Play / Download Feds Subpoena Key Trump Aide as Pro-Trump Election Deniers Plan Next Coup: A Closer Look
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Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Published on 6 days ago

Seth takes a closer look at pro-Trump election deniers winning GOP primaries across the country and a key Trump White House official getting subpoenaed by a federal grand jury investigating the coup attempt on January 6.

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Feds Subpoena Key Trump Aide as Pro-Trump Election Deniers Plan Next Coup: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

petabread33 petabread33 . 2 hours ago
Seth, this is my first Jackal Moment although I've watched every Corrections since the beginning.
Taft became the 27th President then became the 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after the debacle where Roosevelt split the party.
If there ever was a president before Trump that stuck it to the populous who didn't vote for him, Taft was he.
I admit, he had better intentions than Dump Trump, but this is a poor example and Bays should use better examples.

Also, Stephen Colbert's baseball team is named the "Sea Captains." Maybe you should investigate this...
Scott Scott . 3 hours ago
At the Time Taft would not have considered himself to have climbed to the most powerful position in the world, because at the time POTUS was not that, The most powerful position in the world was that of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So being stuck in the bath is just another badge of his mediocrity.
Kha Diep Kha Diep . 5 hours ago
Let's start the GOP game. If Joe doesn't win the election in 2024 then it's a fraud. We need to lock them all up. GOP supporters, if you haven't seen proof of the election fraud in court by now, shouldn't you start to question your own party?
Tom Wolf Tom Wolf . 7 hours ago
It wasn’t necessary. Right ! How long did he hang on to his taxes !
Autumn Phoenix Gypsy Autumn Phoenix Gypsy . 8 hours ago
1:52 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
9:22 🤔
Erin Lloyd Erin Lloyd . 8 hours ago
Seth, NBC's gotta bring you back early due to the recent trump news.
Stevo Stevo . 8 hours ago
Lay off the spray tan, Seth. You're starting to look freaky
Chris Chris . 14 hours ago
Who remember the dumps?
Pepperidge farms remembers,..
Christian Luczejko Christian Luczejko . 14 hours ago
Republican Party. The party of dumb Americans.
gemcan54 gemcan54 . 15 hours ago
Robert Rabel Robert Rabel . 15 hours ago
President DUMP
Dennis Onyango Dennis Onyango . 17 hours ago
Beautiful piece Seth
Paul Heckbert Paul Heckbert . 17 hours ago
Correction: at 4:42 the word is not undoubtably, but undoubtedly
Diane Knight Diane Knight . 18 hours ago
"Over night dumps" is mostly the mail-in votes. My hubby likes to be the smartest person in the room, and yet he doesn't get it that those are by law (in this state) not even opened til the polls are closed. Why? cause the people have to double verify that those folks hadn't tried to vote in person that day. If they had not, clearly the vote in the envelope would be the single vote from them. I gloated when my daughters and I returned from an early voting day that our votes have been already counted, my spouse said his was too. I told him 'no, they only verified the mailed-in one was received'--- they aren't opened till the polls are closed on election day. That would be one way to commit voter fraud. Every time Trump squealed fraud, he suggested it to the sheeple to pull that crap.
cheryl duckworth cheryl duckworth . 19 hours ago
In the 2020 election voter turnout was higher than it's ever been in 40 years. That is because the majority of the people were sick of Trump's alternative universe. People stood in line for hours on end to vote to be sure to be heard. The people spoke Trump. Grow up.
CCTV Cayak Crime TV CCTV Cayak Crime TV . 20 hours ago
How can a brand and organization like Trump MAGA World still be legal a year and half after a failed insurrection? Means not be classified as a domestic terror organization. An unbelievable utter system failure.
Only happens in 'Murica.

Hitler did return after first failures. Just sayin'
CCTV Cayak Crime TV CCTV Cayak Crime TV . 21 hours ago
Election-denial isn't an opinion or free speech. That is subversive activity directly geared at undermining the constitution of a democracy. Any person uttering such should be banned from office by a local or federal court. The US is really lagging in dragging these fashist off the stage and pull the plug on their mikes. The US is the only country were someone can openly advocate a fashist insurrectionist conspiracy theory on TV for a nationwide audience and still qualify for public office. That's absolutely foolish and insane, gambling on a disaster.
Talon Kane Talon Kane . 21 hours ago
Ah Arizona made that illegal and she is guilty of stealing the election apparently. Projecting again!
Barry Webber Barry Webber . 23 hours ago
The conspiracy theorist Republicans are getting even more extreme and wild in their imaginary election fraud claims, never with any verifiable evidence, just outrageous wild claims.
They are the literal enemy within working to destroy American democracy.
The majority of moderate decent Americans must stop these crooks and vote for rational law abiding candidates to stop America turning into a fascist state.
El Bolillo El Bolillo . 1 day ago
He can't declare. After he declares they look at the money and where it's going.
Calina's Agility Partner Calina's Agility Partner . 1 day ago
Vote blue. Repubes are a threat to our democracy.
Random Human Random Human . 1 day ago
eLeCtIoN dEnIeRs!!!!
Tom Servo Tom Servo . 1 day ago
sure, back candidates that will go along with your crimes
Duke Stehm Duke Stehm . 1 day ago
You Sir,and your sanctimonious followers are Nothing But Sheep Dip..But it pays the bills....Right?
Lillian Ward Lillian Ward . 1 day ago
3:20 it’s actually even worse- Taft was actually the only POTUS to also become Chief Justice of SCOTUS but that again is overshadowed by the stupid bathtub rumor.
highbluskye highbluskye . 1 day ago
Um…the presidential candidates weren’t the only ones on the 2020 ballot. Why the heck isn’t ANYONE talking about the “illegitimate” results for EVERYONE ELSE??? If the election was truly rigged, then EVERYONE that was elected shouldn’t be in office right???
casbott casbott . 1 day ago
*Trump:* oh … you're going to be so happy.

