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Story's Music

Story's Music

Published on 1 month ago

I do not own this song, all rights go to Jax.

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Rihanna grant Rihanna grant . 12 hours ago
I love this song ❤️😻❤️😻
Elsie Sowden Elsie Sowden . 14 hours ago
My new favourite song
Alina Senich Alina Senich . 17 hours ago
Prime Time Motion Prime Time Motion . 21 hours ago
Beat song
Meg Jones Meg Jones . 1 day ago
Thanks. I'm a musical theatre performer and performing arts teacher and this is an awesome dance warm up song but I can't use the original because of the swearing but I can use this one to teach. So thanks! ❤️
Andrew MacFarlane Andrew MacFarlane . 1 day ago
I’m in love with this I’ve listen to it like 1 million time
emmy kilburn emmy kilburn . 2 days ago
This song makes me fell sooooooooooooooo much better about my body
emmy kilburn emmy kilburn . 2 days ago
Ty you've mermaid my day hahhahahahaha get it. I LOVE this song and thanks for the clean version ty ty ty you Are THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD
Mrs. Wright Mrs. Wright . 2 days ago
Yay! I found a version I can play for my 7th graders ♥️♥️♥️
olivia olivia . 2 days ago
i cant find a clean version on spotify anyone wanna drop a link (:
Lolli Dee Lolli Dee . 2 days ago
This song actually helped me because I’m always concerned about my body
Lily jade Lily jade . 2 days ago
Definitely not my millionth time jamming out to this song!
Jordan Woody Jordan Woody . 2 days ago
My brother has a friend who’s name is Victoria
I love this song 🎧
MiMi Juan MiMi Juan . 2 days ago
Thank goodness it’s clean version
the brotherly channel the brotherly channel . 2 days ago
Hey that's offense I live 8n ohio
Aubrie Yount Aubrie Yount . 3 days ago
Thank you for the clean version
MiMi Juan MiMi Juan . 3 days ago
I love this song
haile mestiza haile mestiza . 4 days ago
i love it
Christine Cabrera Christine Cabrera . 4 days ago
This song helps me feel better about myself because i think i an ugly🤗
Debi Dalla Costa Debi Dalla Costa . 4 days ago
So glad there is a clean version so I can listen to it around my parents lol
Malimull M. Malimull M. . 4 days ago
꧁PandaLover꧂ ꧁PandaLover꧂ . 4 days ago
Gene P Gene P . 5 days ago
Ty for taking out s**t
Chloe Player Chloe Player . 5 days ago
I'm leaving this comment here so whenever someone likes it, it will remind me of this song ✌🏻🐼🌺✨✨
imake_edits imake_edits . 5 days ago
BROOOO this song is literally therapy for me!! Tysm for the clean version!
Ealey Samuel Ealey Samuel . 5 days ago
👌 I love it
Chase Chase . 6 days ago
i love this song it makes me fell so much beder
Jessie A Jessie A . 6 days ago
Is it true that Victoria Secret is run by a dude? Cause if so that's just wrong...
I always thought I was fat but now I don't thank's
The fact jax rote this for us and the girls she babysits! ❤️💐
Anita Smajdor Anita Smajdor . 6 days ago
I love the song to much
🌊ELLAxpreppy🌊 🌊ELLAxpreppy🌊 . 7 days ago
My fav song so far
Aime Reed Aime Reed . 1 week ago
I thought I was fat until I heard this song
Amy Hollingsworth Amy Hollingsworth . 1 week ago
It make me feel like I,m not alone
Shawn Jackson Shawn Jackson . 1 week ago
I love to listen to this song I listen to it almost every day
Cassy Keogan Cassy Keogan . 1 week ago
I LOVE this song and I used to tell my self I was fat but when I think that now I just think about the song
Cassy Keogan Cassy Keogan . 1 week ago
skylar spyninja fan skylar spyninja fan . 1 week ago
Best son ever i love Jay and her videos and Victoria secrets got exposed 😳
Cactus2 Cactus2 . 1 week ago
love this song good job Jax
Bristol rath Bristol rath . 1 week ago
This is awesome 🤩

This lady has a Beautiful voice and this song just makes me say no words like I’m blank minded she is awesome and I love this song also because she wrote this song just for us so we don’t think that just so we don’t body shame ourselves
Alexa rose Alexa rose . 1 week ago
This song is stuck IN MY HEAD NOW LOL 😂 that’s how good u made this!❤️🌺
Abigail Derouin Abigail Derouin . 1 week ago
This is the only song I listen too
#Gnarly Nora #Gnarly Nora . 1 week ago
The Yosko sisters The Yosko sisters . 1 week ago
This is just a vibe I love it so much!!
Elena Ionescu Elena Ionescu . 1 week ago
This song makes me feel so much secure about my body. Thanks xoxo ❤️❤️
Becca Becca . 1 week ago
This song is so perfect because it’s not only super catchy, it also has such an amazing message!
golden sun ☀️ golden sun ☀️ . 1 week ago
Best song ever thanks for the clean version 💕
Aura Aura . 1 week ago
I am obsessed with this song
Hiba Hiba Hiba Hiba . 2 weeks ago

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