago
Adam Miller Adam Miller . 3 weeks ago
Damn jelly roll killed that. Damn
Stefolou♡ Stefolou♡ . 3 weeks ago
Omg ! congrats jelly! This is such a big deal and you are so humble about it.
Kenneth Orgovan Kenneth Orgovan . 3 weeks ago
My name is Ken Orgovan I'm dying of cancer , I was watching The Jimmy Kimmel show . I saw for the first time the song by Jellyroll - Son of a Sinner. And since then I can't get that song and that live performance of the song that is now my funeral song
Clay Sias Clay Sias . 3 weeks ago
Jelly suuuuper good live bro I'm proud of ya big homie. Been rocking with you since you "hung dry wall" keep changing lives
Robert Roseman Robert Roseman . 3 weeks ago
Bout time he got the recognition he deserves
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