So he knew about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago back then?
Bernardo Rosa Ramirez Bernardo Rosa Ramirez . 1 day ago
Seth we love but it is hard to focus on what you are saying with that power hair gaining a life of itself
Existentialism Tyrant Existentialism Tyrant . 1 day ago
Don't understand election deniers. If they lose it's stolen. If they win the people have spoken. Terrifying reflection of Germany 1939-1945
monferrat monferrat . 2 days ago
Trump won and u leftists know that. Biden is a criminal ALL along with his criminal famíly.
James Bobreski James Bobreski . 2 days ago
Stupidity has taken control of this country.I don't think that those who are stupid actually know what is going on.
Leslie Frank Leslie Frank . 2 days ago
Keri if u arrest those involved in rigged election who gon vote for u all republicains would b in jail
Peter Kelly Peter Kelly . 2 days ago
Please dump Wally. Not funny.
Eric Ginsberg Eric Ginsberg . 2 days ago
These are the same cynical morons who were chanting, “Stop the count,” in a state where Trump was ahead and “Keep in counting” in a state where he was behind.
Eric Ginsberg Eric Ginsberg . 2 days ago
Taft became a Supreme Court Justice.
Kevin Bradley Kevin Bradley . 2 days ago
Your Drumpf impersonation is getting much better!
Mimi Iannillo Mimi Iannillo . 2 days ago
Wally should run for President!
Rose Pahl Rose Pahl . 2 days ago
Help me out here please I’m old. So Mr. Mark Fisher denies that he was nominated in the Republican primary because he denies the validity of something…?
is that what’s going on?
Please help me what does this mean I ain’t smart enough to catch on to what’s going on
Rose Pahl Rose Pahl . 2 days ago
@ about 6:00.
0321Katie 0321Katie . 2 days ago
What about Hunter Biden? What about him and his daddy being corrupt?
Ciarra Lewis Ciarra Lewis . 2 days ago
as a person from arizona ur arizona jokes are a little dry .... no pun intended
Ronnie H Ronnie H . 2 days ago
if a pro trump person becomes the SOS and decideds to manipulate the results of an election they would just claim that it's all a ruse to steal the election back.
Betty Lynne Betty Lynne . 2 days ago
editors rule! 81 million big massive dumps. that was supreme
Logan Logan . 2 days ago
At what point is it fraud?
Jeffery Hoover Jeffery Hoover . 2 days ago
As well they should. It's about time.. We NEED justice for Reagans ridiculous corporate tax cuts and trickle down economics. Even daddy bush knew it was "voodoo economics". What we got was all the money goes into off shore tax shelters and we keep all the pollution.. Bush Jr. even after his choo choo's go bye- bye plan that nearly destroyed the railroad industry and added tons in trucker pollution , was confused, but, then he said god spoke directly to him and told him to "kill the bad guys". If I believed in god I'd say" God bless those kooky Republicans" and laugh, but with Trump, and Alex Jones and Clarence Thomas goin all out G.O.P. to the R.N,C. on us . I just hope I don't get blown up with the next abortion clinic or burnt down with the next mosque or slaughtered in the next Sandy Hook.
Derek's Ho corner 2013 Derek's Ho corner 2013 . 2 days ago
Seth Meyers subpoena key trump Biden aide election deniers awesomeness job
Twich McVey Twich McVey . 2 days ago
She only wants the Republican elected officials to be validated. I feel like a kid in house that's being distorted by narcissistic adults
Twich McVey Twich McVey . 2 days ago
I'm still so flabbergasted at how many people STILL believe in him! Trump is vile amd evil AND stupid. What are they getting out of this??
Randy Williams Randy Williams . 2 days ago
I gotta ask is Rudy Giuliani the only one in his family who married his cousin?
Cole Cookson Cole Cookson . 2 days ago
Seth, make up your mind.
Just how will he pronounce it next?

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